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Album Lyrics: 30 [2008]

"30 [2008]"

1. Operator's Manual playlist
2. Running Free playlist
3. Strange Thing playlist
4. ESP playlist
5. Hollow Inside playlist
6. No Reply playlist
7. You Tear Me Up playlist
8. Totally From The Heart playlist

Album Lyrics: What Do I Get [2011]

"What Do I Get [2011]"

1. I Don't Mind playlist
2. You Say You Don't Love Me playlist
3. Love You More playlist
4. What Do I Get? playlist
5. Autonomy playlist
6. Promises playlist
7. Boredom playlist
8. Harmony In My Head playlist
9. Orgasm Addict playlist
10. You Know You Can't Help It playlist
11. Mad Mad Judy playlist
12. I Don't Know What To Do With My Life playlist
13. I Believe playlist
14. Fast Cars playlist
15. Love Battery playlist
16. Noise Annoys playlist
17. Breakdown playlist
18. Something's Gone Wrong Again playlist
19. Lester Sands (Drop In The Ocean) playlist
20. What Do I Get playlist

Album Lyrics: Product [1995]

"Product [1995]"

1. Paradise playlist
2. Sitting Round At Home playlist
3. Raison D'etre playlist
4. A Different Kind Of Tension playlist
5. I Need playlist
6. Everybody's Happy Nowadays playlist
7. Why She's A Girl From The Chainstore playlist
8. Airwaves Dream playlist
9. I Look Alone playlist
10. What Do You Know? playlist
11. Time's Up playlist
12. What Do You Know playlist

Album Lyrics: Small Songs With Big Hearts [2005]

"Small Songs With Big Hearts [2005]"

1. Money playlist
2. Nothing Left playlist
3. Ever Fallen In Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Driving You Insane [2005]

"Driving You Insane [2005]"

1. Get On Our Own playlist
2. 16 playlist
3. Oh Shit! playlist

Album Lyrics: Beating Hearts [2005]

"Beating Hearts [2005]"

1. Fiction Romance playlist
2. Moving Away From The Pulsebeat playlist
3. Real World playlist
4. Nostalgia playlist
5. Sixteen Again playlist

Album Lyrics: Complete Singles Anthology [1979]

"Complete Singles Anthology [1979]"

1. Friends Of Mine playlist
2. Jerk playlist
3. Last To Know playlist
4. Thunder Of Hearts playlist

Album Lyrics: I Don't Mind The Buzzcocks [1999]

"I Don't Mind The Buzzcocks [1999]"

1. Whatever Happened To? playlist
2. Just Lust playlist
3. Lipstick playlist
4. Whatever Happened To playlist

Album Lyrics: Singles Going Steady [1979]

"Singles Going Steady [1979]"

1. Why Can't I Touch It playlist

Album Lyrics: Time's Up E.P. [1977]

"Time's Up E.P. [1977]"

1. I Can't Control Myself playlist
2. I Love You Big Dummy playlist
3. Don't Mess Me 'Round playlist
4. Peking Hooligan playlist

Album Lyrics: Trade Test Transmissions [1993]

"Trade Test Transmissions [1993]"

1. All Over You playlist
2. Crystal Night playlist
3. Do It playlist
4. Innocent playlist
5. Smile playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Buzzcocks

"Other Songs - Buzzcocks"

1. Are Everyhing playlist
2. Give It To Me playlist
3. Love Is Lies playlist
4. Palm Of Your Hand playlist
5. Pariah playlist
6. Point Of No Return playlist
7. Some Kinda Wonderful playlist
8. Ttt playlist
9. Without You playlist

Album Lyrics: Entertaining Friends [2000]

"Entertaining Friends [2000]"

1. Everybody's Happy Nowadays playlist
2. Lipstick playlist

Album Lyrics: Ever Fallen In Love?: Buzzcocks Finest [1978]

"Ever Fallen In Love?: Buzzcocks Finest [1978]"

1. Late For The Train playlist