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Howlin' Wolf
Album Lyrics: Best Of Howlin Wolf [2010]

Howlin' Wolf
"Best Of Howlin Wolf [2010]"

1. Wang Dang Doodle playlist
2. Built For Comfort playlist
3. Forty-Four playlist
4. Howlin' For My Darlin' playlist
5. Goin' Down Slow playlist

Album Lyrics: Smokestack Lightning: Complete Chess Masters [2011]

Howlin' Wolf
"Smokestack Lightning: Complete Chess Masters [2011]"

1. Moanin' At Midnight playlist
2. Back Door Man playlist
3. How Many More Years playlist

Album Lyrics: Blues From Hell [2008]

Howlin' Wolf
"Blues From Hell [2008]"

1. Evil (Is Going On) playlist
2. Spoonful playlist
3. Sitting On Top Of The World playlist

Album Lyrics: Definitive Collection [2007]

Howlin' Wolf
"Definitive Collection [2007]"

1. I Ain't Superstitious playlist
2. The Red Rooster playlist
3. Hidden Charms playlist
4. I Asked For Water playlist
5. Who's Been Talkin' playlist
6. Three Hundred Pounds Of Joy playlist

Album Lyrics: Blues Anthology [2008]

Howlin' Wolf
"Blues Anthology [2008]"

1. Killing Floor playlist

Album Lyrics: Ain't Gonna Be Your Dog: Chess Collectibles V.2 [2004]

Howlin' Wolf
"Ain't Gonna Be Your Dog: Chess Collectibles V.2 [2004]"

1. Tail Dragger playlist

Album Lyrics: Proper Introduction To Howlin Wolf: Memphis Days [2010]

Howlin' Wolf
"Proper Introduction To Howlin Wolf: Memphis Days [2010]"

1. Chocolate Drop playlist