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American Pie
Album Lyrics: American Pie Presents Band Camp (Unreleased) [2005]

American Pie
"American Pie Presents Band Camp (Unreleased) [2005]"

1. She Is Beautiful [Andrew W.K.] playlist
2. Forget It [Breaking Benjamin] playlist
3. Laid [Matt Nathanson] playlist
4. American Psycho [Treble Charger] playlist
5. The Anthem [Good Charlotte] playlist
6. Get The Party Started [Linda Perry] playlist
7. Disco MF [The Penfifteen Club] playlist
8. Defeated [The City Drive] playlist
9. Bring Me Everything [The City Drive] playlist
11. Aeroplane [Tal Bachman] playlist

Album Lyrics: American Pie [Soundtrack] [1999]

American Pie
"American Pie [Soundtrack] [1999]"

1. New Girl [Third Eye Blind] playlist
2. You Wanted More [Tonic] playlist
3. Mutt [Blink 182] playlist
4. Glory [Sugar Ray] playlist
5. Super Down [Super Transatlantic] playlist
6. Find Your Way Back Home [Dishwalla] playlist
7. Good Morning Baby [Dan Wilson/Bic Runga] playlist
8. Stranger By The Day [Shades Apart] playlist
9. Summertime [Bachelor Number One] playlist
10. Vintage Queen [Goldfinger] playlist
11. Sway [Bic Runga] playlist
12. Man With The Hex [The Atomic Fireballs] playlist

Album Lyrics: American Pie 2 [Soundtrack] [2001]

American Pie
"American Pie 2 [Soundtrack] [2001]"

1. Every Time I Look For You [Blink 182] playlist
2. Scumbag [Green Day] playlist
3. Bring You Down [Left Front Tire] playlist
4. Vertigo [American Hi-Fi] playlist
5. (I'm Gonna) Split This Room In Half [Uncl Kracker] playlist
6. Be Like That [3 Doors Down] playlist
7. Good (For A Woman) [Alien Ant Farm] playlist
8. Always Getting Over You [Angela Ammons] playlist
9. Cheating [Jettingham] playlist
10. Smokescreen [Flying Blind] playlist
11. Phoebe Cates [Fenix*Tx] playlist
12. Susan [The Exit] playlist
13. Fat Lip [Sum 41] playlist
14. I Will [Lucia] playlist
15. Halo [Oleander] playlist

Album Lyrics: American Wedding (American Pie 3) [Soundtrack] [2003]

American Pie
"American Wedding (American Pie 3) [Soundtrack] [2003]"

1. Times Like These [Foo Fighters] playlist
2. Anthem [Good Charlotte] playlist
3. Forget Everything [New Found Glory] playlist
4. The Hell Song [Sum 41] playlist
5. Swing Swing [The All-American Rejects] playlist
6. I Don't Give [Avril Lavigne] playlist
7. The Art Of Losing [American Hi-Fi] playlist
8. Fever For The Flava [Hot Action Cop] playlist
9. Give Up The Grudge [GOB] playlist
10. Bouncing Off The Walls [Sugarcult] playlist
11. Come Back Around [Feeder] playlist
12. Any Other Girl [NU] playlist
13. Beloved [The Working] playlist
14. Calling You [Blue October] playlist
15. Honey & The Moon [Joseph Arthur] playlist
16. Into The Mystic [The Wallflowers] playlist