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Third Eye Blind
Album Lyrics: Blue [1999]

Third Eye Blind
"Blue [1999]"

1. Anything playlist
2. Ten Days Late playlist
3. 1000 Julys playlist
4. An Ode to Maybe playlist
5. The Red Summer Sun playlist
6. Camouflage playlist
7. Farther playlist
8. Darkness playlist
9. Darwin playlist

Album Lyrics: Third Eye Blind A Collection (The Best Of) [2006]

Third Eye Blind
"Third Eye Blind A Collection (The Best Of) [2006]"

1. Wounded playlist
2. Never Let You Go playlist
3. Deep Inside Of You playlist
4. Slow Motion playlist
5. Blinded playlist
6. Forget Myself playlist
7. Crystal Baller playlist
8. Can't Get Away playlist
9. Palm Reader playlist
10. Losing A Whole Year playlist
11. Semi-Charmed Life playlist
12. Jumper playlist
13. Graduate playlist
14. How's It Going To Be playlist
15. Motorcycle Drive By playlist
16. God Of Wine playlist
17. My Time In Exile playlist

Album Lyrics: Out Of The Vein [2003]

Third Eye Blind
"Out Of The Vein [2003]"

1. Faster playlist
2. My Hit And Run playlist
3. Misfits playlist
4. Wake For Young Souls playlist
5. Self Righteous playlist
6. Company playlist
7. Good Man playlist
8. Another Life (Hidden Track) playlist

Album Lyrics: Charmed - The Soundtrack [2003]

Third Eye Blind
"Charmed - The Soundtrack [2003]"

1. Danger playlist

Album Lyrics: Red Star EP [2008]

Third Eye Blind
"Red Star EP [2008]"

1. Non-Dairy Creamer playlist
2. Red Star playlist
3. Why Can't You Be (Live) playlist

Album Lyrics: Third Eye Blind [1997]

Third Eye Blind
"Third Eye Blind [1997]"

1. Narcolepsy playlist
2. Thanks A Lot playlist
3. Burning Man playlist
4. Good For You playlist
5. London playlist
6. I Want You playlist
7. The Background playlist

Album Lyrics: Ursa Major [2009]

Third Eye Blind
"Ursa Major [2009]"

1. Can You Take Me playlist
2. Don't Believe a Word playlist
3. Bonfire playlist
4. Sharp Knife playlist
5. One In Ten playlist
6. About to Break playlist
7. Summer Town playlist
8. Why Can't You Be playlist
9. Water Landing playlist
10. Dao of St. Paul playlist
11. Monotov's Private Opera playlist
12. Carnival Barker playlist