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Big Star
Album Lyrics: #1 Record/Radio City [2009]

Big Star
"#1 Record/Radio City [2009]"

1. The Ballad Of El Goodo playlist
2. Thirteen playlist
3. When My Baby's Beside Me playlist
4. Give Me Another Chance playlist
5. Way Out West playlist
6. You Get What You Deserve playlist
7. Mod Lang playlist
8. Back Of A Car playlist
9. Morpha Too playlist

Album Lyrics: Keep An Eye On The Sky [2009]

Big Star
"Keep An Eye On The Sky [2009]"

1. In The Street playlist
2. Don't Lie To Me playlist
3. The India Song playlist
4. Try Again playlist
5. Watch The Sunrise playlist
6. O My Soul playlist
7. Life Is White playlist
8. What's Going Ahn playlist
9. Daisy Glaze playlist
10. She's A Mover playlist
11. September Gurls playlist
12. I'm In Love With A Girl playlist
13. Thank You Friends playlist
14. Feel (Early Mix) playlist
16. Jesus Christ playlist
17. Femme Fatale playlist
18. O, Dana playlist
19. Kizza Me playlist
20. You Can't Have Me playlist
21. Dream Lover playlist
22. Blue Moon playlist
23. Take Care playlist
24. Stroke It Noel playlist
25. Downs playlist
27. Big Black Car playlist
28. Holocaust playlist
29. Till The End Of The Day playlist
30. Nature Boy playlist

Album Lyrics: Columbia: Live At Missouri University [2007]

Big Star
"Columbia: Live At Missouri University [2007]"

1. I Am The Cosmos playlist
2. Baby Strange playlist
3. Slut playlist

Album Lyrics: In Space [2005]

Big Star
"In Space [2005]"

1. Lady Sweet playlist

Album Lyrics: Third [2006]

Big Star
"Third [2006]"

1. Kangaroo playlist
2. Nightime playlist