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The Tallest Man on Earth
Album Lyrics: Shallow Grave [2008]

The Tallest Man on Earth
"Shallow Grave [2008]"

1. I Won't Be Found playlist
5. Where Do My Bluebirds Fly playlist
6. The Gardner playlist
7. The Blizzard's Never Seen The Desert Sands playlist
8. The Sparrow And The Medicine playlist
9. Into The Stream playlist
10. This Wind playlist

Album Lyrics: Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird [2010]

The Tallest Man on Earth
"Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird [2010]"

1. Like The Wheel playlist
2. Tangle In This Trampled Wheat playlist
3. Thrown Right At Me playlist

Album Lyrics: The Tallest Man On Earth [2006]

The Tallest Man on Earth
"The Tallest Man On Earth [2006]"

1. Over The Hills playlist

Album Lyrics: There's No Leaving Now [2012]

The Tallest Man on Earth
"There's No Leaving Now [2012]"

1. To Just Grow Away playlist
2. Revelation Blues playlist
3. Leading Me Now playlist
4. 1904 playlist
5. Bright Lanterns playlist
6. There's No Leaving Now playlist
7. Wind And Walls playlist
8. Little Brother playlist
9. Criminals playlist
10. On Every Page playlist

Album Lyrics: Wild Hunt [2010]

The Tallest Man on Earth
"Wild Hunt [2010]"

1. The Wild Hunt playlist
2. Burden Of Tomorrow playlist
3. Troubles Will Be Gone playlist
4. You're Going Back playlist
6. King Of Spain playlist
7. Love Is All playlist
8. Thousand Ways playlist
9. A Lion's Heart playlist