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Todd Rundgren
Album Lyrics: For Lack Of Honest Work [2010]

Todd Rundgren
"For Lack Of Honest Work [2010]"

1. Real Man playlist
2. Can We Still Be Friends playlist
3. Be Nice To Me playlist
4. I Saw The Light playlist
5. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference playlist
6. Hello It's Me playlist
7. A Dream Goes On Forever playlist
8. One World playlist

Album Lyrics: Definitive Rock [2006]

Todd Rundgren
"Definitive Rock [2006]"

1. Wailing Wall playlist
2. Couldn't I Just Tell You playlist

Album Lyrics: I Saw The Light And Other Hits [1997]

Todd Rundgren
"I Saw The Light And Other Hits [1997]"

1. Hello It's Me [7'' Version] playlist

Album Lyrics: Very Best Of Todd Rundgren [1997]

Todd Rundgren
"Very Best Of Todd Rundgren [1997]"

1. We Gotta Get You A Woman playlist
2. The Very Last Time [Utopia] playlist

Album Lyrics: Something/Anything? [1972]

Todd Rundgren
"Something/Anything? [1972]"

1. Breathless playlist
2. Torch Song playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren
"Other Songs - Todd Rundgren"

1. 'birthday Carol' playlist
2. 'black Maria' playlist
3. 'bleeding' playlist
4. 'devil's Bite' playlist
5. 'don't Tie My Hands' playlist
6. 'dust In The Wind' playlist
7. 'fidelity' playlist
8. 'good Vibrations' playlist
9. 'happenings Ten Years Time Ago' playlist
10. 'hope I'm Around' playlist
11. 'it Takes Two To Tango (This Is For The Girls)' playlist
12. 'little Red Lights' playlist
13. 'long Flowing Robe' playlist
14. 'marlene' playlist
15. 'once Burned' playlist
16. 'ooh Baby Baby' playlist
17. 'piss Aaron' playlist
18. 'rain' playlist
19. 'saving Grace' playlist
20. 'slut' playlist
21. 'some Folks Is Even Whiter Than Me' playlist
22. 'sweeter Memories' playlist
23. 'the Ballad (Denny And Jean)' playlist
24. 'the Range War' playlist
25. 'tin Soldier' playlist
26. 'you Left Me Sore' playlist
27. Boat On The Charles playlist
28. Boogies (Hamburger Hell) playlist
29. Born To Synthesize playlist
30. Chain Letter playlist
31. Change Myself playlist
32. Cold Morning Light playlist
33. Does Anybody Love You playlist
34. Don't Hurt Yourself playlist
35. Don't You Ever Learn playlist
36. Emperor Of The Highway playlist
37. Fade Away playlist
38. Fever Broke playlist
39. From Hunger playlist
40. Gaya's Eyes playlist
41. Hodja playlist
42. I Think You Know playlist
43. Influenza playlist
44. Is It My Name playlist
45. Kindness playlist
46. Life Is A Drag playlist
47. Love In Disguise playlist
48. Mated playlist
49. Maybe I'm Better Off playlist
50. One More Day (No Word) playlist
51. Out Of Control playlist
52. Overture -- My Roots: Money (That's What I Want)/messin' With The Kid playlist
53. Parole playlist
54. Proactivity playlist
55. Strawberry Fields Forever playlist
56. Temporary Sanity playlist
57. The Death Of Rock And Roll playlist
58. The Verb to Love playlist
59. Time Stood Still playlist
60. Up Against It playlist
61. Useless Begging playlist
62. When I Pray playlist
63. Yer Fast (And I Like It) playlist
64. You Cried Wolf playlist

Album Lyrics: Great Classics [2004]

Todd Rundgren
"Great Classics [2004]"

1. Bang The Drum All Day playlist
2. Compassion playlist

Album Lyrics: Nearly Human [1989]

Todd Rundgren
"Nearly Human [1989]"

1. Can't Stop Running playlist
2. Feel It playlist
3. I Love My Life playlist
4. The Want Of A Nail playlist

Album Lyrics: Healing [1981]

Todd Rundgren
"Healing [1981]"

1. Golden Goose playlist
2. Healer playlist

Album Lyrics: A Cappella [1985]

Todd Rundgren
"A Cappella [1985]"

1. Honest Work playlist
2. Johnee Jingo playlist
3. Lost Horizon playlist
4. Pretending To Care playlist

Album Lyrics: Runt [1970]

Todd Rundgren
"Runt [1970]"

1. There Are No Words playlist

Album Lyrics: Liars/liars Live [2006]

Todd Rundgren
"Liars/liars Live [2006]"

1. Wondering playlist