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Tame Impala
Album Lyrics: Lonerism [2012]

Tame Impala
"Lonerism [2012]"

1. Be Above It playlist
3. Apocalypse Dreams playlist
9. Elephant playlist
10. Endors-Toi playlist
11. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards playlist
12. Keep On Lying playlist
13. Mind Mischief playlist
14. Music To Walk Home By playlist
15. Nothing That Has Happened So Far Had Been Anything We Could Control playlist
16. She Just Won't Believe Me playlist
17. Sun's Coming Up playlist
18. Why Won't They Talk To Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Currents [2015]

Tame Impala
"Currents [2015]"

1. 'Cause I'm A Man playlist
2. Let It Happen playlist

Album Lyrics: Innerspeaker [2010]

Tame Impala
"Innerspeaker [2010]"

1. Alter Ego playlist
2. Desire Be, Desire Go playlist
3. Expectation playlist
4. I Don't Really Mind playlist
5. Island Walking (Itunes Special Track) playlist
6. It Is Not Meant To Be playlist
7. Jeremy's Storm playlist
8. Runway, Houses, City, Clouds playlist
9. The Bold Arrow Of Time playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Tame Impala

Tame Impala
"Other Songs - Tame Impala"

1. Backwards playlist
2. Remember Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Innerspealer Limited Edition: Extraspeaker [2011]

Tame Impala
"Innerspealer Limited Edition: Extraspeaker [2011]"

1. Half Full Glass Of Wine playlist
2. Lucidity playlist
3. Remember Me (Blue Boy Cover) playlist
4. Solitude Is Bliss playlist
5. Sundown Syndrome playlist
6. Wander playlist
7. Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind playlist