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The Veronicas
Album Lyrics: The Veronicas Complete [2009]

The Veronicas
"The Veronicas Complete [2009]"

1. Untouched playlist
2. Hook Me Up playlist
3. This Is How It Feels playlist
4. This Love playlist
5. I Can't Stay Away playlist
6. Take Me On The Floor playlist
7. I Don't Wanna Wait playlist
8. Popular playlist
9. Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were) playlist
10. Someone Wake Me Up playlist
11. All I Have playlist
12. In Another Life playlist
13. Goodbye To You playlist
14. Heavily Broken playlist
15. Everything I'm Not playlist
16. Mouth Shut playlist
17. Revolution playlist
18. 4ever playlist
19. When It All Falls Apart playlist
20. Secret playlist
21. Leave Me Alone playlist
22. Speechless playlist
23. I Could Get Used to This playlist
24. Nobody Wins playlist
25. Mother Mother playlist
26. Did Ya Think playlist
27. Insomnia playlist

Album Lyrics: Untouched Lost Tracks - EP [2009]

The Veronicas
"Untouched Lost Tracks - EP [2009]"

1. Everything playlist
2. Hollywood playlist

Album Lyrics: Hook Me Up [2008]

The Veronicas
"Hook Me Up [2008]"

1. Don't Say Goodbye playlist

Album Lyrics: Sessions@AOL EP [2006]

The Veronicas
"Sessions@AOL EP [2006]"

1. Cry playlist

Album Lyrics: The Secret Life Of... [2005]

The Veronicas
"The Secret Life Of... [2005]"

1. A Teardrop Hitting The Ground playlist
2. How Long playlist

Album Lyrics: The Veronicas Mtv.com Live EP [2006]

The Veronicas
"The Veronicas Mtv.com Live EP [2006]"

1. Stay playlist