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Wet Wet Wet
Album Lyrics: The Greatest Hits [2004]

Wet Wet Wet
"The Greatest Hits [2004]"

1. If I Never See You Again playlist
2. Strange playlist
3. Wishing I Was Lucky playlist
4. Sweet Little Mystery playlist
5. Angel Eyes (Home And Away) playlist
6. Temptation playlist
7. With A Little Help From My Friends playlist
8. Sweet Surrender playlist
9. Stay With Me Heartache (Can't Stand The Night) playlist
10. Goodnight Girl playlist
11. Lip Service playlist
12. Somewhere, Somehow playlist
13. Don't Want To Forgive Me Now playlist
14. She's All On My Mind playlist
15. Morning playlist
17. All I Want playlist
18. (Feels Like I'm) Walking on Water playlist

Album Lyrics: 10 [1997]

Wet Wet Wet
"10 [1997]"

1. Back On My Feat playlist
2. Fool For Your Love playlist
3. The Only Sounds playlist
4. If Only I Could Be With You playlist
5. I Want You playlist
6. Maybe I'm In Love playlist
7. Lonely Girl playlist
8. Theme From Ten playlist
9. It Hurts playlist

Album Lyrics: Cloak & Dagger [1992]

Wet Wet Wet
"Cloak & Dagger [1992]"

1. If You Only Knew playlist
2. Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference playlist
3. Atlantic Avenue playlist
4. Town Crier playlist
5. Angeline playlist
6. Get ready playlist
7. Share Your Love playlist
8. Beg Your Pardon Dear playlist

Album Lyrics: End Of Part One - Their Greatest Hits [1993]

Wet Wet Wet
"End Of Part One - Their Greatest Hits [1993]"

1. Broke Away playlist
2. Hold Back The River playlist
3. This Time playlist
4. Make It Tonight playlist
5. Put The Light On playlist
6. More Than Love playlist
7. Blue For You playlist
8. Shed A Tear playlist
9. Cold, Cold Heart playlist

Album Lyrics: High On The Happy Side [1992]

Wet Wet Wet
"High On The Happy Side [1992]"

1. High on the happy side playlist
2. Maybe tomorrow playlist
3. Celebration playlist
4. How long playlist
5. Brand New Sunrise playlist
6. 2 Days After Midnite playlist

Album Lyrics: Holding Back The River [1989]

Wet Wet Wet
"Holding Back The River [1989]"

1. You've Had It playlist
2. I wish playlist
3. Keys to your heart playlist
4. Maggie May playlist

Album Lyrics: Picture This [1995]

Wet Wet Wet
"Picture This [1995]"

1. Julia Says playlist
2. After The Love Goes playlist
3. Gypsy Girl playlist
4. She might never know playlist
5. Someone Like You playlist
6. Love Is My Shepherd playlist
7. Home Tonight playlist

Album Lyrics: The Memphis Sessions [1988]

Wet Wet Wet
"The Memphis Sessions [1988]"

1. East of the river playlist
2. I remember playlist
3. I Don't Believe (Sonny's Letter) playlist
4. For you are playlist
5. Heaven help us all playlist

Album Lyrics: Popped In Souled Out [1987]

Wet Wet Wet
"Popped In Souled Out [1987]"

1. I can give you everything playlist
2. The Moment You Left Me playlist
3. Words of wisdom playlist
4. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight playlist
5. World In Another playlist

Album Lyrics: Wet Wet Wet Live [1990]

Wet Wet Wet
"Wet Wet Wet Live [1990]"

1. Brick House playlist
2. Is this love playlist
3. I feel fine playlist
4. Second Hand News playlist
5. Possession playlist
6. H.T.H.D.T.G.T. (How The Hell Did They Get There) playlist