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The Verve
Album Lyrics: A Northern Soul [1995]

The Verve
"A Northern Soul [1995]"

1. A New Decade playlist
2. So It Goes playlist
3. A Northern Soul playlist
4. Brainstorm Interlude playlist
5. Drive You Home playlist
6. No Knock On My Door playlist
7. Life's An Ocean playlist
8. Stormy Clouds playlist

Album Lyrics: This Is Music: The Singles 92-98 [2004]

The Verve
"This Is Music: The Singles 92-98 [2004]"

1. This Is Music playlist
2. On Your Own playlist
3. History playlist
4. Slide Away playlist
5. Blue playlist
6. Gravity Grave playlist
7. She's A Superstar playlist
8. Lucky Man playlist
9. Sonnet playlist
10. All In The Mind playlist
11. The Drugs Don't Work playlist
12. Bitter Sweet Symphony playlist
13. This Could Be My Moment playlist
14. Monte Carlo playlist

Album Lyrics: A Storm In Heaven [1993]

The Verve
"A Storm In Heaven [1993]"

1. Star Sail playlist
2. Already There playlist
3. Beautiful Mind playlist
4. The Sun, The Sea playlist
5. Virtual World playlist
6. Butterfly playlist
7. See You In The Next One (Have A Good Time) playlist

Album Lyrics: No Come Down [1994]

The Verve
"No Come Down [1994]"

1. Make It Till Monday playlist
2. No Come Down playlist
3. Blue (USA Mix) playlist
4. Where the Geese Go playlist
5. 6 o'Clock playlist
6. One Way To Go playlist
7. Gravity Grave (Live Glastonbury '93) playlist
8. Twilight playlist

Album Lyrics: Forth [2008]

The Verve
"Forth [2008]"

1. Sit and Wonder playlist
2. Love Is Noise playlist
3. Rather Be playlist
4. Judas playlist
5. Numbness playlist
6. I See Houses playlist
7. Noise Epic playlist
8. Valium Skies playlist
9. Columbo playlist
10. Appalachian Springs playlist

Album Lyrics: The Verve E.P. [1992]

The Verve
"The Verve E.P. [1992]"

1. A Man Called Sun playlist
2. Endless Life playlist
3. Feel playlist

Album Lyrics: Urban Hymns [1997]

The Verve
"Urban Hymns [1997]"

1. The Rolling People playlist
2. Catching The Butterfly playlist
3. Neon Wilderness playlist
4. Space And Time playlist
5. Weeping Willow playlist
6. One Day playlist
7. This Time playlist
8. Velvet Morning playlist
9. Come On playlist