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Planet Shakers
Album Lyrics: Decade: Lift Up Your Eyes CD & DVD [2006]

Planet Shakers
"Decade: Lift Up Your Eyes CD & DVD [2006]"

1. Running After You playlist
2. Everything's Changed playlist
3. All That I Want playlist
4. Come To Praise playlist
5. Big playlist
6. Rain Down playlist
7. Always & Forever playlist
8. Great And Mighty playlist
9. Shake The Planet playlist
10. Reflector playlist
11. Evermore playlist
12. Worthy To Be Praised playlist
13. Open Up The Gates playlist
14. Praise Him playlist
15. Lift Up Your Eyes playlist
16. How I Love You playlist
17. Jump Around playlist
18. All I Want Is You playlist
19. My King playlist

Album Lyrics: All That I Want [2004]

Planet Shakers
"All That I Want [2004]"

1. Need You In My Life playlist
2. Here I Am playlist
3. Could I Ever playlist
4. Perfect Day playlist
5. Enter In playlist
6. Holy Is The Lord playlist

Album Lyrics: Rain Down [2004]

Planet Shakers
"Rain Down [2004]"

1. All Of My Days playlist
2. Closer To You playlist
3. To You I Sing playlist
4. Out Of Me playlist
5. I Believe playlist

Album Lyrics: Always And Forever [2005]

Planet Shakers
"Always And Forever [2005]"

1. See You playlist
2. All I'm Living For playlist
3. Don't Pass Me By playlist
4. One For Me playlist
5. Sing Of Your Love playlist
6. Weight Of The World playlist
7. Cry Holy playlist

Album Lyrics: Arise [2006]

Planet Shakers
"Arise [2006]"

1. Lift Your Name Up playlist
2. Redeemer playlist
3. Majesty playlist
4. Arise playlist
5. You Are playlist
6. Your Glory playlist
7. Now And Forever playlist
8. You Are My God playlist
9. Everything playlist
10. My Hero playlist
11. For All You've Done playlist
12. Rain Of Heaven playlist
13. Set Me Free playlist

Album Lyrics: Evermore [2005]

Planet Shakers
"Evermore [2005]"

1. Follow playlist
2. I'm Yours playlist
3. Holy Spirit playlist
4. No Tomorrow playlist
5. Angel's Cry Holy playlist
6. You Alone playlist
7. You're All I Need playlist

Album Lyrics: My King [2003]

Planet Shakers
"My King [2003]"

1. Give You Praise playlist
2. Be With You playlist
3. Worship The King playlist
4. Rescue Me playlist
5. Hero playlist

Album Lyrics: Open Up The Gates [2003]

Planet Shakers
"Open Up The Gates [2003]"

1. Everything To Me playlist
2. You Are Holy playlist
3. It's All About Jesus playlist
4. My Passion playlist
5. Reason I Live playlist

Album Lyrics: So Amazing [2001]

Planet Shakers
"So Amazing [2001]"

1. What You've Done For Me playlist
2. God Is Moving playlist

Album Lyrics: Phenomena [2001]

Planet Shakers
"Phenomena [2001]"

1. Live For You playlist
2. Phenomena playlist
3. Worship Forevermore playlist
4. Burn playlist

Album Lyrics: Reflector [2002]

Planet Shakers
"Reflector [2002]"

1. I Want You To Know playlist
2. Come Breathe playlist
3. Unto You playlist
4. Overwhelmed playlist
5. I'm Living For playlist
6. I Want To See Jesus playlist
7. Amazing Grace playlist

Album Lyrics: Saviour Of The World [2007]

Planet Shakers
"Saviour Of The World [2007]"

1. Praise You playlist
2. So In Love With You playlist
3. Saviour Of The World playlist
4. My Life Is Yours playlist
5. No One Else Like You playlist
6. Take Me playlist
7. Reign Forever playlist
8. Lead Me On playlist
9. Stand playlist
10. Boom playlist
11. Jesus playlist
12. Healer playlist
13. Forever playlist

Album Lyrics: When the Planet Rocked (2 Discs) [2000]

Planet Shakers
"When the Planet Rocked (2 Discs) [2000]"

1. This Is How We Overcome playlist