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Within Temptation
Album Lyrics: An Acoustic Night At The Theatre [2009]

Within Temptation
"An Acoustic Night At The Theatre [2009]"

1. Towards The End playlist
2. Stand My Ground playlist
3. Caged playlist
4. All I Need playlist
5. Frozen playlist
6. Somewhere playlist
7. The Cross playlist
8. Pale playlist
9. What Have You Done playlist
10. Memories playlist
11. Forgiven playlist
12. Utopia playlist

Album Lyrics: Black Symphony [2008]

Within Temptation
"Black Symphony [2008]"

1. Ouverture playlist
2. Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) playlist
3. The Howling playlist
4. Hand of Sorrow playlist
5. The Heart of Everything playlist
6. The Swan Song playlist
7. Our Solemn Hour playlist
8. The Promise playlist
9. Angels playlist
10. Mother Earth playlist
11. Deceiver of Fools playlist
12. Ice Queen playlist

Album Lyrics: Enter [1997]

Within Temptation
"Enter [1997]"

1. Restless playlist
2. Enter playlist
3. Pearls of Light playlist
4. Deep Within playlist
5. Gatekeeper playlist
6. Grace playlist
7. Blooded playlist
8. Candles playlist

Album Lyrics: Heart Of Everything Special Edition [2007]

Within Temptation
"Heart Of Everything Special Edition [2007]"

1. Final Destination playlist

Album Lyrics: Mother Earth [2000]

Within Temptation
"Mother Earth [2000]"

1. Our Farewell playlist
2. Never-Ending Story playlist
3. Dark Wings playlist
4. In Perfect Harmony playlist
5. World of Make Believe playlist

Album Lyrics: The Silent Force [2004]

Within Temptation
"The Silent Force [2004]"

1. Intro playlist
2. See Who I Am playlist
3. Forsaken playlist
4. Aquarius playlist
5. It's the fear playlist
6. A Dangerous Mind playlist

Album Lyrics: The Dance (EP) [1998]

Within Temptation
"The Dance (EP) [1998]"

1. The Dance playlist
2. Another Day playlist
3. The Other Half (of Me) playlist

Album Lyrics: The Heart of Everything [2007]

Within Temptation
"The Heart of Everything [2007]"

1. Truth Beneath the Rose playlist

Album Lyrics: The Unforgiving [2011]

Within Temptation
"The Unforgiving [2011]"

1. Why Not Me playlist
2. Shot In The Dark playlist
3. In The Middle Of The Night playlist
4. Faster playlist
5. Fire And Ice playlist
6. Iron playlist
7. Where Is The Edge playlist
8. Sinéad playlist
9. Lost playlist
10. Murder playlist
11. A Demon's Fate playlist
12. Stairway To The Skies playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Within Temptation

Within Temptation
"Other Songs - Within Temptation"

1. Are You The One playlist
2. Believer (Ice Queen Demo) playlist
3. Bittersweet playlist
4. Blue Eyes playlist
5. Caged (Demo) playlist
6. Cold playlist
7. Destroyed playlist
8. Empty Eyes playlist
9. Frozen (Demo) playlist
10. Frozen (Voyage Years) playlist
11. Gothic playlist
12. Gothic Christmas playlist
13. Grenade playlist
14. Hand of Sorrow (Demo) playlist
15. I Don't Wanna playlist
16. In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated playlist
17. Jane Doe playlist
18. Orff (Jillian Demo) playlist
19. Overcome playlist
20. Restless (Classical Version) playlist
21. Run (Overcome Demo) playlist
22. Running Up That Hill playlist
23. Sounds of Freedom playlist
24. The Last Time playlist
25. The Promises playlist
26. Utopia (Demo) playlist
27. What Have You Done (Single Version) playlist
28. Where Is The Edge playlist
29. Wish You Were Here playlist

Album Lyrics: Paradise (What About Us?) [2013]

Within Temptation
"Paradise (What About Us?) [2013]"

1. Paradise (What About Us) playlist

Album Lyrics: Angels 1 [2005]

Within Temptation
"Angels 1 [2005]"

1. Say My Name playlist