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Loretta Lynn
Album Lyrics: Icon [2011]

Loretta Lynn
"Icon [2011]"

1. Blue Kentucky Girl playlist
2. Fist City playlist
3. Coal Miner's Daughter playlist
4. One's on the Way playlist
5. Rated X playlist
6. The Pill playlist
7. She's Got You playlist
8. You're Looking at Country playlist

Album Lyrics: The Definitive Collection [MCA Nashville] [2005]

Loretta Lynn
"The Definitive Collection [MCA Nashville] [2005]"

1. You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man) playlist
2. Woman of the World (Leave My World Alone) playlist
3. Somebody Somewhere (Don't Know What He's Missin' T playlist
4. Feelins' playlist

Album Lyrics: Loretta Lynn - All Time Greatest Hits [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTE [2002]

Loretta Lynn
"Loretta Lynn - All Time Greatest Hits [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTE [2002]"

1. Don't Come Home a Drinkin' (With Lovin' on Your Mi playlist

Album Lyrics: Gold [2006]

Loretta Lynn
"Gold [2006]"

1. Your Squaw Is on the Warpath playlist
2. Hey Loretta playlist
3. I Lie playlist
4. They Don't Make 'Em Like My Daddy Anymore playlist
5. Before I'm Over You playlist
6. Success playlist
7. Mr. and Mrs. Used to Be playlist
8. I'm a Honky Tonk Girl playlist
9. After the Fire Is Gone playlist
10. Happy Birthday playlist
11. Dear Uncle Sam playlist
12. You Wanna Give Me a Lift playlist
13. Silver Threads and Golden Needles playlist
14. Country in My Genes playlist

Album Lyrics: Chronicles [2006]

Loretta Lynn
"Chronicles [2006]"

1. You're Lookin' at Country playlist
2. Love Is the Foundation playlist
3. When the Tingle Becomes a Chill playlist
4. Out of My Head and Back in My Bed playlist
5. Wine, Women and Song playlist
6. You've Just Stepped In (From Stepping Out on Me) playlist
7. As Soon as I Hang Up the Phone playlist
8. Trouble in Paradise playlist
9. I Can't Feel You Anymore playlist
10. Lead Me On playlist
11. Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man playlist
12. I Wanna Be Free playlist
13. How Great Thou Art playlist
14. The Old Rugged Cross playlist
15. Peace in the Valley playlist
16. Just a Closer Walk With Thee playlist
17. I Feel Like Traveling On playlist
18. I'd Rather Have Jesus playlist
19. Softly and Tenderly playlist
20. He's Got the Whole World in His Hands playlist
21. When They Ring Those Golden Bells playlist
22. Harp With Golden Strings playlist
23. Gethsemane playlist
24. Just a Little Talk With Jesus playlist

Album Lyrics: Coal Miner's Daughter [Dynamic] [2005]

Loretta Lynn
"Coal Miner's Daughter [Dynamic] [2005]"

1. They Don't Make 'Em Like My Daddy playlist
2. We've Come a Long Way Baby playlist
3. Let Your Love Flow playlist
4. Spring Fever playlist
5. Me and Bobby McGee playlist
6. I Fall to Pieces playlist
7. Back in Baby's Arms playlist
8. Crazy playlist
9. Walkin' After Midnight playlist

Album Lyrics: Somebody Somewhere [Columbia River Entertainment G [2001]

Loretta Lynn
"Somebody Somewhere [Columbia River Entertainment G [2001]"

1. Somebody Somewhere (Don't Know What He's Missing T playlist

Album Lyrics: Christmas Without Daddy [Universal] [1995]

Loretta Lynn
"Christmas Without Daddy [Universal] [1995]"

1. Country Christmas playlist
2. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town playlist
3. Silver Bells playlist
4. Blue Christmas playlist
5. White Christmas playlist
6. Frosty the Snowman playlist
7. Christmas Without Daddy playlist
8. Gift of the Blues playlist

Album Lyrics: A Country Christmas [1966]

Loretta Lynn
"A Country Christmas [1966]"

