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Neon Trees
Album Lyrics: Habits [2010]

Neon Trees
"Habits [2010]"

1. Sins Of My Youth playlist
2. Love And Affection playlist
3. Animal playlist
4. 1983 playlist
5. Girls And Boys In School playlist
6. In The Next Room playlist
7. Our War playlist
8. Helpless playlist
9. Farther Down playlist

Album Lyrics: Prom (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2011]

Neon Trees
"Prom (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2011]"

1. Your Surrender playlist

Album Lyrics: Picture Show [2012]

Neon Trees
"Picture Show [2012]"

1. Moving In The Dark playlist
2. Teenage Sounds playlist
3. Mad Love playlist
4. Weekend playlist
5. Lessons In Love (All Day, All Night) playlist
6. Trust playlist
7. Close To You playlist
8. Hooray For Hollywood playlist
9. Still Young playlist
10. I Am The D.J. playlist

Album Lyrics: Now That's What I Call Music! [US] 43 [2012]

Neon Trees
"Now That's What I Call Music! [US] 43 [2012]"

1. Everybody Talks playlist

Album Lyrics: iTunes Live: SXSW [2011]

Neon Trees
"iTunes Live: SXSW [2011]"

1. 1983 playlist
2. In The Next Room playlist
3. Sins Of My Youth playlist

Album Lyrics: Pop Psychology [2014]

Neon Trees
"Pop Psychology [2014]"

1. I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends) playlist
2. Sleeping With A Friend playlist

Album Lyrics: iTunes Festival: London 2011 [2011]

Neon Trees
"iTunes Festival: London 2011 [2011]"

1. Animal playlist
2. Calling My Name playlist
3. Love And Affection playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Neon Trees

Neon Trees
"Other Songs - Neon Trees"

1. Electric Heart (Stay Forever) playlist
2. Show playlist
3. Some Kind Of Monster playlist
4. Take Me For A Ride playlist
5. Tell Me You Love Me playlist
6. Wish List playlist