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A Rocket To The Moon
Album Lyrics: Greetings From... [2008]

A Rocket To The Moon
"Greetings From... [2008]"

1. If Only They Knew playlist
2. I'm Not Saying Goodbye playlist
3. Fear Of Flying playlist
4. Just Another One playlist

Album Lyrics: On Your Side [2009]

A Rocket To The Moon
"On Your Side [2009]"

1. Dakota playlist
2. Annabelle playlist
3. Mr. Right playlist
4. She's Killing Me playlist
5. On a Lonely Night playlist
6. Life Of The Party playlist
7. Like We Used To playlist
8. Where Did You Go? playlist
9. Sometimes playlist
10. Baby Blue Eyes playlist
11. Give A Damn playlist
12. On Your Side playlist

Album Lyrics: Summer 07 Ep [2007]

A Rocket To The Moon
"Summer 07 Ep [2007]"

1. Are You Catching My Drift? playlist
2. Baby, We're Invincible playlist
3. Cops And Robbers playlist
4. I Think About You Everyday playlist
5. Mistakes We Haven't Made playlist
6. The Death Of Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Your Best Idea [2006]

A Rocket To The Moon
"Your Best Idea [2006]"

1. A Song For Brit playlist
2. Away, Away playlist
3. Don't Forget Me playlist
4. I Won't Believe This playlist
5. I'll Be Back Soon playlist
6. I'll Be Your Sunset playlist
7. I'm Afraid of Losing You playlist
8. Tempo playlist
9. We Feel Like Kings playlist
10. You Can Count On Me playlist