1. Away in a Manger playlist
2. It Won't Seem Like Christmas playlist
3. To Heck With Ole Santa Claus playlist
4. I Won't Decorate Your Christmas Tree playlist

Album Lyrics: All Time Gospel Favorites [Time Life] [2004]

Loretta Lynn
"All Time Gospel Favorites [Time Life] [2004]"

1. Amazing Grace playlist
2. If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again playlist
3. Will the Circle Be Unbroken playlist
4. Wings of a Dove playlist
5. In the Sweet By and By playlist
6. What a Friend We Have in Jesus playlist
7. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot playlist
8. In the Garden playlist

Album Lyrics: All Time Gospel Favorites [Madacy] [1998]

Loretta Lynn
"All Time Gospel Favorites [Madacy] [1998]"

1. The Church in the Wildwood playlist

Album Lyrics: Honky Tonk Girl: The Loretta Lynn Collection [1994]

Loretta Lynn
"Honky Tonk Girl: The Loretta Lynn Collection [1994]"

1. This Haunted House playlist
2. Tomorrow Never Comes playlist
3. There Goes My Everything playlist
4. The Shoe Goes on the Other Foot Tonight playlist
5. Ain't It Funny playlist
6. What Kind of a Girl (Do You Think I Am?) playlist
7. If You're Not Gone Too Long playlist
8. The Darkest Day playlist
9. Our Hearts Are Holding Hands playlist
10. A Man I Hardly Know playlist
11. Talking to the Wall playlist
12. These Boots Are Made for Walkin' playlist
13. The Devil Gets His Due playlist
14. If Loneliness Can Kill Me playlist
15. Love L-O-V-E playlist
16. Who's Gonna Take the Garbage Out playlist
17. Wings Upon Your Horns playlist
18. The One You Need playlist
19. Deep as Your Pocket playlist
20. Crazy Out of My Mind playlist
21. I Know How playlist
22. Back Street Affair playlist
23. Blueberry Hill playlist
24. The Morning After Baby Let Me Down playlist
25. It'll Feel Good After It Quits Hurtin' playlist
26. What Sundown Does to You playlist
27. The Letter playlist
28. Why Can't He Be You playlist
29. You're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly playlist
30. Who Was That Stranger playlist

Album Lyrics: Alone With You [1972]

Loretta Lynn
"Alone With You [1972]"

1. When Lonely Hits Your Heart playlist
2. Alone With You playlist
3. World of Forgotten People playlist
4. My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You playlist
5. You've Made Me What I Am playlist
6. It Just Looks That Way playlist
7. I Walked Away From The Wreck playlist
8. Loose Talk playlist
9. Get Set For a Heartache playlist

Album Lyrics: Country's Favorite Daughter [Pair] [1994]

Loretta Lynn
"Country's Favorite Daughter [Pair] [1994]"

1. Fool No 1 playlist
2. Release Me playlist
3. Beautiful, Unhappy Home playlist
4. I Don't Wanna Play House playlist
5. Behind Closed Doors playlist
6. Satin Sheets playlist
7. Bye Bye Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Back to the Country [1975]

Loretta Lynn
"Back to the Country [1975]"

1. Will You Be There playlist
2. It's Time to Pay the Fiddler playlist
3. Paper Roses playlist
4. You Love Everybody But You playlist
5. Back to the Country playlist
6. Another You playlist
7. Jimmy on My Mind playlist

Album Lyrics: Before I'm Over You [1964]

Loretta Lynn
"Before I'm Over You [1964]"

1. Singing the Blues playlist
2. You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry playlist
3. Who'll Help Me Get Over You playlist
4. Where Were You playlist
5. The End of the World playlist

Album Lyrics: Best of the Best: Her Gospel Side [1999]

Loretta Lynn
"Best of the Best: Her Gospel Side [1999]"

1. Standing Room Only playlist
2. Who Says God Is Dead! playlist
3. The Third Man playlist
4. Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven playlist
5. When I Hear My Children Pray playlist
6. Ten Thousand Angels playlist
7. Mama, Why? playlist
8. Where I Learned to Pray playlist

