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Theory of a Deadman
Album Lyrics: Gasoline [2005]

Theory of a Deadman
"Gasoline [2005]"

1. Hating Hollywood playlist
2. No Way Out playlist
3. No Surprise playlist
4. Quiver playlist
5. Santa Monica playlist
6. Better Off playlist
7. Say Goodbye playlist
8. Hello Lonely playlist
9. Me & My Girl playlist
10. Since you've been gone playlist
11. Hell Just Ain't The Same playlist
12. Save the best for last playlist
13. In The Middle playlist

Album Lyrics: Scars & Souvenirs [2008]

Theory of a Deadman
"Scars & Souvenirs [2008]"

1. So Happy playlist
2. By the Way playlist
3. Got It Made playlist
4. Crutch playlist
5. All or Nothing playlist
6. Heaven (Little By Little) playlist
7. Bad Girlfriend playlist
8. Hate My Life playlist
9. Little Smirk playlist
10. End of the Summer playlist
11. Wait For Me playlist
12. Sacrifice playlist
13. Shadow playlist

Album Lyrics: Transformers - Revenge Of The Fallen (The Album) [2009]

Theory of a Deadman
"Transformers - Revenge Of The Fallen (The Album) [2009]"

1. Not Meant To Be playlist

Album Lyrics: The Truth Is... [2011]

Theory of a Deadman
"The Truth Is... [2011]"

1. Lowlife playlist
2. Bitch Came Back playlist
3. Hurricane playlist
4. Out Of My Head playlist
5. Gentleman playlist
6. Love Is Hell playlist
7. The Truth Is (I Lied About Everything) playlist
8. Head Above Water playlist
9. Drag Me To Hell playlist
10. What Was I Thinking playlist
11. Easy To Love You playlist
12. We Were Men playlist

Album Lyrics: Theory Of A Deadman [2002]

Theory of a Deadman
"Theory Of A Deadman [2002]"

1. Invisible Man playlist
2. Nothing Could Come Between Us playlist
3. Make Up Your Mind playlist
4. Point To Prove playlist
5. Leg To Stand On playlist
6. What You Deserve playlist
7. The Last Song playlist
8. Say I'm Sorry playlist
9. Any Other Way playlist
10. Confession playlist