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Phillips Craig And Dean
Album Lyrics: Breathe In [2012]

Phillips Craig And Dean
"Breathe In [2012]"

1. Great And Glorious playlist
2. Our God Is Here playlist
3. Great I Am playlist
4. When The Stars Burn Down (Blessing And Honor) playlist
5. Speechless playlist
6. Tell Your Heart To Beat Again playlist
7. Great Great God playlist
8. I Choose To Believe playlist
9. These Bones playlist
10. All Is Well playlist

Album Lyrics: Favorite Songs of All [1998]

Phillips Craig And Dean
"Favorite Songs of All [1998]"

1. Freedom of the Sea playlist
2. No Matter How Long playlist
3. Favorite Song of All playlist
4. Turn Up the Radio playlist
5. I Want to Be Just Like You playlist
6. Shine on Us playlist
7. Mercy Came Running playlist
8. The Concert of the Age playlist
9. Midnight Oil playlist
10. Build a Bridge of Love playlist
11. This Is the Life playlist
12. He'll Do Whatever It Takes playlist
13. Little Bit of Morning playlist
14. Crucified With Christ playlist

Album Lyrics: Let My Words Be Few [2001]

Phillips Craig And Dean
"Let My Words Be Few [2001]"

1. Come, Now Is the Time to Worship playlist
2. Let Everything That Has Breath playlist
3. Let My Words Be Few playlist
4. The Heart of Worship playlist
5. Pour My Love on You playlist
6. You Are My King playlist
7. Open the Eyes of My Heart playlist
8. The Voice of the Lord playlist
9. Your Grace Still Amazes Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Let the Worshippers Arise [2004]

Phillips Craig And Dean
"Let the Worshippers Arise [2004]"

1. Friend of God playlist
2. You Are God Alone playlist
3. In Christ Alone [medley] playlist
4. Let the Worshippers Arise playlist
5. My Redeemer Lives playlist
6. Making Melody playlist
7. Mighty Is the Power of the Cross playlist
8. Wonderful, Merciful Savior playlist

Album Lyrics: Let Your Glory Fall [2003]

Phillips Craig And Dean
"Let Your Glory Fall [2003]"

1. My Praise playlist
2. Every Day playlist
3. Here I Am to Worship playlist
4. Lord Let Your Glory Fall playlist
5. Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing) playlist
6. Only You playlist
7. The Wonderful Cross playlist
8. Fall Down playlist
9. What Kind of Love Is This playlist
10. How Deep the Father's Love for Us playlist

Album Lyrics: Phillips, Craig & Dean [1992]

Phillips Craig And Dean
"Phillips, Craig & Dean [1992]"

1. He'll Never Let You Go playlist

Album Lyrics: Restoration [1999]

Phillips Craig And Dean
"Restoration [1999]"

1. Restoration playlist
2. Freedom's Never Free playlist
3. When God Ran playlist
4. A Place Called Grace playlist
5. I've Got You Covered playlist
6. I Need You playlist
7. Table of Grace playlist

Album Lyrics: Trust [1995]

Phillips Craig And Dean
"Trust [1995]"

1. You Don't Have the Right playlist
2. Christian playlist
4. Ain't It Just Like Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Where Strength Begins [1997]

Phillips Craig And Dean
"Where Strength Begins [1997]"

1. This Is How It Feels to Be Free playlist
2. Where Strength Begins playlist
3. A Time Such as This playlist
4. New Mercy playlist
5. Let the Blood Speak for Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Phillips Craig And Dean

Phillips Craig And Dean
"Other Songs - Phillips Craig And Dean"

1. All is Well playlist
2. The Distance playlist

Album Lyrics: Top Of My Lungs [2006]

Phillips Craig And Dean
"Top Of My Lungs [2006]"

1. Amazed playlist
2. Because Of That Blood playlist
3. One Way playlist
4. Saved The Day playlist
5. Top Of My Lungs playlist

Album Lyrics: Fearless [2009]

Phillips Craig And Dean
"Fearless [2009]"

1. Let God Be God playlist
2. Revelation Song playlist