Album Lyrics: Blue Kentucky Girl [1965]

Loretta Lynn
"Blue Kentucky Girl [1965]"

1. Then and Only Then playlist
2. I Still Miss Someone playlist
3. Night Girl playlist
4. Love's Been Here and Gone playlist
5. Farther to Go playlist
6. Race Is On playlist
7. I Won't Forget You playlist
8. Two Steps Forward playlist
9. Send Me the Pillow That You Dream On playlist
10. Beginning of the End playlist
11. Today playlist

Album Lyrics: Lookin' Good [1980]

Loretta Lynn
"Lookin' Good [1980]"

1. Somebody Led Me Away playlist
2. Cheatin' on a Cheater playlist
3. Workin' Man playlist
4. I Don't Feel Like Living Today playlist
5. What Am I Gonna Do playlist

Album Lyrics: Blue-Eyed Kentucky Girl [1976]

Loretta Lynn
"Blue-Eyed Kentucky Girl [1976]"

1. Another Man Loved Me Last Night playlist
2. The Home You're Tearin' Down playlist

Album Lyrics: Coal Miner's Daughter [1971]

Loretta Lynn
"Coal Miner's Daughter [1971]"

1. Hello Darlin' playlist
2. Less of Me playlist
3. Any One, Any Worse, Any Where playlist
4. For the Good Times playlist
5. The Man of the House playlist
6. What Makes Me Tick playlist
7. Too Far playlist
8. Snowbird playlist

Album Lyrics: Country Partners (Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty) [1974]

Loretta Lynn
"Country Partners (Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty) [1974]"

1. Don't Mess Up a Good Thing playlist
2. Love's Not Where Love Should Be playlist
3. Two Lonely People playlist
4. I Changed My Way playlist
5. Country Bumpkin playlist
6. I'm Gettin' Tired of Losing You playlist
7. Sweet Things I Remember About You playlist
8. It All Falls Down playlist
9. Lifetime Before playlist

Album Lyrics: The Very Best of Loretta and Conway [1988]

Loretta Lynn
"The Very Best of Loretta and Conway [1988]"

1. Spiders and Snakes playlist
2. God Bless America Again playlist
3. From Seven Til Ten playlist
4. Pickin' Wild Mountain Berries playlist
5. It's Only Make Believe playlist
6. I've Already Loved You In My Mind playlist
7. I Can't Love You Enough playlist

Album Lyrics: Hey Good Lookin' (Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty) [1993]

Loretta Lynn
"Hey Good Lookin' (Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty) [1993]"

1. It's True Love playlist
2. Back Home Again playlist
3. Making Believe playlist
4. Faded Love playlist
5. Please Help Me, I'm Falling in Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Don't Come Home a Drinkin' [1967]

Loretta Lynn
"Don't Come Home a Drinkin' [1967]"

1. I Really Don't Want to Know playlist
2. Saint to Sinner playlist
3. The Devil Gets His Dues playlist
4. I Can't Keep Away from You playlist
5. I'm Living in Two Worlds playlist
6. Get What 'Cha Got and Go playlist
7. Making Plans playlist
8. I Got Caught playlist

Album Lyrics: Entertainer of the Year [1973]

Loretta Lynn
"Entertainer of the Year [1973]"

1. Till the Pain Outwears the Shame playlist
2. Ruby Madge and Mable playlist
3. Legend in My Mind playlist
4. Yesterday Will Come Again Tonight playlist
5. Hanky Panky Woman playlist
6. I'm All He's Got playlist
7. I Need Someone to Hold Me playlist

Album Lyrics: The Ernest Tubb/Loretta Lynn Story [MCA] [1973]

Loretta Lynn
"The Ernest Tubb/Loretta Lynn Story [MCA] [1973]"

1. Sweet Thang playlist
2. We'll Never Change playlist
3. Let's Stop Right Where We Are playlist
4. Love Is No Excuse playlist
5. One to Ten playlist
6. I Chased You Till You Caught Me playlist
7. Let's Wait a Little Longer playlist
8. That Odd Couple playlist
9. Are You Mine playlist
10. We're Not Kids Anymore playlist

