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Three Days Grace
Album Lyrics: Demo [1998]

Three Days Grace
"Demo [1998]"

1. This Movie playlist
2. Tv playlist
3. In Front Of Me playlist
4. My Own Life playlist

Album Lyrics: Life Starts Now [2009]

Three Days Grace
"Life Starts Now [2009]"

1. Bitter Taste playlist
2. Break playlist
3. World So Cold playlist
4. Lost In You playlist
5. The Good Life playlist
6. No More playlist
7. Last To Know playlist
8. Someone Who Cares playlist
9. Bully playlist
10. Without You playlist
11. Goin' Down playlist
12. Life Starts Now playlist

Album Lyrics: One-X [2006]

Three Days Grace
"One-X [2006]"

1. It's All Over playlist
2. Pain playlist
3. Animal I Have Become playlist
4. Never Too Late playlist
5. On My Own playlist
6. Riot playlist
7. Get Out Alive playlist
8. Let It Die playlist
9. Over And Over playlist
10. Time of Dying playlist
11. Gone Forever playlist
12. One X playlist
13. Running Away playlist

Album Lyrics: Three Days Grace [2003]

Three Days Grace
"Three Days Grace [2003]"

1. Burn playlist
2. Just Like You playlist
3. I Hate Everything About You playlist
4. Home playlist
5. Scared playlist
6. Let You Down playlist
7. Now Or Never playlist
8. Born Like This playlist
9. Drown playlist
10. Wake Up playlist
11. Take Me Under playlist
12. Overrated playlist

Album Lyrics: Transit Of Venus [2012]

Three Days Grace
"Transit Of Venus [2012]"

1. Sign Of The Times playlist
2. Chalk Outline playlist
3. The High Road playlist
4. Operate playlist
5. Anonymous playlist
6. Misery Loves My Company playlist
7. Give In To Me playlist
8. Happiness playlist
9. Give Me A Reason playlist
10. Time That Remains playlist
11. Expectations playlist
12. Broken Glass playlist
13. Unbreakable Heart playlist