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Gang of Four
Album Lyrics: Return Gift [2005]

Gang of Four
"Return Gift [2005]"

1. At Home He's A Tourist playlist
2. Damaged Goods playlist
3. Natural's Not In It playlist
4. Not Great Men playlist
5. Anthrax playlist
6. Paralysed playlist
7. Ether playlist
8. What We All Want playlist
9. To Hell With Poverty playlist
10. He'd Send In The Army playlist
11. We Live As We Dream, Alone playlist

Album Lyrics: Brief History Of The 20th Cent [1990]

Gang of Four
"Brief History Of The 20th Cent [1990]"

1. Return The Gift playlist
2. It's Her Factory playlist
3. Call Me Up playlist
4. I Will Be A Good Boy playlist
5. The History Of The World playlist
6. I Love A Man In A Uniform playlist

Album Lyrics: Hard/solid Gold [2003]

Gang of Four
"Hard/solid Gold [2003]"

1. A Hole In The Wallet playlist
2. Cheeseburger playlist
3. I Fled playlist
4. Silver Lining playlist
5. Woman Town playlist
6. A Man With A Good Car playlist
7. Arabic playlist
8. A Piece Of My Heart playlist
9. Independence playlist
10. Why Theory playlist
11. If I Could Keep It For Myself playlist

Album Lyrics: Content [2011]

Gang of Four
"Content [2011]"

1. You Don't Have To Be Mad playlist

Album Lyrics: Entertainment! [1979]

Gang of Four
"Entertainment! [1979]"

1. Guns Before Butter playlist
2. I Found That Essence Rare playlist
3. Glass playlist
4. Contract playlist
5. 5-45 playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Gang of Four

Gang of Four
"Other Songs - Gang of Four"

1. 5.45 playlist
2. Armalite Rifle playlist
3. Cadillac playlist
4. Capital playlist
5. Don't Fix What Ain't Broke playlist
6. Everybody Wants To Come playlist
7. History's Bunk! playlist
8. Impossible playlist
9. It Don't Matter playlist
10. It Is Not Enough playlist
11. Life, It's A Shame playlist
12. Motel playlist
13. Muscle For Brains playlist
14. Never Pay For The Farm playlist
15. Outside The Trains Don't Run On Time playlist
16. Satellite playlist
17. Soul Rebel playlist

Album Lyrics: Marie Antoinette [2006]

Gang of Four
"Marie Antoinette [2006]"

1. Natural's Not In It playlist