Album Lyrics: Ernest Tubbs & Loretta Lynn Singin' Again [1967]

Loretta Lynn
"Ernest Tubbs & Loretta Lynn Singin' Again [1967]"

1. I'm Not Leavin' You playlist
2. Bartender playlist
3. I'm Biting My Fingernails and Thinking of You playlist
4. Yearning playlist
5. Thin Grey Line playlist

Album Lyrics: Feelins' (Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty) [1974]

Loretta Lynn
"Feelins' (Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty) [1974]"

1. Dy-No-Mite playlist
2. I'll Never Get Tired (Of Saying I Love You) playlist
3. Little Boy Love playlist
4. She's About a Mover playlist
5. Let Me Be There playlist
6. You Done Lost Your Baby playlist
7. Store Up Love playlist
8. Some Kind of a Woman playlist

Album Lyrics: Fist City [1968]

Loretta Lynn
"Fist City [1968]"

1. Jackson Ain't a Very Big Town playlist
2. You Didn't Like My Lovin' playlist
3. I've Got Texas in My Heart playlist
4. You Never Were Mine playlist
5. Somebody's Back in Town playlist
6. Satisfied Mind playlist
7. How Long Will It Take playlist
8. I'm Shootin' For Tomorrow playlist

Album Lyrics: God Bless American Again [1972]

Loretta Lynn
"God Bless American Again [1972]"

1. Six Feet of Sod playlist
2. I Pray My Way Out of Trouble playlist

Album Lyrics: The Gospel Spirit [MCA Nashville] [2004]

Loretta Lynn
"The Gospel Spirit [MCA Nashville] [2004]"

1. If God Is Dead (Who's That Living in My Soul) playlist

Album Lyrics: Loretta Lynn & Patsy Cline on Tour, Vol. 1 [Univer [1996]

Loretta Lynn
"Loretta Lynn & Patsy Cline on Tour, Vol. 1 [Univer [1996]"

1. The Other Woman playlist
2. Sweet Dreams playlist

Album Lyrics: Loretta Lynn & Patsy Cline on Tour, Vol. 2 [Univer [1996]

Loretta Lynn
"Loretta Lynn & Patsy Cline on Tour, Vol. 2 [Univer [1996]"

1. Here I Am Again playlist
2. Your Cheatin' Heart playlist

Album Lyrics: Here I Am Again [1972]

Loretta Lynn
"Here I Am Again [1972]"

1. Manhattan Kansas playlist
2. Be Proud of Your Man playlist
3. There's a Built-In Trouble Maker in Every Man playlist
4. Love Takes a Long Time Dyin' playlist
5. Delta Dawn playlist
6. Best Years of My Life playlist

Album Lyrics: Home [1975]

Loretta Lynn
"Home [1975]"

1. Home playlist
2. Before the Next Teardrop Falls playlist
3. Window Up Above playlist
4. (Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Someone playlist
5. You Take Me to Heaven Every Night playlist
6. Wrong Road Again playlist
7. Always Wanting You playlist
8. No Place Else to Go playlist
9. He's Only Everything playlist
10. Bring Some of It Home playlist

Album Lyrics: The Old Rugged Cross [Universal] [1992]

Loretta Lynn
"The Old Rugged Cross [Universal] [1992]"

1. Where No One Stands Alone playlist
2. Old Camp Meetin' Time playlist
3. If You Miss Heaven (You'll Miss It All) playlist

Album Lyrics: Hymns [1965]

Loretta Lynn
"Hymns [1965]"

1. When I Hear My Children Pray - Ernest Ray playlist

Album Lyrics: Peace in the Valley [1990]

Loretta Lynn
"Peace in the Valley [1990]"

1. (There'll Be) Peace In the Valley playlist
2. I Believe playlist

Album Lyrics: I Lie [1981]

Loretta Lynn
"I Lie [1981]"

1. There Stands the Glass playlist
2. Where Love Goes When It's Gone playlist

Album Lyrics: I Like 'Em Country [1966]

