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Maria Mena
Album Lyrics: White Turns Blue [2004]

Maria Mena
"White Turns Blue [2004]"

1. Fragile (Free) playlist
2. Blame It On Me playlist
3. My Lullaby playlist
4. What's Another Day playlist
5. Just A Little Bit playlist
6. You're The Only One playlist
7. Take You With Me playlist
8. Shadow playlist
9. Lose Control playlist
10. Your Glasses playlist
11. Sorry playlist
12. A Few Small Bruises playlist

Album Lyrics: Another Phase [2002]

Maria Mena
"Another Phase [2002]"

1. Sleep To Dream playlist
2. Monday Morning playlist
3. Pale People playlist
4. They Smoke A Lot playlist
5. Crowded Train playlist
6. Bye, Bye playlist
7. Ugly playlist
8. Those Who Caved In playlist
9. Better Than Nothing playlist

Album Lyrics: Apparently Unaffected [2005]

Maria Mena
"Apparently Unaffected [2005]"

1. Internal Dialogue playlist
2. This Bottle Of Wine playlist
3. Miss You Love playlist
4. Boytoy Baby playlist
5. If You'll Stay In My Past (Part 1) playlist
6. He's Hurting Me playlist
7. Just Hold Me playlist
8. Long Time Coming playlist
9. If You'll Stay In My Past (Part 2) playlist
10. Nevermind Me playlist
11. These Shoes playlist
12. Our Battles playlist
13. Calm Under The Waves playlist
14. If You'll Stay In My Past (Part 3) playlist

Album Lyrics: Cause And Effect [2008]

Maria Mena
"Cause And Effect [2008]"

1. Power Trip Ballad playlist
2. Belly Up playlist
3. All This Time playlist
4. Cause And Effect playlist
5. I'm On Your Side playlist
6. Eyesore playlist
7. Where Were You playlist
8. I'm In Love playlist
9. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy playlist
10. Dear... playlist

Album Lyrics: Mellow [2004]

Maria Mena
"Mellow [2004]"

1. Come In Over Me playlist
2. Patience playlist
3. So Sweet playlist

Album Lyrics: Viktoria [2011]

Maria Mena
"Viktoria [2011]"

1. Viktoria playlist
2. Homeless playlist
3. The Art of Forgiveness playlist
4. Habits playlist
5. My Heart Still Beats playlist
6. This Too Shall Pass playlist
7. Takes One To Know One playlist
8. Money playlist
9. It Took Me By Surprise playlist
10. Secrets playlist
11. Am I Supposed To Apologize playlist