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Album Lyrics: Original Album Series [2012]

"Original Album Series [2012]"

1. Left Of The Dial playlist
2. Kiss Me On The Bus playlist
3. Bastards Of Young playlist
4. Here Comes A Regular playlist
5. Skyway playlist
6. Alex Chilton playlist
7. The Ledge playlist
8. Can't Hardly Wait playlist
9. Color Me Impressed playlist
10. Within Your Reach playlist
11. Take Me Down To The Hospital playlist
12. Takin' A Ride playlist
13. Shiftless When Idle playlist
14. I Will Dare playlist
15. Answering Machine playlist
16. Unsatisfied playlist
17. Hootenanny playlist
18. Run It playlist
19. Willpower playlist
20. Mr. Whirly playlist
21. Buck Hill playlist
22. Lovelines playlist
23. You Lose playlist
24. Hayday playlist
25. Treatment Bound playlist
26. Favorite Thing playlist
27. We're Comin' Out playlist
28. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out playlist
29. Androgynous playlist
30. Black Diamond playlist
31. Seen Your Video playlist
32. Gary's Got A Boner playlist
33. Sixteen Blue playlist
34. Careless playlist
35. Customer playlist
36. Hangin' Downtown playlist
37. Kick Your Door Down playlist
38. Otto playlist
39. I Bought A Headache playlist
40. Rattlesnake playlist
41. I Hate Music playlist
42. Johnny's Gonna Die playlist
43. More Cigarettes playlist
44. Don't Ask Why playlist
45. Somethin To Du playlist
46. I'm In Trouble playlist
47. Love You Till Friday playlist
48. Shutup playlist
49. Raised In The City playlist
50. Hold My Life playlist
51. I'll Buy playlist
52. Dose Of Thunder playlist
53. Waitress In The Sky playlist
54. Lay It Down Clown playlist
55. Little Mascara playlist
56. I Don't Know playlist
57. Nightclub Jitters playlist
58. Never Mind playlist
59. Valentine playlist
60. Shooting Dirty Pool playlist
61. Red Red Wine playlist

Album Lyrics: Don't You Know Who I Think I Was? [2006]

"Don't You Know Who I Think I Was? [2006]"

1. I'll Be You playlist
2. Achin' To Be playlist
3. Merry Go Round playlist
4. Kids Don't Follow playlist
5. Message to the Boys playlist

Album Lyrics: All for Nothing/Nothing for All [1997]

"All for Nothing/Nothing for All [1997]"

1. Talent Show playlist
2. Anywhere's Better Than Here playlist
3. Sadly Beautiful playlist
4. Nobody playlist
5. Someone Take The Wheel playlist
6. Can't Hardly Wait (Tim Version) playlist
7. Birthday Gal playlist
8. Beer For Breakfast playlist
9. Till We're Nude playlist
10. Election Day playlist
11. Jungle Rock playlist
12. All He Wants to Do Is Fish playlist
13. Date To Church playlist
14. Cruella De Ville playlist
15. We Know The Night playlist
16. Portland playlist
17. Wake Up playlist
18. Satellite playlist
19. Like A Rolling Pin playlist
20. Another Girl, Another Planet playlist
21. Who Knows playlist
22. All Shook Down playlist
23. I Don't Know [alt. version] playlist

Album Lyrics: All Shook Down [1990]

"All Shook Down [1990]"

1. One Wink At A Time playlist
2. Bent Out Of Shape playlist
3. When It Began playlist
4. Attitude playlist
5. Happy Town playlist
6. Torture playlist
7. My Little Problem playlist
8. The Last playlist

Album Lyrics: Boink!! [1986]

"Boink!! [1986]"

1. White And Lazy playlist
2. If Only You Were Lonely playlist
3. Nowhere Is My Home playlist
4. Go playlist

Album Lyrics: Don't Sell or Buy, It's Crap [1991]

"Don't Sell or Buy, It's Crap [1991]"

1. Kissing In Action playlist
2. Oughta Get Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Don't Tell a Soul [1989]

"Don't Tell a Soul [1989]"

1. Back To Back playlist
2. We'll Inherit The Earth playlist
3. They're Blind playlist
4. Asking Me Lies playlist
5. I Won't playlist
6. Rock & Roll Ghost playlist
7. Darlin' One playlist

Album Lyrics: Pleased to Meet Me [1987]

"Pleased to Meet Me [1987]"

1. I.O.U. playlist

Album Lyrics: Stink [1982]

"Stink [1982]"

1. Fuck School playlist
2. Stuck In The Middle playlist
3. God Damn Job playlist
4. Dope Smokin' Moron playlist
5. Gimme Noise playlist

Album Lyrics: Tim [1985]

"Tim [1985]"

1. Swingin' Party playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Replacements

"Other Songs - Replacements"

1. 20th Century Boy playlist
2. All That We've Been Through playlist
3. Bad Worker playlist
4. Bundle Up playlist
5. Can't Hardly Wait (Acoustic Demo) playlist
6. Cool Water playlist
7. Don't Get Married playlist
8. Going Out of My Head playlist
9. Hey Good Lookin' (H. Williams) playlist
10. Hold Me in Suspension playlist
11. I'm Not Sayin' playlist
12. It's Hard To Wave In Handcuffs playlist
13. Kick It In playlist
14. Learn How to Fail playlist
15. Like You playlist
16. Lookin' For Ya playlist
17. Make This Your Home playlist
18. Only If We Must playlist
19. P.O. Box playlist
20. Route 66 playlist
21. Run for the Country playlist
22. Shoot Me Kill Me playlist
23. Tossin' And Turnin' playlist
24. Trouble on the Way playlist
25. We're The Replacements playlist
26. Who's Gonna Take Us Alive playlist