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The Verve Pipe
Album Lyrics: I've Suffered A Head Injury (EP) [1997]

The Verve Pipe
"I've Suffered A Head Injury (EP) [1997]"

1. Ark of the Envious playlist
2. Even the Score playlist
3. Acting As Your Slave playlist
4. Oceanside playlist
5. I've Suffered A Head Injury playlist
6. Clean Break playlist
7. Martyr Material playlist

Album Lyrics: Super Hits [2007]

The Verve Pipe
"Super Hits [2007]"

1. Photograph playlist
2. Hero playlist
3. Never Let You Down playlist
4. Villains playlist
5. Cup Of Tea playlist
6. Penny Is Poison playlist
7. Kiss Me Idle playlist
8. La La playlist
9. Happiness Is playlist
10. Colorful playlist
11. The Freshmen playlist

Album Lyrics: Platinum & Gold Collection (Best Of) [2004]

The Verve Pipe
"Platinum & Gold Collection (Best Of) [2004]"

1. Spoonful Of Sugar playlist

Album Lyrics: Pop Smear [1997]

The Verve Pipe
"Pop Smear [1997]"

1. Pretty For You playlist
2. Victoria playlist
3. Honest playlist
4. Sleepy Town playlist
5. Bullies On Vacation playlist
6. What You Wanted playlist
7. Wanna Be playlist
8. Out Like A Lamb playlist
9. Senator Speak playlist
10. Is It Worth It? playlist

Album Lyrics: The Verve Pipe [1999]

The Verve Pipe
"The Verve Pipe [1999]"

1. Supergig playlist
2. She Loves Everybody playlist
3. Television playlist
4. In Between playlist
5. Headlines playlist
6. The F Word playlist
7. Generations playlist
8. Half A Mind playlist
9. She Has Faces playlist

Album Lyrics: Underneath [2001]

The Verve Pipe
"Underneath [2001]"

1. Only Words playlist
2. I Want All Of You playlist
3. Miles Away playlist
4. Medicate Myself playlist
5. Gotta Move On playlist
6. Local Boys playlist
7. Wonderful Waste playlist
8. Underneath playlist

Album Lyrics: Villains [1996]

The Verve Pipe
"Villains [1996]"

1. Barely (If At All) playlist
2. Drive You Mild playlist
3. Reverend Girl playlist
4. Myself playlist
5. Ominous Man playlist
6. Real playlist
7. Cattle playlist
8. Veneer playlist