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Passion Pit
Album Lyrics: Chunk of Change [2009]

Passion Pit
"Chunk of Change [2009]"

1. I've Got Your Number playlist
2. Smile Upon Me playlist
3. Cuddle Fuddle playlist
4. Live to Tell the Tale playlist
5. Better Things playlist
6. Sleepyhead playlist

Album Lyrics: Gossamer [2012]

Passion Pit
"Gossamer [2012]"

1. Take A Walk playlist
2. I'll Be Alright playlist
3. Carried Away playlist
4. Constant Conversations playlist
5. Mirrored Sea playlist
6. Cry Like A Ghost playlist
7. On My Way playlist
8. Hideaway playlist
9. Two Veils To Hide My Face playlist
10. Love Is Greed playlist
11. Its Not My Fault I'm Happy playlist
12. Where We Belong playlist

Album Lyrics: Manners [2009]

Passion Pit
"Manners [2009]"

1. Make Light playlist
2. Little Secrets playlist
3. The Reeling playlist
4. Eyes As Candles playlist
5. Swimming in the Flood playlist
6. Folds in Your Hands playlist
7. To Kingdom Come playlist
8. Let Your Love Grow Tall playlist
9. Seaweed Song playlist

Album Lyrics: 1x19 - A Person of Interest [2011]

Passion Pit
"1x19 - A Person of Interest [2011]"

1. Moth's Wings playlist