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The Cars
Album Lyrics: The Cars Definitive Collection [2002]

The Cars
"The Cars Definitive Collection [2002]"

1. Let's Go playlist
2. You Are The Girl playlist
3. Hello Again playlist
4. Magic playlist
5. Drive playlist
6. You Might Think playlist
7. Why Can't I Have You playlist
8. Touch And Go playlist
9. Since You're Gone playlist
10. Shake It Up playlist
11. I'm Not The One playlist
12. My Best Friend's Girl playlist
13. Just What I Needed playlist
14. Tonight She Comes playlist

Album Lyrics: Candy-O [1979]

The Cars
"Candy-O [1979]"

1. Since I Held You playlist
2. Double Life playlist
3. Shoo Be Doo playlist
4. Candy-O playlist
5. Night Spots playlist
6. You Can't Hold On Too Long playlist
7. Lust For Kicks playlist
8. Got A Lot On My Head playlist

Album Lyrics: The Cars Complete Greatest Hits [2002]

The Cars
"The Cars Complete Greatest Hits [2002]"

1. It's All I Can Do playlist
2. Dangerous Type playlist
3. Good Times Roll playlist
4. You're All I've Got Tonight playlist
5. Bye Bye Love playlist
6. Moving In Stereo playlist

Album Lyrics: Door To Door [1987]

The Cars
"Door To Door [1987]"

1. Leave Or Stay playlist
2. Double Trouble playlist
3. Fine Line playlist
4. Everything You Say playlist
5. Ta Ta Wayo Wayo playlist
6. Strap Me In playlist
7. Coming Up On You playlist
8. Wound Up On You playlist
9. Go Away playlist
10. Door To Door playlist

Album Lyrics: Heartbeat City [1984]

The Cars
"Heartbeat City [1984]"

1. Looking For Love playlist
2. Stranger Eyes playlist
3. It's Not The Night playlist
4. I Refuse playlist

Album Lyrics: The Cars Greatest Hits [1985]

The Cars
"The Cars Greatest Hits [1985]"

1. Heartbeat City playlist

Album Lyrics: Move Like This [2011]

The Cars
"Move Like This [2011]"

1. Blue Tip playlist
2. Too Late playlist
3. Keep On Knocking playlist
4. Soon playlist
5. Sad Song playlist
6. Free playlist
7. Drag On Forever playlist
8. Take Another Look playlist
9. It's Only playlist
10. Hits Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Panorama [1980]

The Cars
"Panorama [1980]"

1. Panorama playlist
2. Gimme Some Slack playlist
3. Don't Tell Me No playlist
4. Getting Through playlist
5. Misfit Kid playlist
6. Down Boys playlist
7. You Wear Those Eyes playlist
8. Running To You playlist
9. Up And Down playlist

Album Lyrics: Shake It Up [1981]

The Cars
"Shake It Up [1981]"

1. Victim Of Love playlist
2. Cruiser playlist
3. A Dream Away playlist
4. This Could Be Love playlist
5. Think It Over playlist
6. Maybe Baby playlist

Album Lyrics: The Cars [1978]

The Cars
"The Cars [1978]"

1. I'm In Touch With Your World playlist
2. Don't Cha Stop playlist
3. All Mixed Up playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - The Cars

The Cars
"Other Songs - The Cars"

1. Breakaway playlist
2. Cool Fool playlist
3. Don't Go To Pieces playlist
4. Funtime playlist
5. Hotel Queenie playlist
6. Slipaway playlist
7. Take Me Now playlist
8. Take What You Want playlist
9. That's It playlist
10. The Little Black Egg playlist
11. They Won't See You playlist
12. Tonight She Came playlist
13. Wake Me Up playlist
14. You Just Can't Push Me playlist

Album Lyrics: More Music From The Breeze [2013]

The Cars
"More Music From The Breeze [2013]"

1. Drive playlist

Album Lyrics: More Music From The Sound [2013]

The Cars
"More Music From The Sound [2013]"

1. Just What I Needed playlist

Album Lyrics: Click [2006]

The Cars
"Click [2006]"

1. Magic playlist