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American Hi
Album Lyrics: Rock N' Roll Noodle Shop - Live In Tokyo [2002]

American Hi
"Rock N' Roll Noodle Shop - Live In Tokyo [2002]"

1. Surround playlist
2. A Bigger Mood playlist
3. Safer On The Outside playlist
4. Hi-Fi Killer playlist
5. Scar playlist
6. Wall Of Sound playlist

Album Lyrics: American Hi-Fi [2001]

American Hi
"American Hi-Fi [2001]"

1. Flavor Of The Week playlist
2. I'm A Fool playlist
3. Blue Day playlist
4. My Only Enemy playlist
5. Don't Wait For The Sun playlist
6. Another Perfect Day playlist
7. What About Today playlist

Album Lyrics: Fight the Frequency [2010]

American Hi
"Fight the Frequency [2010]"

1. Fight The Frequency playlist
2. This Is A Low playlist
3. Where Love Is A Lie playlist
4. Acetate playlist
5. Lost playlist
6. Keep It Like A Secret playlist
7. Lookout For Hope playlist
8. A Taste For Crime playlist
11. Tiny Spark playlist

Album Lyrics: Hearts On Parade [2005]

American Hi
"Hearts On Parade [2005]"

1. Maybe Won't Do playlist
2. Hell Yeah! playlist
3. The Geeks Get the Girls playlist
4. We Can't Be Friends playlist
5. Something Real playlist
6. Highs and Lows playlist
7. The Everlasting Fall playlist
8. Separation Anxiety playlist
9. Baby Come Home playlist
10. Where Did We Go Wrong playlist
11. Hearts On Parade playlist

Album Lyrics: The Art Of Losing [2003]

American Hi
"The Art Of Losing [2003]"

1. Happy playlist
2. The Breakup Song playlist
3. Beautiful Disaster playlist
4. Save Me playlist
5. Nothing Left To Lose playlist
6. Teenage Alien Nation playlist
7. Rise playlist
8. This Is The Sound playlist
9. The Gold Rush playlist
10. Built For Speed playlist

Album Lyrics: Freaky Friday Original Soundtrack [2003]

American Hi
"Freaky Friday Original Soundtrack [2003]"

1. The Art Of Losing playlist