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The B-52's
Album Lyrics: Cosmic Thing [1989]

The B-52's
"Cosmic Thing [1989]"

1. Cosmic Thing playlist
2. Dry County playlist
3. Junebug playlist
4. Bushfire playlist
5. Topaz playlist
6. Follow Your Bliss playlist

Album Lyrics: Time Capsule: Songs For A Future Generation [1998]

The B-52's
"Time Capsule: Songs For A Future Generation [1998]"

1. Deadbeat Club playlist
2. Love Shack playlist
3. Roam playlist
4. Channel Z playlist
5. Good Stuff playlist
6. Is That You Mo-Dean? playlist
7. Planet Claire playlist
8. Rock Lobster playlist
9. Private Idaho playlist
10. Quiche Lorraine (Live) playlist
11. Mesopotamia playlist
12. Summer Of Love playlist
13. (Meet) The Flintstones playlist
14. Debbie playlist
15. Hallucinating Pluto playlist

Album Lyrics: Funplex [2008]

The B-52's
"Funplex [2008]"

1. Pump playlist
2. Hot Corner playlist
3. Ultraviolet playlist
4. Juliet Of The Spirits playlist
5. Funplex playlist
6. Eyes Wide Open playlist
7. Deviant Ingredient playlist
8. Too Much To Think About playlist
9. Dancing Now playlist
10. Keep this Party Going playlist

Album Lyrics: Good Stuff [1992]

The B-52's
"Good Stuff [1992]"

1. Tell It Like It T-I-Is playlist
2. Hot Pants Explosion playlist
3. Revolution Earth playlist
4. Dreamland playlist
5. The World's Green Laughter playlist
6. Vision Of A Kiss playlist
7. Breezin' playlist
8. Bad Influence playlist

Album Lyrics: Planet Claire [1995]

The B-52's
"Planet Claire [1995]"

1. 52 Girls playlist
2. Lava playlist
3. 6060-842 playlist
4. Downtown playlist
5. Give Me Back My Man playlist
6. Strobe Light playlist
7. Dirty Back Road playlist
8. Loveland playlist
9. Wig playlist
10. Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland playlist

Album Lyrics: High Fidelity [1979]

The B-52's
"High Fidelity [1979]"

1. Dance This Mess Around playlist
2. There's A Moon In The Sky (Called The Moon) playlist
3. Hero Worship playlist

Album Lyrics: Whammy! [1983]

The B-52's
"Whammy! [1983]"

1. Legal Tender playlist
2. Whammy Kiss playlist
3. Song For A Future Generation playlist
4. Butterbean playlist
5. Trism playlist
6. Queen Of Las Vegas playlist
7. Big Bird playlist

Album Lyrics: Wild Planet [1980]

The B-52's
"Wild Planet [1980]"

1. Party Out Of Bounds playlist
2. Runnin' Around playlist
3. Devil In My Car playlist
4. Quiche Lorraine playlist
5. 53 Miles West Of Venus playlist