Loretta Lynn
"I Like 'Em Country [1966]"

1. Two Mules Pull This Wagon playlist
2. It's Been So Long Darling playlist
3. Sometimes You Just Can't Win playlist
4. If Teardrops Were Pennies playlist
5. Go on and Go playlist
6. Cry Cry Cry playlist
7. Today Has Been a Day playlist
8. Jealous Heart playlist

Album Lyrics: I Wanna Be Free [1971]

Loretta Lynn
"I Wanna Be Free [1971]"

1. Help Me Make It Through the Night playlist
2. See That Mountain playlist
3. When You Leave My World playlist
4. Put Your Hand in the Hand playlist
5. If I Never Love Again playlist
6. When You're Poor playlist
7. Rose Garden playlist
8. Drive You Out of My Mind playlist
9. I'm One Man's Woman playlist

Album Lyrics: I'll Just Call You Darlin' [Universal Special Prod [1989]

Loretta Lynn
"I'll Just Call You Darlin' [Universal Special Prod [1989]"

1. I Reached for the Wine playlist
2. Just Between the Two of Us playlist
3. Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming In playlist

Album Lyrics: If We Put Our Heads Together (Loretta Lynn & Ernest Tubb) [1969]

Loretta Lynn
"If We Put Our Heads Together (Loretta Lynn & Ernest Tubb) [1969]"

1. Holding on to Nothin' playlist
2. Somewhere Between playlist
3. Won't You Come Home and Talk to a Stranger playlist
4. Let the World Keep on a Turnin' playlist
5. If We Put Our Heads Together playlist

Album Lyrics: Just a Woman [1985]

Loretta Lynn
"Just a Woman [1985]"

Album Lyrics: Loretta [1980]

Loretta Lynn
"Loretta [1980]"

1. It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels playlist

Album Lyrics: Loretta Lynn - Greatest Hits [1990]

Loretta Lynn
"Loretta Lynn - Greatest Hits [1990]"

1. Other Woman playlist

Album Lyrics: Loretta Lynn Sings [1963]

Loretta Lynn
"Loretta Lynn Sings [1963]"

1. Minute You're Gone playlist
2. Why I'm Walkin' playlist
3. Girl That I am Now playlist
4. Act Naturally playlist
5. Color of the Blues playlist
6. Hundred Proof Heartache playlist
7. Lonesome 7-7203 playlist

Album Lyrics: Loretta Lynn Writes 'Em and Sings 'Em [1970]

Loretta Lynn
"Loretta Lynn Writes 'Em and Sings 'Em [1970]"

1. What's the Bottle Done to My Baby playlist
2. One You Need playlist
3. To Make a Man Feel Like a Man playlist

Album Lyrics: Louisiana Woman Mississippi Man (Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty) [1973]

Loretta Lynn
"Louisiana Woman Mississippi Man (Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty) [1973]"

1. For Heaven's Sake playlist
2. You Lay So Easy on My Mind playlist
3. Our Conscience You and Me playlist
4. As Good As a Lonely Girl Can Be playlist
5. Living Together Alone playlist
6. What Are We Gonna Do About Us playlist
7. If You Touch Me playlist
8. Before Your Time playlist

Album Lyrics: Love Is the Foundation [1973]

Loretta Lynn
"Love Is the Foundation [1973]"

1. I Love You I Love You playlist
2. Just to Satisfy playlist
3. There's More to Leaving Then Just Saying Goodbye playlist
4. Why Me playlist
5. I Gave Everything playlist
6. You're Still Lovin' Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Lyin' Cheatin Woman Chasin' Honky Tonkin' Whiskey Drinkin' [1983]

Loretta Lynn
"Lyin' Cheatin Woman Chasin' Honky Tonkin' Whiskey Drinkin' [1983]"

1. Lyin' Cheatin Woman Chasin' Honky Tonkin' Whiskey playlist
2. Walking With My Memories playlist
3. It's Gone playlist

Album Lyrics: Making Love from Memory [1982]

