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Randy Newman
Album Lyrics: 12 Songs [1990]

Randy Newman
"12 Songs [1990]"

1. Have You Seen My Baby? playlist
2. Let's Burn Down The Cornfield playlist
3. Suzanne playlist
4. Lover's Prayer playlist
5. Lucinda playlist
6. Underneath The Harlem Moon playlist
7. Yellow Man playlist
8. Rosemary playlist
9. If You Need Oil playlist
10. Uncle Bob's Midnight Blues playlist
11. Have You Seen My Baby playlist

Album Lyrics: Best Of [2001]

Randy Newman
"Best Of [2001]"

1. Mama Told Me (Not To Come) playlist
2. Miami playlist
3. Take Me Back playlist
4. Happy Ending playlist
5. You've Got A Friend In Me playlist
6. Shame playlist

Album Lyrics: Lonely At The Top (Eng) [1998]

Randy Newman
"Lonely At The Top (Eng) [1998]"

1. Old Kentucky Home playlist
2. Baltimore playlist
3. Jolly Coppers On Parade playlist
4. Rider In The Rain playlist

Album Lyrics: Live In London [2011]

Randy Newman
"Live In London [2011]"

1. You Can Leave Your Hat On playlist
2. I Think It's Going To Rain Today playlist
3. Sail Away playlist
4. Political Science playlist
5. Marie playlist
6. Short People playlist
7. I Miss You playlist
8. Feels Like Home playlist
9. Rollin' playlist
10. Losing You playlist
11. Laugh and Be Happy playlist
12. Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear playlist
13. The World Isn't Fair playlist
14. Real Emotional Girl playlist
15. Love Story (You And Me) playlist

Album Lyrics: The Randy Newman Songbook, Vol 1 [2003]

Randy Newman
"The Randy Newman Songbook, Vol 1 [2003]"

1. Rednecks playlist
2. Living Without You playlist
3. In Germany Before The War playlist
4. Let Me Go playlist
5. When She Loved Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Georges Lang Volume 2 [2012]

Randy Newman
"Georges Lang Volume 2 [2012]"

1. Louisiana 1927 playlist
2. Birmingham playlist

Album Lyrics: Faust [1995]

Randy Newman
"Faust [1995]"

1. Can't Keep A Good Man Down playlist
2. How Great Our Lord playlist
3. Northern Boy playlist
4. Gainesville playlist
5. Relax, Enjoy Yourself playlist
6. Life Has Been Good To Me playlist
7. Little Island playlist
8. My Hero playlist
9. I Gotta Be Your Man playlist
10. Bleeding All Over The Place playlist
11. Sandman's Coming playlist

Album Lyrics: Forrest Gump [1994]

Randy Newman
"Forrest Gump [1994]"

1. Mr. President (Have Pity On The Working Man) playlist

Album Lyrics: Good Old Boys [1990]

Randy Newman
"Good Old Boys [1990]"

1. Guilty playlist
2. Every Man A King playlist
3. Kingfish playlist
4. Naked Man playlist
5. A Wedding In Cherokee County playlist
6. Back On My Feet Again playlist

Album Lyrics: Harps & Angels [2008]

Randy Newman
"Harps & Angels [2008]"

1. Harps and Angels playlist
2. A Piece of the Pie playlist
3. Easy Street playlist
4. Korean Parents playlist
5. Only a Girl playlist
6. Potholes playlist

Album Lyrics: Sail Away [2002]

Randy Newman
"Sail Away [2002]"

1. Lonely At The Top playlist
2. He Gives Us All His Love playlist
3. Last Night I Had A Dream playlist
4. Memo To My Son playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Randy Newman

Randy Newman
"Other Songs - Randy Newman"

2. A Few Words playlist
3. A Fool In Love playlist
4. Back In Time playlist
5. Bad Buzz playlist
6. Bad News From Home playlist
8. Bet No One Ever Hurt This Bad playlist
9. Better Off Dead playlist
10. Big Hat, No Cattle playlist
11. Blue Shadows On The Trail playlist
12. Change Your Way playlist
13. Christmas In Capetown playlist
17. Come To Papa playlist
18. Cowboy playlist
19. Cowboy! playlist
20. Davy The Fat Boy playlist
22. Dayton, Ohio - 1903 playlist
24. Dixe Flyer playlist
25. Doctor, Doctor playlist
27. Eating The Peach playlist
29. Every Time It Rains playlist
30. Family playlist
31. Faust (Act 2) playlist
32. Follow The Flag playlist
33. Four Eyes playlist
34. Garbage? playlist
35. Ghosts playlist
36. Go See Lotso playlist
37. God's Song playlist
38. Going Home playlist
40. Gone Dead Train playlist
41. Good Morning playlist
42. Great Nations Of Europe playlist
43. Half A Man playlist
44. Heaven Is My Home playlist
45. I Love La playlist
46. I Think He's Hiding playlist
47. I Want Everyone To Like Me playlist
48. I Will Go Sailing No More playlist
49. I'll Be Home playlist
50. I'm Different playlist
51. If We Didn't Have Jesus playlist
54. It's A Jungle Out There playlist
55. It's Money That Matters playlist
57. Just Look At Me (World Wrestling Entertainment Version) playlist
58. Kathleen (Catholicism Made Easier) playlist
60. Laughing Boy playlist
62. Let It Shine playlist
66. Masterman And Baby J playlist
67. Maybe I'm Doing It Wrong playlist
68. Mikey's playlist
69. Monsters, Inc. playlist
70. Mr. Sheep playlist
71. My Country playlist
72. My Daddy Knew Dixie Howell playlist
73. My Little Buttercup playlist
74. My Name Is James playlist
75. New Orleans Wins The War playlist
76. Old Man On The Farm playlist
78. Pants playlist
79. Poor Me playlist
80. Pretty Boy playlist
82. Red Bandana playlist
85. Roll With The Punches playlist
86. Shining playlist
87. Sigmund Freud's Impersonation Of Albert Einstein In America playlist
88. So Long playlist
89. So Long Dad playlist
90. Something Special playlist
91. Song For The Dead playlist
92. Spanish Buzz playlist
93. Spies playlist
94. Strange Things playlist
95. Sunnyside playlist
97. Texas Girl At The Funeral Of Her Father playlist
98. That'll Do, Babe playlist
99. The Ballad Of The Three Amigos playlist
100. The Beehive State playlist
101. The Claw playlist
102. The Girls In My Life (Part 1) playlist
103. The Joke playlist
105. The One You Love playlist
106. The Story Of A Rock & Roll Band playlist
107. The Time Of Your Life A Bug's Life playlist
108. There's A Party At My House playlist
109. They Just Got Married playlist
110. Tickle Me playlist
111. To The Dump playlist
112. We Belong Together playlist
113. What About Daisy? playlist
115. When I'm Gone playlist
116. William Brown playlist
117. Woody Bails playlist
118. Woody's Roundup playlist
119. You Can't Fool The Fat Man playlist
120. You Got Lucky playlist
121. Zu-Zu (Ken's Theme) playlist
122. Garbage playlist
123. I'm Dead (But I Don't Know It Yet) playlist
124. What About Daisy playlist

Album Lyrics: Monsters, Inc. [2001]

Randy Newman
"Monsters, Inc. [2001]"