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The Pierces
Album Lyrics: Light Of The Moon [2005]

The Pierces
"Light Of The Moon [2005]"

1. The Space Song playlist
2. Tonight playlist
3. Save Me playlist
4. Patience playlist
5. A Way To Us playlist
6. Louisa playlist
7. Give It All Back playlist
8. Beautiful Thing playlist
9. You're Right playlist
10. I Don't Mind playlist
11. I Should've Known playlist

Album Lyrics: The Pierces [2000]

The Pierces
"The Pierces [2000]"

1. The Way playlist
2. Nobody Knows playlist
3. One For Me playlist
4. I Don't Need You playlist
5. I Feel Nothing playlist
6. Be Alright playlist
7. Take You Home playlist
8. Blood playlist
9. Wake You Up playlist
10. I'll Be Dreaming playlist
11. Let You Go playlist

Album Lyrics: 1x01 - Pilot [2010]

The Pierces
"1x01 - Pilot [2010]"

1. Secret playlist

Album Lyrics: Thirteen Tales Of Love And Revenge [2007]

The Pierces
"Thirteen Tales Of Love And Revenge [2007]"

1. Boring playlist
2. Sticks & Stones playlist
3. Lights On playlist
4. Lies playlist
5. Turn On Billie playlist
6. Ruin playlist
7. The Power Of playlist
8. Kill, Kill, Kill playlist
9. It Was You playlist
10. Boy In a Rock and Roll Band playlist
11. Go To Heaven playlist

Album Lyrics: OMFGG - Original Music Featured On Gossip Girl, No. 1 [2008]

The Pierces
"OMFGG - Original Music Featured On Gossip Girl, No. 1 [2008]"

1. Three Wishes playlist

Album Lyrics: You & I [2011]

The Pierces
"You & I [2011]"

1. You'll Be Mine playlist
2. It Will Not Be Forgotten playlist
3. Love You More playlist
4. We Are Stars playlist
5. Glorious playlist
6. The Good Samaritan playlist
7. Kissing You Goodbye playlist
8. Close My Eyes playlist
9. Space & Time playlist
10. Drag You Down playlist
11. I Put Your Records On playlist