Loretta Lynn
"Making Love from Memory [1982]"

1. Making Love from Memory playlist
2. Don't It Feel Good playlist
3. Breakin' It playlist

Album Lyrics: Mr. And Mrs. Used To Be (Ernest Tubbs & Loretta Lynn) [1965]

Loretta Lynn
"Mr. And Mrs. Used To Be (Ernest Tubbs & Loretta Lynn) [1965]"

1. I'll Just Call You Darling playlist
2. My Past Brought Me to You (Your Past Brought You t playlist
3. Love Was Right Here All the Time playlist
4. Two in the Cold playlist
5. Dear John Letter playlist

Album Lyrics: One's on the Way [1971]

Loretta Lynn
"One's on the Way [1971]"

1. It'll Feel Good When It Quits Hurtin' playlist
2. He's All I Got playlist
3. I Can't See Me Without You playlist
4. I'm Losing My Mind playlist

Album Lyrics: Singin' With Feelin' [1967]

Loretta Lynn
"Singin' With Feelin' [1967]"

1. Bargain Basement Dress playlist
2. Dark Moon playlist
3. It's Such a Pretty World Today playlist
4. Wanted Woman playlist
5. Slowly Killing Me playlist
6. Secret Love playlist
7. I'll Sure Come a Long Way Down playlist
8. Walk Through This World With Me playlist
9. What Now? playlist
10. A Place to Hide and Cry playlist

Album Lyrics: Sings Patsy Cline's Favorites [Universal] [1992]

Loretta Lynn
"Sings Patsy Cline's Favorites [Universal] [1992]"

1. Leavin' on Your Mind playlist

Album Lyrics: Somebody Somewhere [1976]

Loretta Lynn
"Somebody Somewhere [1976]"

1. Sundown Tavern playlist
2. Games That Daddy's Play playlist
3. While He's Making Love I'm Making Believe playlist
4. Crawling Man playlist
5. Me and Old Crazy Bill playlist
6. I'll Leave the Leavin' Up to You playlist
7. Your Woman Your Friend playlist
8. Playing With Fire playlist

Album Lyrics: Songs from My Heart [1965]

Loretta Lynn
"Songs from My Heart [1965]"

1. Once a Day playlist
2. You're the Only Good Thing playlist
3. I Don't Believe I'll Fall In Love Today playlist
4. Half a Mind playlist
5. Oh, Lonesome Me playlist
6. Boy Like You playlist
7. When Dreams Go Out of Style playlist
8. A Wound Time Can't Erase playlist

Album Lyrics: Still Country (Bonus DVD) [Koch] [2004]

Loretta Lynn
"Still Country (Bonus DVD) [Koch] [2004]"

1. Working Girl playlist
2. I Can't Hear the Music playlist
3. Hold Her playlist
4. Don't Open That Door playlist
5. Somewhere Someone's Falling In Love playlist
6. The Blues Ain't Workin' on Me playlist

Album Lyrics: They Don't Make 'Em Like My Daddy [1974]

Loretta Lynn
"They Don't Make 'Em Like My Daddy [1974]"

1. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) playlist
2. I've Never Been This far Before playlist
3. We've Already Tasted Love playlist
4. Out of Consideration playlist
5. I Love playlist
6. Don't Leave Me Where You Find Me playlist
7. Ain't Love a Good Thing playlist

Album Lyrics: Two's a Party (Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty) [1990]

Loretta Lynn
"Two's a Party (Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty) [1990]"

1. Lovin' What Your Lovin' Does to Me playlist
2. Silent Partner playlist
3. I Still Believe In Waltzes playlist

Album Lyrics: United Talent (w Conway Twitty) [1976]

Loretta Lynn
"United Talent (w Conway Twitty) [1976]"

1. Barroom Habits playlist
2. We're Caught Between a Love and a Love Affair playlist

Album Lyrics: Van Lear Rose [2004]

Loretta Lynn
"Van Lear Rose [2004]"

