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Eric B And Rakim
Album Lyrics: Gold [2005]

Eric B And Rakim
"Gold [2005]"

1. What's On Your Mind? playlist
2. Casualties Of War playlist
3. Rest Assured playlist
4. What's Going On? playlist
5. Know The Ledge playlist
6. Don't Sweat The Technique playlist
7. Follow The Leader playlist
8. Microphone Fiend playlist
9. Lyrics Of Fury playlist
11. The R playlist
12. Eric B. Is President playlist
13. I Know You Got Soul playlist
14. I Ain't No Joke playlist
15. Paid in Full playlist
16. My Melody playlist
18. No Omega playlist
19. In The Ghetto playlist
21. Mahogany playlist

Album Lyrics: Don't Sweat The Technique [1992]

Eric B And Rakim
"Don't Sweat The Technique [1992]"

1. Teach The Children playlist
2. Pass The Hand Grenade playlist
3. Relax With Pep playlist
4. Keep The Beat playlist
5. Kick Along playlist

Album Lyrics: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Eric B. & Rakim [2001]

Eric B And Rakim
"The Millennium Collection: The Best of Eric B. & Rakim [2001]"

1. The Punisher playlist

Album Lyrics: Follow The Leader [1988]

Eric B And Rakim
"Follow The Leader [1988]"

1. Eric B. Never Scared playlist
3. To The Listeners playlist
4. No Competition playlist
5. Musical Massacre playlist

Album Lyrics: Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em [1990]

Eric B And Rakim
"Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em [1990]"

1. Step Back playlist
3. Untouchables playlist
4. Keep 'em Eager To Listen playlist
5. Set 'em Straight playlist

Album Lyrics: Paid In Full [1987]

Eric B And Rakim
"Paid In Full [1987]"

1. Eric B Is On The Cut playlist
2. Move the Crowd playlist
3. As the Rhyme Goes On playlist
4. Chinese Arithmetic playlist
5. Extended Beat playlist