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TV on the Radio
Album Lyrics: Dear Science [2008]

TV on the Radio
"Dear Science [2008]"

1. Halfway Home playlist
2. Crying playlist
3. Dancing Choose playlist
4. Stork And Owl playlist
5. Golden Age playlist
6. Family Tree playlist
7. Red Dress playlist
8. Love Dog playlist
9. Shout Me Out playlist
10. DLZ playlist
11. Lover's Day playlist

Album Lyrics: Desperate Youth Blood Thirsty Babes [2004]

TV on the Radio
"Desperate Youth Blood Thirsty Babes [2004]"

1. The Wrong Way playlist
2. Staring At The Sun playlist
3. Dreams playlist
4. King Eternal playlist
5. Ambulance playlist
6. Poppy playlist
7. Don't Love You playlist
8. Bomb Yourself playlist
9. Wear You Out playlist

Album Lyrics: New Health Rock [EP] [2004]

TV on the Radio
"New Health Rock [EP] [2004]"

1. New Health Rock playlist
2. Modern Romance playlist

Album Lyrics: Nine Types Of Light [2011]

TV on the Radio
"Nine Types Of Light [2011]"

1. Second Song playlist
2. Keep Your Heart playlist
3. You playlist
5. Killer Crane playlist
6. Will Do playlist
7. New Cannonball Blues playlist
8. Repetition playlist
9. Forgotten playlist
10. Caffeinated Consciousness playlist
11. All Falls Down playlist

Album Lyrics: OK Calculator [2002]

TV on the Radio
"OK Calculator [2002]"

1. Freeway playlist
2. Say You Do playlist
3. Me - I playlist
4. On A Train playlist
5. Robots playlist

Album Lyrics: Return to Cookie Mountain [2006]

TV on the Radio
"Return to Cookie Mountain [2006]"

1. I Was A Lover playlist
2. Hours playlist
3. Province playlist
4. Playhouses playlist
5. A Method playlist
6. Let The Devil In playlist
7. Dirtywhirl playlist
8. Blues From Down Here playlist
9. Tonight playlist
10. Wash The Day playlist

Album Lyrics: Friday Night Lights Music Season 01 [2006]

TV on the Radio
"Friday Night Lights Music Season 01 [2006]"

1. Wolf Like Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Young Liars [EP] [2003]

TV on the Radio
"Young Liars [EP] [2003]"

1. Satellite playlist
2. Blind playlist
3. Young Liars playlist
4. Mr. Grieves playlist