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John Mayall
Album Lyrics: 20th Century Masters [2006]

John Mayall
"20th Century Masters [2006]"

1. All Your Love playlist
2. Ramblin' On My Mind playlist

Album Lyrics: Crusade [2008]

John Mayall
"Crusade [2008]"

1. The Death Of J.B. Lenoir playlist
2. Streamline playlist

Album Lyrics: Blues From Laurel Canyon [2007]

John Mayall
"Blues From Laurel Canyon [2007]"

1. Walking On Sunset playlist
2. 2401 playlist
3. Somebody's Acting Like A Child playlist

Album Lyrics: A Hard Road [1996]

John Mayall
"A Hard Road [1996]"

1. Leaping Christine playlist

Album Lyrics: Back To The Roots [2008]

John Mayall
"Back To The Roots [2008]"

1. Prisons On The Road playlist
2. My Children playlist

Album Lyrics: John Lee Boogie [2011]

John Mayall
"John Lee Boogie [2011]"

1. John Lee Boogie playlist
2. A Big Man playlist

Album Lyrics: Howling At The Moon [2011]

John Mayall
"Howling At The Moon [2011]"

1. Room To Move playlist

Album Lyrics: Essentially [2006]

John Mayall
"Essentially [2006]"

1. If I Don't Get Home playlist
2. California playlist
3. It Ain't Right playlist

Album Lyrics: Stories [2009]

John Mayall
"Stories [2009]"

1. Dirty Water playlist

Album Lyrics: Steppin Out: Intro To John Mayall [2001]

John Mayall
"Steppin Out: Intro To John Mayall [2001]"

1. Key To Love playlist
2. Parchman Farm playlist

Album Lyrics: Tough [2009]

John Mayall
"Tough [2009]"

Album Lyrics: Turning Point [1990]

John Mayall
"Turning Point [1990]"

1. Saw Mill Gulch Road playlist
2. I'm Gonna Fight For You J.B. playlist
3. So Hard To Share playlist
4. Thoughts About Roxanne playlist

Album Lyrics: Wake Up Call [1993]

John Mayall
"Wake Up Call [1993]"

1. Nature's Disappearing playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - John Mayall

John Mayall
"Other Songs - John Mayall"

1. (i'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man playlist
2. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby playlist
3. Blues For The Lost Days playlist
4. Burn Out Your Blind Eyes playlist
5. Can't Sleep This Night playlist
6. Don't Waste My Time playlist
7. Evil Woman Blues [*] playlist
8. Grits Ain't Groceries playlist
9. Have You Ever Loved A Woman playlist
10. I Can't Complain playlist
11. I Could Cry playlist
12. I Still Care playlist
13. I'm Tore Down playlist
14. I'm Your Witch Doctor playlist
15. Jacksboro Highway playlist
16. Kids Got The Blues - John Mayall playlist
17. Laws Must Change playlist
18. Memories playlist
19. My Pretty Girl playlist
20. No Big Hurry - Eric Clapton playlist
21. On Top Of The World playlist
22. Sleeping By Her Side playlist
23. Someday After A While (You'll Be Sorry) playlist
24. Stand Back Baby playlist
25. Took The Car playlist

Album Lyrics: Historic Live Shows 3 [2009]

John Mayall
"Historic Live Shows 3 [2009]"

1. A Hard Road playlist

Album Lyrics: Blues Breakers With Eric Clapt [2001]

John Mayall
"Blues Breakers With Eric Clapt [2001]"

1. Another Man playlist
2. Double Crossing Time playlist
3. Little Girl playlist

Album Lyrics: Rockin The Roadshow [1996]

John Mayall
"Rockin The Roadshow [1996]"

1. Blue Fox playlist
2. You Must Be Crazy playlist