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Vybz Kartel
Album Lyrics: Most Wanted [2009]

Vybz Kartel
"Most Wanted [2009]"

1. New Millennium playlist
2. Pussy Jaw playlist
3. Why You Doing It playlist
4. Realest Thing playlist

Album Lyrics: Teacher's Back [2008]

Vybz Kartel
"Teacher's Back [2008]"

1. Broad Daylight playlist
2. Tightest Punani playlist
3. Work Out playlist
4. Money Fi Spend playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel
"Other Songs - Vybz Kartel"

1. 2010 playlist
2. A Dat A Gwan playlist
3. A Like That playlist
4. A.K.A. playlist
5. All My Love playlist
6. All Of A Sudden playlist
7. Anything A Anything playlist
8. Babylon City playlist
9. Bad Reputation playlist
10. Badda Dan Dem playlist
11. Badman Party playlist
12. Badmind playlist
14. Betta Now playlist
15. Better Can Wuk playlist
16. Bicycle playlist
17. Birthday Fuck playlist
18. Brace Of Mi Life playlist
19. Breast Specialist playlist
20. Broken Cry playlist
22. Buss If Off playlist
23. Cake Soap playlist
24. Can't Get Over Me playlist
25. Careful playlist
26. Clarks playlist
27. Climb Di Mountain playlist
28. Colouring Book playlist
29. Come Breed Me playlist
30. Come Yah Nuh Mi Gal playlist
31. Dancehall Hero playlist
32. Di Way We Roll playlist
33. Do Me Dat playlist
34. Dollar Sign playlist
35. Domestic Affair II playlist
36. Don't Move playlist
37. Dumpa Truck playlist
38. Emergency playlist
39. Every Gal A My Gyal playlist
41. Fi Di Gal Dem (Pulse Riddim) playlist
42. Foot Pan Shoulder playlist
43. Freaky Gal playlist
46. Friends Turn Enemies playlist
47. From Me Born (Me Don't Know) playlist
48. Fuck Pon Him playlist
49. Gal A Weh Me Do You playlist
50. Gaza Christmas playlist
51. Gaza Commandments playlist
52. Gaza Nuh Bore Tongue playlist
53. Gaza Ting A Ling playlist
54. Get Gun Shot playlist
55. Get Gyal Easy playlist
56. Get Wild playlist
58. Girls You Too Bad playlist
59. Give Thanks playlist
60. Glock Spit playlist
61. Go Fi Dem Anyweh playlist
62. Go Go Club playlist
63. Go Go Wine playlist
64. Good Inna Clothes playlist
65. Good Night playlist
66. Grab Up Yuh Crotches playlist
67. Gun Clown playlist
68. Gun Session playlist
69. Gwaan So Lloyd James playlist
70. Haffi Come Back playlist
71. Half On A Baby playlist
72. Higher Altitude playlist
73. Hot Grabba playlist
74. Hustle Hard (Mobz Riddim) playlist
75. It Bend Like Banana playlist
76. Jah Jah Neva Fail I Yet playlist
78. Kartel & Kardinal playlist
79. Kartel Reveal It playlist
80. Kill Bill playlist
81. Know Bout Me playlist
82. Last Man Standing playlist
83. Leadeth Me playlist
84. Let It Be playlist
85. Life Goes On playlist
86. Life Story playlist
87. Life We Living playlist
88. Lightning Bolt playlist
89. Like A Movie playlist
90. Like Xmas playlist
91. Little Miss playlist
92. Lock Down playlist
93. Look Pon We playlist
94. Love At First Sight playlist
95. Love Dem playlist
96. Love Of Money playlist
97. Love U Baby playlist
99. Love You Enuh playlist
100. Making A Baby playlist
101. Mamma playlist
102. Marie playlist
103. Me In Love playlist
104. Me Talk With Gunshot playlist
105. Mek Noise playlist
106. Mi Beat Up Di Pussy playlist
107. Mi Dem Want Fi Dead playlist
108. Mi Lovin It playlist
109. Million Dollar By A Morning playlist
110. Mother In Law playlist
111. Motorcyclist playlist
112. Mr Officer playlist
113. Murda Informer playlist
114. My Crew playlist
115. Nah Climb playlist
116. Nah Let Go playlist
117. No Lie playlist
118. No Man (Mi Swear Pon Mi Life) playlist
119. No Wild Grain (Dna Riddim) playlist
120. Not A Love Song playlist
121. Nothing Else playlist
122. Nuh Dash It Weh (School Yadd Riddim) playlist
123. Nuh Fraid A Nobody / Neva Scared playlist
124. Nuh Permission playlist
125. Oh Deh Gyal (Gala Riddim) playlist
126. One Man playlist
127. Pass Mi Gun playlist
127. Picture Me N U playlist
127. Poor People Land playlist
127. Pure Love Mi Give Gyal playlist
127. Push It In playlist
127. Ramping Shop playlist
127. Real Bad Man playlist
127. Realize playlist
127. Rich playlist
127. Riffle Shot playlist
127. Robbery playlist
127. Rough Sex playlist
127. Seductive playlist
127. Sen On playlist
127. Sex And The City playlist
127. Shape Of My Heart playlist
127. She Holding On playlist
127. She So Pretty playlist
127. She Tell Me playlist
127. She Wah More playlist
127. Slow Motion playlist
127. So Me A Say playlist
127. Society playlist
127. Solomnic Chronic playlist
127. Spend Time (Thunder Ball Riddim) playlist
127. Stand By My Side playlist
127. Start Well playlist
127. Straight Jeans And Fitted playlist
127. Struggle playlist
127. Summer Time playlist
127. Super Star playlist
127. Sweet To The Belly playlist
127. Sweet Victory playlist
127. Take Me Life playlist
127. Tap Tana playlist
127. Tattoo playlist
127. Teach Me How playlist
127. Tear Drops playlist
127. Teenage Pregnancy playlist
127. Tekk Buddy Gal playlist
127. Testify playlist
127. Thank You Jah playlist
127. That Sweet Yuh playlist
127. The Best Of Them playlist
127. The Lyricist playlist
127. The World Turns playlist
127. Toilet Paper Bounty playlist
127. Touch A Button Nuh playlist
127. Tun Up The Fuck playlist
127. Turn And Whine playlist
127. U Nuh Have A Phone (Hello Moto) playlist
127. Unfaithful (Don't Kill Him) playlist
127. Versitility playlist
127. Video Recorder playlist
127. Virginity playlist
127. Visa playlist
127. Vybsy Versa Love playlist
127. Wah Some Grades playlist
127. Watch Dem playlist
127. Wear Weh Yuh Have playlist
127. When Since playlist
127. Whine Pan Di Cocky Gyal playlist
127. Who Knows playlist
127. Why Again playlist
127. Wine playlist
127. Without My Own playlist
127. Without You Gaza Girl playlist
127. You A Me Baby playlist
127. You Can't Say playlist
127. Yuh Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Tomorrow People

Vybz Kartel
"Other Songs - Tomorrow People"

1. Divine Love playlist
2. Children Are Our Future playlist
3. Bubble Hard playlist
4. Teacha's Pet playlist
5. Convertible playlist
6. Back To Life playlist
7. Realize Refix playlist
8. Dynamite playlist
9. Mr. Bleach-Chin (Billion Dollar) playlist
10. Compass playlist
11. Wasting Your Time playlist
12. Me A Pree playlist
13. Georgina playlist
14. Betray Di Gaza Boss playlist
15. Get Your Own Lighter playlist
16. Ever Blessed playlist
17. Weed Smokers playlist