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Ben Folds Five
Album Lyrics: Ben Folds Five

Ben Folds Five
"Ben Folds Five"

1. Jackson Cannery playlist
2. Philosophy playlist
3. Julianne playlist
4. Where's Summer B.? playlist
5. Alice Childress playlist
6. Underground playlist
7. Sports & Wine playlist
8. Uncle Walter playlist
9. Best Imitation Of Myself playlist
10. Video playlist
11. The Last Polka playlist
12. Boxing playlist

Album Lyrics: Naked Baby Photos

Ben Folds Five
"Naked Baby Photos"

1. Jackson Cannery playlist
2. Eddie Walker playlist
3. Emaline playlist
4. Alice Childress (Live at KCRW) playlist
5. Tom & Mary playlist
6. For Those of Ya'll Who Wear Fanny Packs playlist
7. Bad Idea (Original Demo) playlist
8. Song For The Dumped (Live At La2) playlist

Album Lyrics: Whatever & Ever Amen

Ben Folds Five
"Whatever & Ever Amen"

1. One Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces playlist
2. Fair playlist
3. Brick playlist
4. Song for the Dumped playlist
5. Selfless, Cold And Composed playlist
6. Kate playlist
7. Smoke playlist
8. Cigarette playlist
9. Stevens Last Night In Town playlist
10. Battle Of Who Could Care Less playlist
11. Missing The War playlist
12. Evaporated playlist

Album Lyrics: The Unathorised Biography of Reinhold Messner

Ben Folds Five
"The Unathorised Biography of Reinhold Messner"

1. Narcolepsy playlist
2. Your Redneck Past playlist
3. Don't Change Your Plans playlist
4. Mess playlist
5. Regrets playlist
6. Magic playlist
7. Jane playlist
8. Hospital Song playlist
9. Lullaby playlist
10. Army playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Ben Folds Five

Ben Folds Five
"Other Songs - Ben Folds Five"

1. Air playlist
2. Amelia Bright playlist
3. Annie Waits playlist
4. Barrytown playlist
5. Bizzare Christmas Incident playlist
6. Bruised playlist
7. Carrying Cathy playlist
8. Dog playlist
9. Give Judy My Notice playlist
10. Golden Slumbers playlist
11. Gone playlist
12. In Between Days playlist
13. Just Pretend playlist
14. Kkk Took My Baby Away playlist
15. Learn To Live With What You Are playlist
16. Leather Jacket playlist
17. Lonely playlist
18. Lonely Christmas Eve playlist
19. Losing Lisa playlist
20. Prom Tonight playlist
21. Protection playlist
22. Rock This Bitch playlist
23. Rockin' The Suburbs playlist
24. Rockstar playlist
25. Selfless, Cold, And Composed playlist
26. She Don't Use Jelly playlist
27. Sports And Wine playlist
28. Steven's Last Night In Town playlist
29. Still Fighting It playlist
30. The Ascent Of Stan playlist
31. The Secret Life Of Morgan Davis playlist
32. There's Always Someone Cooler Than You playlist
33. Tom And Mary playlist
34. Twin Falls playlist
35. Wandering playlist
36. Xfire playlist