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Album Lyrics: Return To Santa Monica [2011]

"Return To Santa Monica [2011]"

1. Wonderful playlist
2. Santa Monica playlist
3. Everything To Everyone playlist
4. I Will Buy You A New Life playlist
5. Father Of Mine playlist
6. Brown Eyed Girl playlist
7. Unemployed Boyfriend playlist
12. Am Radio playlist

Album Lyrics: 10 Years Gone-Best of Everclear 1994-2004 [2004]

"10 Years Gone-Best of Everclear 1994-2004 [2004]"

1. A.M. Radio playlist
2. Volvo Driving Soccer Mom playlist
3. Strawberry playlist
4. Local God playlist
5. When It All Goes Wrong Again playlist
6. Heroin Girl playlist
7. The New Disease playlist
8. The New York Times playlist

Album Lyrics: In A Different Light [2009]

"In A Different Light [2009]"

1. Learning How to Smile playlist
2. Summerland playlist
3. Fire Maple Song playlist
4. Rock Star playlist
5. At The End Of The Day playlist

Album Lyrics: The Vegas Years [2008]

"The Vegas Years [2008]"

1. The Boys Are Back In Town playlist
2. Rich Girl playlist
3. Our Lips Are Sealed playlist
4. Kicks playlist
5. Pocahontas playlist
6. Night Train To Memphis playlist
7. This Land Is Your Land playlist
8. American Girl playlist
9. Southern Girls playlist

Album Lyrics: Invisible Stars [2012]

"Invisible Stars [2012]"

3. Be Careful What You Ask For playlist
9. Jackie Robinson playlist

Album Lyrics: Learning How To Smile [2000]

"Learning How To Smile [2000]"

1. Here We Go Again playlist
2. The Honeymoon Song playlist
3. Now That It's Over playlist
4. Thrift Store Chair playlist
5. Otis Redding playlist
6. Annabella's Song playlist

Album Lyrics: Live From Toronto [1998]

"Live From Toronto [1998]"

1. Amphetamine playlist
2. Loser Makes Good playlist
3. Normal Like You playlist

Album Lyrics: World of Noise [1995]

"World of Noise [1995]"

1. Nervous and Weird playlist
2. Your Genius Hands playlist
3. Sick and Tired playlist
4. The Laughing World playlist
5. Pennsylvania Is... playlist
6. Malevolent playlist
7. Sparkle playlist
8. Trust Fund playlist
9. Invisible playlist
10. Evergleam playlist

Album Lyrics: Nervous & Weird [1993]

"Nervous & Weird [1993]"

1. Lame playlist
2. Drunk Again playlist
3. Connection playlist

Album Lyrics: Sparkle & Fade [1995]

"Sparkle & Fade [1995]"

1. Electra Made Me Blind playlist
2. You Make Me Feel Like A Whore playlist
3. The Twistinside playlist
4. Her Brand New Skin playlist
5. Nehalem playlist
6. Queen Of The Air playlist
7. Pale Green Stars playlist
8. Chemical Smile playlist
9. My Sexual Life playlist

Album Lyrics: Slow Motion Daydream [2003]

"Slow Motion Daydream [2003]"

1. How to Win Friends and Influence People playlist
2. Blackjack playlist
3. I Want to Die a Beautiful Death playlist
4. Science Fiction playlist
5. New Blue Champion playlist
6. TV Show playlist
7. Chrysanthemum playlist
8. A Beautiful Life playlist

Album Lyrics: So Much for the Afterglow [1997]

"So Much for the Afterglow [1997]"

1. So Much For The Afterglow playlist
2. One Hit Wonder playlist
3. El Distorto De Melodica playlist
4. White Men In Black Suits playlist
5. Sunflowers playlist
6. Why I Don't Believe In God playlist
7. Like A California King playlist

Album Lyrics: Songs from an American Movie, Vol. 1: Learning How to Smile [2000]

"Songs from an American Movie, Vol. 1: Learning How to Smile [2000]"

1. Song from an American Movie, Pt.1 playlist

Album Lyrics: Songs from an American Movie, Vol. 2: Good Time for a Bad Attitud [2000]

"Songs from an American Movie, Vol. 2: Good Time for a Bad Attitud [2000]"

1. Slide playlist
2. Babytalk playlist
3. Short Blonde Hair playlist
4. Misery Whip playlist
5. Out of My Depth playlist
6. The Good Witch of the North playlist
7. All F*cked Up playlist
8. Overwhelming playlist
9. Song from an American Movie, Pt. 2 playlist

Album Lyrics: Welcome to the Drama Club [2006]

"Welcome to the Drama Club [2006]"

1. Heartspark Dollarsign playlist
2. Under the Western Stars playlist
3. Now playlist
4. Shine playlist
5. The Drama King playlist
6. Glorious playlist
7. Taste Of Hell playlist
8. Portland Rain playlist
9. A Shameless Use Of Charm playlist
10. Clean playlist
11. Broken playlist

Album Lyrics: White Trash Hell [1997]

"White Trash Hell [1997]"

1. Pacific Wonderland playlist
2. Blondes playlist
3. Detroit playlist
4. 1975 playlist
5. For Pete's Sake playlist

Album Lyrics: Icon [2013]

"Icon [2013]"

1. Am Radio playlist
2. Brown Eyed Girl playlist
3. Everything To Everyone playlist
4. Father Of Mine playlist
5. Heartspark Dollarsign playlist
6. I Will Buy You A New Life playlist
7. One Hit Wonder playlist
8. Santa Monica playlist
9. Volvo Driving Soccer Mom playlist
10. When It All Goes Wrong Again playlist
11. Wonderful playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Everclear

"Other Songs - Everclear"

1. Anita Sonic Love playlist
2. Ataraxia (Media Intro) playlist
3. Ateraxia playlist
4. Carolea playlist
5. Chucklehead's Lament playlist
6. Culver Palms playlist
7. Deep In, Empty Out playlist
8. Don't Change playlist
9. Eleanor Young playlist
10. Happy Hour playlist
11. Hateful playlist
12. Hater playlist
13. Hating You for Christmas playlist
14. How Soon Is Now? playlist
15. I'm On Your Time playlist
16. Jesus Was A Democrat playlist
17. Kill Jerry Garcia playlist
18. Kill The Sun playlist
19. rockstar playlist
20. Santa Baby playlist
21. Search & Destroy playlist
22. Separation playlist
23. Sex With A Movie Star (The Good Witch Gone Bad) playlist
24. She Likes Me For Me playlist
25. Sin City playlist
26. Speedracer playlist
27. Static playlist
28. Sunshine (The Acid Summer) playlist
29. Ten Years Gone playlist
30. The Color Pit playlist
31. The Joker playlist
32. The Swing playlist
33. Watch The World Die playlist
34. What Do I Get? playlist
35. White Noise playlist
36. Your Arizona Room playlist