lyrics Urban Zakapa lyrics and songs, Besedila
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Urban Zakapa
Album Lyrics: 01 [2011]

Urban Zakapa
"01 [2011]"

1. My Love playlist
2. Cafe Latte (Reprise) playlist
3. Fly Away (Butterfly) playlist
4. Crush (Reprise) playlist
5. Inevitability (Reprise) playlist
6. Don't Make Me Cry playlist
7. Rainbow Ride (Prelude) playlist
8. Always Be Mine playlist
9. Crybaby playlist
10. Cute Romance playlist
11. Driving To You playlist
12. Love Is All Around (Reprise) playlist
13. Our First Date playlist
14. Petals.. (Interlude) playlist
15. The Spring Picture playlist

Album Lyrics: 02 [2012]

Urban Zakapa
"02 [2012]"

1. Reunion playlist
2. I Still Believe playlist
3. Same Love Same Separation playlist
4. No Love playlist
5. Fly playlist
6. June 14th playlist
7. Emptiness playlist
8. I Hate You playlist
9. River playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Urban Zakapa

Urban Zakapa
"Other Songs - Urban Zakapa"

Album Lyrics: Beautiful Day [2012]

Urban Zakapa
"Beautiful Day [2012]"

1. Beautiful Day playlist
2. Something Special playlist
3. Whenever You Need Me playlist
4. Let It Rain playlist
5. Just The Two Of Us playlist
6. Just A Feeling playlist

Album Lyrics: Sweety You [2009]

Urban Zakapa
"Sweety You [2009]"

1. Cafe Latte (Main Version) playlist
2. Let Me Be The One playlist
3. Inevitability playlist
4. Love Is All Around playlist
5. Cafe Latte (Arpeggio Version) (Crystal S. Remix) playlist
6. Sweety You playlist
7. Crush playlist
8. Tired playlist
9. The Man Who Left playlist
10. Urban Zakapa (Interlude) playlist
11. Sweety You (Instrumental) playlist
12. Cafe Latte (Instrumental) playlist

Album Lyrics: Snowing [2011]

Urban Zakapa
"Snowing [2011]"

1. Snowing playlist