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Brian Wilson
Album Lyrics: Brian Wilson Presents Pet Sounds Live [2010]

Brian Wilson
"Brian Wilson Presents Pet Sounds Live [2010]"

2. Caroline, No playlist

Album Lyrics: Gettin' In Over My Head [2004]

Brian Wilson
"Gettin' In Over My Head [2004]"

1. How Could We Still Be Dancin' playlist
2. You've Touched Me playlist
3. A Friend Like You playlist
4. Rainbow Eyes playlist

Album Lyrics: I Just Wasn't Made For These Times [2008]

Brian Wilson
"I Just Wasn't Made For These Times [2008]"

1. Love And Mercy playlist
2. Do It Again playlist
3. The Warmth Of The Sun playlist
4. Wonderful playlist
5. Melt Away playlist
6. 'til I Die playlist

Album Lyrics: Imagination [2004]

Brian Wilson
"Imagination [2004]"

1. She Says That She Needs Me playlist
2. South American playlist
3. Keep An Eye On Summer playlist
4. Dream Angel playlist
5. Cry playlist
6. Lay Down Burden playlist
7. Let Him Run Wild playlist
8. Happy Days playlist

Album Lyrics: Live At The Roxy Theater [2002]

Brian Wilson
"Live At The Roxy Theater [2002]"

1. California Girls playlist
2. Back Home playlist
3. The First Time playlist
4. Add Some Music To Your Day playlist
5. Please Let Me Wonder playlist
6. Brian Wilson playlist

Album Lyrics: Pet Sounds Live [2002]

Brian Wilson
"Pet Sounds Live [2002]"

1. Pet Sounds playlist

Album Lyrics: Smile - Jewel Case Version [2008]

Brian Wilson
"Smile - Jewel Case Version [2008]"

1. Good Vibrations playlist
2. Roll Plymouth Rock playlist
3. Barnyard playlist
4. Cabin Essence playlist
5. Vega-Tables playlist
6. On A Holiday playlist
7. Wind Chimes playlist
8. Mrs. O'leary's Cow playlist
9. In Blue Hawaii playlist

Album Lyrics: That Lucky Old Sun [2008]

Brian Wilson
"That Lucky Old Sun [2008]"

1. That Lucky Old Sun playlist
2. Morning Beat playlist

Album Lyrics: What I Really Want For Christmas [2005]

Brian Wilson
"What I Really Want For Christmas [2005]"

1. What I Really Want For Christmas playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson
"Other Songs - Brian Wilson"