lyrics Vanilla Ninja lyrics and songs, Besedila
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Vanilla Ninja
Album Lyrics: Best Of [2005]

Vanilla Ninja
"Best Of [2005]"

1. Tough Enough playlist
2. Don't Go Too Fast playlist
3. When The Indians Cry playlist
4. Traces Of Sadness playlist
5. Liar playlist
6. Don't You Realize playlist
7. Destroyed By You playlist

Album Lyrics: Blue Tattoo [2005]

Vanilla Ninja
"Blue Tattoo [2005]"

1. Blue Tattoo playlist
2. Cool Vibes playlist
3. My Puzzle Of Dreams playlist
4. Never Gotta Know playlist
5. I Know playlist
6. Corner Of My Mind playlist
7. Just Another Day To Live playlist
8. I Don't Care At All playlist
9. The Coldest Night playlist
10. Hellracer playlist
11. Undercover Girl playlist
12. Nero playlist

Album Lyrics: Love Is War [2006]

Vanilla Ninja
"Love Is War [2006]"

1. Kingdom Burning Down playlist
2. Dangerzone playlist
3. The Band That Never Existed playlist
4. Rockstarz playlist
5. Shadows On The Moon playlist
6. Black Symphony playlist
7. Pray playlist
8. Battlefield playlist
9. Spirit Of The Dawn playlist
10. Insane In Vain playlist
11. Bad Girls playlist
12. Silence playlist

Album Lyrics: Traces Of Sadness [2004]

Vanilla Ninja
"Traces Of Sadness [2004]"

1. Stay playlist
2. Heartless playlist
3. Wherever playlist
4. Metal Queen playlist
5. Looking For A Hero playlist
6. Traces Of Sadness [Extended Version] playlist

Album Lyrics: Traces Of Sadness - Limited Edition [2004]

Vanilla Ninja
"Traces Of Sadness - Limited Edition [2004]"

1. Heartless [Extended Version] playlist

Album Lyrics: Vanilla Ninja [2003]

Vanilla Ninja
"Vanilla Ninja [2003]"

1. Guitar And Old Blue Jeans playlist
2. Why? playlist
3. Club Kung-Fu playlist
4. Nagu Rockstaar playlist
5. Purunematu playlist
6. Inner Radio playlist
7. Outcast playlist
8. Toxic playlist
9. Spit It Out playlist
10. Psycho playlist
11. Klubikuningad playlist
12. Polluter playlist
13. Vanad Teksad Ja Kitarr playlist
14. Sugar And Honey playlist
15. Club Kung Fu [D'n'B remix] playlist