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Albert King
Album Lyrics: Best Of Stormy Monday [2007]

Albert King
"Best Of Stormy Monday [2007]"

1. Blues At Sunrise playlist
2. The Very Thought Of You playlist
3. I'll Play The Blues For You playlist

Album Lyrics: Complete King & Bobbin Recordings [2004]

Albert King
"Complete King & Bobbin Recordings [2004]"

1. I Get Evil playlist

Album Lyrics: Very Best Of Albert King [2007]

Albert King
"Very Best Of Albert King [2007]"

1. Born Under A Bad Sign playlist
2. Laundromat Blues playlist
3. Can't You See What You're Doing To Me playlist
4. Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven playlist
5. Angel Of Mercy playlist
6. Breaking Up Somebody's Home playlist
7. That's What The Blues Is All About playlist
9. Oh Pretty Woman playlist
10. Cold Feet playlist

Album Lyrics: Born Under A Bad Sign [1993]

Albert King
"Born Under A Bad Sign [1993]"

1. The Hunter playlist

Album Lyrics: Legends Collection [2001]

Albert King
"Legends Collection [2001]"

1. As The Years Go Passing By playlist
2. I'm Ready playlist
3. Don't Burn Down The Bridge playlist
4. (ain't It) A Real Good Sign playlist

Album Lyrics: Feeling [2004]

Albert King
"Feeling [2004]"

1. Cold Women With Warm Hearts playlist
2. Get Out Of My Life Woman playlist
3. I Got The Blues playlist
4. Cadillac Assembly Line playlist

Album Lyrics: Guitar Man- An Essential Collection [2001]

Albert King
"Guitar Man- An Essential Collection [2001]"

2. Guitar Man playlist
3. Ain't Nothing You Can Do playlist
4. Running Out Of Steam playlist
5. Call My Job playlist

Album Lyrics: Guitar Player [2001]

Albert King
"Guitar Player [2001]"

1. My Babe playlist
2. Rub My Back playlist

Album Lyrics: Hard Bargain [1996]

Albert King
"Hard Bargain [1996]"

1. Heart Fixing Business playlist

Album Lyrics: Stax Profiles [2006]

Albert King
"Stax Profiles [2006]"

1. The Sky Is Crying playlist

Album Lyrics: Les Incontournables [2001]

Albert King
"Les Incontournables [2001]"

1. I Believe To My Soul playlist
2. Honky Tonk Woman playlist

Album Lyrics: Smokin The Blues [1996]

Albert King
"Smokin The Blues [1996]"

1. Change Of Pace playlist

Album Lyrics: Years Gone By [1989]

Albert King
"Years Gone By [1989]"

1. Killing Floor playlist