1. Van Lear Rose playlist
2. Portland, Oregon playlist
3. Trouble on the Line playlist
4. Family Tree playlist
5. Have Mercy on Me playlist
6. High on a Mountain Top playlist
7. Little Red Shoes playlist
8. God Has No Mistakes playlist
9. Women's Prison playlist
10. This Old House playlist
11. Mad Mrs. Leroy Brown playlist
12. Miss Being Mrs. playlist
13. Story of My Life playlist

Album Lyrics: When the Tingle Becomes a Chill [1976]

Loretta Lynn
"When the Tingle Becomes a Chill [1976]"

1. Leaning on Your Love playlist
2. All I Want from You playlist
3. Red White and Blue playlist
4. Rhinestone Cowboy playlist
5. Daydreams About Night Things playlist
6. Just Get Up and Close the Door playlist

Album Lyrics: Who Says God Is Dead! [1968]

Loretta Lynn
"Who Says God Is Dead! [1968]"

1. I'm a Gettin' Ready to Go playlist

Album Lyrics: Who Was That Stranger [1989]

Loretta Lynn
"Who Was That Stranger [1989]"

1. Fly Away playlist

Album Lyrics: Wings Upon Your Horns [1970]

Loretta Lynn
"Wings Upon Your Horns [1970]"

1. When I Reach the Bottom playlist
2. This Stranger My Little Girl playlist
3. I Only See the Things I Wanna See playlist
4. I'm Dynamite playlist
5. Big Ole Hurt playlist
6. I'd Rather Be Gone playlist
7. You Wouldn't Know an Angel playlist
8. I'll Still Be Missing You playlist
9. Let's Get Back Down to Earth playlist

Album Lyrics: Woman of the World/To Make a Man [1969]

Loretta Lynn
"Woman of the World/To Make a Man [1969]"

1. Johnny One Time playlist
2. If You Were Mine to Lose playlist
3. The Only Time I Hurt playlist
4. No One Will Ever Know playlist
5. Big Sister, Little Sister playlist
6. I Started Loving You Again playlist
7. Stand by Your Man playlist
8. One Little Reason playlist
9. I'm Lonesome for Trouble Tonight playlist

Album Lyrics: You Ain't Woman Enough [1966]

Loretta Lynn
"You Ain't Woman Enough [1966]"

1. Put It Off Until Tomorrow playlist
2. God Gave Me a Heart to Forgive playlist
3. Keep Your Change playlist
4. Someone Before Me playlist
5. Tippy Toeing playlist
6. Is It Wrong (For Loving You) playlist
7. It's Another World playlist

Album Lyrics: You're Lookin' at Country [1971]

Loretta Lynn
"You're Lookin' at Country [1971]"

1. Love Whatcha Got At Home playlist
2. Take Me Home, Country Road playlist
3. Close My Eyes playlist
4. Indian Lake playlist
5. I'd Rather Be Sorry playlist
6. You Can't Hold on to Love playlist
7. I Burndt the Little Roadside Tavern Down playlist

Album Lyrics: Your Squaw Is on the Warpath [1969]

Loretta Lynn
"Your Squaw Is on the Warpath [1969]"

1. Living My Lifetime for You playlist
2. Barney playlist
3. Sneakin' In playlist
4. You've Just Stepped In playlist
5. Taking the Place of My Man playlist
6. Kaw-Liga playlist
7. Let Me Go You're Hurtin' Me playlist
8. Harper Valley PTA playlist
9. I Walk Alone playlist
10. He's Somewhere Between You and Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn
"Other Songs - Loretta Lynn"

1. Don't Tell Me You're Sorry playlist
2. Easy Lovin' playlist
3. Get Some Loving Done playlist
4. How Far Can We Go playlist
5. I Wonder If You Told Her About Me playlist
6. I'm So Used To Loving You playlist
7. Mornin' After Baby Let Me Down playlist
8. Never Ending Song of Love playlist
9. Only Way Around It Is Right Thru the Middle playlist
10. Playing House Away from Home playlist
11. Take Me playlist
12. We've Closed Our Eyes to Shame playlist
13. Will You Visit Me on Sunday playlist
14. You Blow My Mind playlist