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Black Flag
Album Lyrics: Damaged [1981]

Black Flag
"Damaged [1981]"

1. Rise Above playlist
2. Spray Paint (The Walls) playlist
3. What I See playlist
4. Tv Party playlist
5. Thirsty And Miserable playlist
6. Police Story playlist
7. Gimme Gimme Gimme playlist
8. Depression playlist
9. Room 13 playlist
10. Damaged II playlist
11. No More playlist
12. Padded Cell playlist
13. Life Of Pain playlist

Album Lyrics: First Four Years [1983]

Black Flag
"First Four Years [1983]"

1. Six Pack playlist
2. Nervous Breakdown playlist
3. Fix Me playlist
4. I've Had It playlist
5. Wasted playlist
6. Jealous Again playlist
7. Revenge playlist
8. White Minority playlist
9. No Values playlist
10. You Bet We've Got Something Personal Against You! playlist
11. Clocked In playlist
12. I've Heard It Before playlist
13. American Waste playlist

Album Lyrics: Family Man [1984]

Black Flag
"Family Man [1984]"

1. Family Man playlist
2. Hollywood Diary playlist
3. No Deposit - No Return playlist
4. Armageddon Man playlist

Album Lyrics: In My Head [1985]

Black Flag
"In My Head [1985]"

1. The Crazy Girl playlist
2. Drinking & Driving playlist

Album Lyrics: Loose Nut [1985]

Black Flag
"Loose Nut [1985]"

1. Loose Nut playlist
2. Bastard In Love playlist
3. Annihilate This Week playlist
4. Best One Yet playlist
5. Modern Man playlist
6. This Is Good playlist
7. I'm The One playlist
8. Sinking playlist
9. Now She's Black playlist

Album Lyrics: My War [1984]

Black Flag
"My War [1984]"

1. My War playlist
2. Can't Decide playlist
3. Beat My Head Against The Wall playlist
4. I Love You playlist
5. Forever Time playlist
6. The Swinging Man playlist
7. Nothing Left Inside playlist
8. Three Nights playlist
9. Scream playlist

Album Lyrics: Process of Weeding Out EP [1985]

Black Flag
"Process of Weeding Out EP [1985]"

1. Your Last Affront playlist
2. Screw the Law playlist
3. Process of Weeding Out playlist
4. Southern Rise playlist

Album Lyrics: Slip It In [1984]

Black Flag
"Slip It In [1984]"

1. Slip It In playlist
2. Rat's Eyes playlist