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Tegan And Sara
Album Lyrics: Get Along [2011]

Tegan And Sara
"Get Along [2011]"

1. Alligator playlist
2. I Know I Know I Know playlist
3. Monday Monday Monday playlist
4. I Hear Noises playlist
5. Night Watch playlist
6. Back In Your Head playlist
7. Divided playlist
8. Call It Off playlist
9. Relief Next To Me playlist
10. The Ocean playlist
11. Nineteen playlist
12. Knife Going In playlist
13. Not With You playlist
14. I Won't Be Left playlist
15. Sentimental Tune playlist

Album Lyrics: Heartthrob [2013]

Tegan And Sara
"Heartthrob [2013]"

1. Closer playlist
2. Goodbye, Goodbye playlist
3. I Was A Fool playlist
4. I'm Not Your Hero playlist
5. Drove Me Wild playlist
6. How Come You Don't Want Me playlist
7. I Couldn't Be Your Friend playlist
8. Love They Say playlist
9. Now I'm All Messed Up playlist
10. Shock To Your System playlist
11. Guilty As Charged playlist
12. I Run Empty playlist

Album Lyrics: If It Was You [2002]

Tegan And Sara
"If It Was You [2002]"

1. Time Running playlist
2. You Went Away playlist
3. City Girl playlist
4. Not Tonight playlist
5. Underwater playlist
6. Living Room playlist
7. Terrible Storm playlist
8. And Darling playlist
9. Want To Be Bad playlist
10. Don't Confess playlist

Album Lyrics: Sainthood [2009]

Tegan And Sara
"Sainthood [2009]"

1. Arrow playlist
2. Don't Rush playlist
3. Hell playlist
4. On Directing playlist
5. Red Belt playlist
6. The Cure playlist
7. Northshore playlist
8. Paperback Head playlist
9. Someday playlist

Album Lyrics: So Jealous [2005]

Tegan And Sara
"So Jealous [2005]"

1. You Wouldn't Like Me playlist
2. Take Me Anywhere playlist
3. I Bet It Stung playlist
4. Downtown playlist
5. Walking With A Ghost playlist
6. Speak Slow playlist
7. Wake Up Exhausted playlist
8. We Didn't Do It playlist
9. Fix You Up playlist
10. I Can't Take It playlist

Album Lyrics: Grey's Anatomy Volume 1 [original soundtrack] [2005]

Tegan And Sara
"Grey's Anatomy Volume 1 [original soundtrack] [2005]"

1. Where Does The Good Go playlist

Album Lyrics: The L Word - The Third Season [2006]

Tegan And Sara
"The L Word - The Third Season [2006]"

1. So Jealous playlist

Album Lyrics: The Con [2007]

Tegan And Sara
"The Con [2007]"

1. I Was Married playlist
2. The Con playlist
3. Like O, Like H playlist
4. Are You Ten Years Ago playlist
5. Hop A Plane playlist
6. Soil Soil playlist
7. Burn Your Life Down playlist
8. Floorplan playlist
9. Dark Come Soon playlist

Album Lyrics: This Business Of Art [2000]

Tegan And Sara
"This Business Of Art [2000]"

1. The First playlist
2. Proud playlist
3. Frozen playlist
4. Hype playlist
5. All You Got playlist
6. Freedom playlist
7. More For Me playlist
8. Come On playlist
9. Superstar playlist

Album Lyrics: Sweet November [2001]

Tegan And Sara
"Sweet November [2001]"

1. My Number playlist

Album Lyrics: Under Feet Like Ours [1999]

Tegan And Sara
"Under Feet Like Ours [1999]"

1. Our Trees playlist
2. Clever Meals playlist
3. This Is Everything playlist
4. Heavy playlist
5. Welcome Home playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Tegan And Sara

Tegan And Sara
"Other Songs - Tegan And Sara"

1. Beauty playlist
2. Burried Alive playlist
3. Celebration playlist
4. Dancing In The Dark playlist
5. Days and Days playlist
6. Don't Be Cruel playlist
7. Don't Go Looking For Me playlist
8. Emaculation playlist
9. Empty In Between playlist
10. Falling Asleep playlist
11. Fool To Cry playlist
12. Give Chase playlist
13. Goodbye playlist
14. Hello playlist
15. Here I Am playlist
16. I'll Take The Blame playlist
17. Infamous playlist
18. Intervention playlist
19. It Was Midnight playlist
20. Just Me playlist
21. Lately playlist
22. Left Me To Wonder playlist
23. Light Up playlist
24. Love Type Thing playlist
25. Missing You playlist
26. Morning Comes playlist
27. One Month playlist
28. Paining Songs Aka Days And Days playlist
29. Plunk Song playlist
30. Sheets playlist
31. Star Money playlist
32. Their Waiting For You playlist
33. There's Still Time playlist
34. Trouble playlist
35. When I Get Up playlist
36. When You Were Mine playlist
37. Wrists playlist
38. Your Love playlist