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Album Lyrics: Come Worship: 25 Vineyard Worship Songs [2003]

"Come Worship: 25 Vineyard Worship Songs [2003]"

1. Come, Now Is the Time to Worship playlist
2. Your Name Is Holy playlist
3. Lord Reign in Me playlist
4. Fall On Me (Set Me Free) playlist
5. Breath of God playlist
6. All Who Are Thirsty playlist
7. You Are In Control playlist
8. Better Than playlist
9. Your Beloved playlist
10. Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing) playlist
11. Hungry (Falling On My Knees) playlist
12. Yet I Will Praise playlist
13. There's No One Like Our God playlist
14. Set Me on Fire playlist
15. Be The Centre playlist
16. This is Love playlist
17. It's All About Jesus playlist
18. Surrender playlist

Album Lyrics: Draw Me Close: 25 Top Vineyard Worship Songs [2002]

"Draw Me Close: 25 Top Vineyard Worship Songs [2002]"

1. Light the Fire Again playlist
2. Refiner's Fire playlist
3. Draw Me Close playlist
4. Breathe playlist
5. Let the River Flow playlist
6. Good to Me playlist
7. More Love, More Power playlist
8. Change My Heart, Oh God playlist
9. Holy and Anointed One playlist
10. Arms Of Love playlist
11. We Will Dance playlist
12. The River is Here playlist
13. Show Your Power playlist
14. In the Secret (I Want to Know You) playlist

Album Lyrics: Hungry [2001]

"Hungry [2001]"

1. Humble King playlist
2. Make Your Home in Me playlist
3. Child of God playlist
4. All Creation playlist
5. Only You playlist
6. Refuge in You playlist
7. You Are a Holy God playlist