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Ugly Kid Joe
Album Lyrics: Best Of Ugly Kid Joe [2010]

Ugly Kid Joe
"Best Of Ugly Kid Joe [2010]"

1. Neighbor playlist
2. Goddamn Devil playlist
3. Panhandlin' Prince playlist
4. Busy Bee playlist
5. Cats In The Cradle playlist
6. Everything About You playlist
7. Madman playlist
8. Tomorrow's World playlist
9. God playlist
10. C.U.S.T. playlist
11. Milkman's son playlist
12. Slower Than Nowhere playlist
13. Jesus Rode A Harley playlist

Album Lyrics: America's Least Wanted [1992]

Ugly Kid Joe
"America's Least Wanted [1992]"

1. Come Tomorrow playlist
2. Don't Go playlist
3. I'll Keep Tryin' playlist
4. Madman '92 Re-mix playlist
5. Mr. Recordman playlist

Album Lyrics: Collection [2002]

Ugly Kid Joe
"Collection [2002]"

1. So Damn Cool playlist
2. Same Side playlist
3. Candle Song playlist
4. Cloudy Skies playlist

Album Lyrics: Menace To Sobriety [1995]

Ugly Kid Joe
"Menace To Sobriety [1995]"

1. Clover playlist
2. Suckerpath playlist
3. 10/10 playlist
4. V.I.P. playlist
5. Oompa playlist

Album Lyrics: Motel California [1996]

Ugly Kid Joe
"Motel California [1996]"

1. It's A Lie playlist
2. Dialogue playlist
3. Sandwich playlist
4. Would you Like To Be There playlist
5. Little Red Man playlist
6. Bicycle Wheels playlist
7. Father playlist
8. Undertow playlist
9. Strange playlist
10. 12 cents playlist
11. Shine playlist

Album Lyrics: Ugly As They Wanna Be [1991]

Ugly Kid Joe
"Ugly As They Wanna Be [1991]"

1. Whiplash Liquor playlist
2. Too Bad playlist
3. Sweet Leaf/Funky Fresh Country Club playlist
4. Heavy metal playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Ugly Kid Joe

Ugly Kid Joe
"Other Songs - Ugly Kid Joe"

1. C. U. S. T. playlist
2. N. I. B. playlist
3. Sin City playlist

Album Lyrics: Les Plus Grands Tubes 90's [2013]

Ugly Kid Joe
"Les Plus Grands Tubes 90's [2013]"

1. Everything About You playlist