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The Yardbirds
Album Lyrics: As Bs & Eps [2007]

The Yardbirds
"As Bs & Eps [2007]"

1. Boom Boom playlist
2. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl playlist
3. Jeff's Boogie playlist
4. Ha Ha Said The Clown playlist
5. Ten Little Indians playlist
6. Goodnight Sweet Josephine playlist
7. Questa Volta playlist
8. I Can't Make Your Way playlist
9. He's Always There playlist
10. Lost Woman playlist
11. Turn Into Earth playlist
12. Ever Since The World Began playlist
13. Knowing playlist

Album Lyrics: Smokestack Lightning [2012]

The Yardbirds
"Smokestack Lightning [2012]"

1. Honey In Your Hips playlist
2. I Wish You Would playlist
3. A Certain Girl playlist
4. I Ain't Got You playlist
5. For Your Love playlist
6. Got To Hurry playlist
7. Heart Full Of Soul playlist
8. Evil Hearted You playlist
9. Still I'm Sad playlist
10. Shapes Of Things playlist
11. I'm Not Talking playlist
12. New York City Blues playlist
13. My Girl Sloopy playlist
14. I Ain't Done Wrong playlist
15. Sweet Music playlist
16. Stroll On playlist
17. The Train Kept A-Rollin' playlist
18. Putty In Your Hands playlist
19. Talkin' About You playlist
20. What Do You Want? playlist

Album Lyrics: Happenings Ten Years Time Ago 1964-1968 [2008]

The Yardbirds
"Happenings Ten Years Time Ago 1964-1968 [2008]"

1. I'm A Man playlist
2. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago playlist
3. Psycho Daisies playlist
4. Little Games playlist
5. Puzzles playlist
6. Drinking Muddy Water playlist
7. Think About It playlist
8. The Nazz Are Blue playlist
9. Smokestack Lightning playlist
10. Rack My Mind playlist
11. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor playlist
12. White Summer playlist

Album Lyrics: Live Blues Wailing July64 [2007]

The Yardbirds
"Live Blues Wailing July64 [2007]"

1. Too Much Monkey Business playlist

Album Lyrics: Bbc Sessions [1997]

The Yardbirds
"Bbc Sessions [1997]"

1. Love Me Like I Love You playlist
2. Hang On Sloopy playlist
3. The Sun Is Shining playlist

Album Lyrics: Reunion Jam 2: Recorded At The 100 Club London 92 [2007]

The Yardbirds
"Reunion Jam 2: Recorded At The 100 Club London 92 [2007]"

1. Over, Under, Sideways, Down playlist

Album Lyrics: Cumular Limit [2000]

The Yardbirds
"Cumular Limit [2000]"

1. My Baby playlist
2. Avron Knows playlist
3. Spanish Blood playlist
4. Taking A Hold On Me playlist
5. Dazed And Confused playlist

Album Lyrics: Birdland [2003]

The Yardbirds
"Birdland [2003]"

1. Crying Out For Love playlist
2. Please Don't Tell Me 'Bout The News playlist
3. Mr. Saboteur playlist
4. My Blind Life playlist
5. Mr. You're A Better Man Than I playlist
6. Mystery Of Being playlist
7. Dream Within A Dream playlist

Album Lyrics: Honey In Your Hips [1965]

The Yardbirds
"Honey In Your Hips [1965]"

1. Got Love If You Want It playlist
2. Respectable playlist
3. Pretty Girl playlist

Album Lyrics: Five Live Yardbirds [1964]

The Yardbirds
"Five Live Yardbirds [1964]"

1. Five Long Years playlist
2. Louise playlist

Album Lyrics: Having A Rave Up [1965]

The Yardbirds
"Having A Rave Up [1965]"

1. Here 'Tis playlist

Album Lyrics: Jeff Beck Years [2002]

The Yardbirds
"Jeff Beck Years [2002]"

1. Paff... Bum playlist

Album Lyrics: Little Games [1967]

The Yardbirds
"Little Games [1967]"

1. Smile On Me playlist
2. Glimpses playlist
3. No Excess Baggage playlist
4. Stealing, Stealing playlist
5. Only The Black Rose playlist
6. Little Soldier Boy playlist
7. I Remember The Night playlist

Album Lyrics: Roger The Engineer [1966]

The Yardbirds
"Roger The Engineer [1966]"

1. Farewell playlist

Album Lyrics: Sonny Boy Williamson & Yardbirds [1964]

The Yardbirds
"Sonny Boy Williamson & Yardbirds [1964]"

1. Bye Bye Bird playlist
2. Baby Don't Worry playlist
3. Pontiac Blues playlist

Album Lyrics: Stroll On With The Yardbirds [1964]

The Yardbirds
"Stroll On With The Yardbirds [1964]"

1. Let It Rock playlist

Album Lyrics: Yardbirds - Greatest Hits [1964]

The Yardbirds
"Yardbirds - Greatest Hits [1964]"

1. You Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover playlist

Album Lyrics: Yardbirds Story 1963-66 [1964]

The Yardbirds
"Yardbirds Story 1963-66 [1964]"

1. Who Do You Love? playlist
2. Mr. Zero playlist