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Gillian Welch
Album Lyrics: Hell Amoung the Yearlings [1998]

Gillian Welch
"Hell Amoung the Yearlings [1998]"

1. Caleb Meyer playlist
2. Good Til Now playlist
3. The Devil Had a Hold of Me playlist
4. My Morphine playlist
5. One Morning playlist
6. Miner's Refrain playlist
7. Honey Now playlist
8. I'm Not Afraid to Die w/Willie Nelson playlist
9. Rock of Ages playlist
10. Whiskey Girl playlist
11. Winter's Come and Gone playlist

Album Lyrics: Revival [1996]

Gillian Welch
"Revival [1996]"

1. Orphan Girl playlist
2. Annabelle playlist
3. Pass You By playlist
4. Barroom Girls playlist
5. One More Dollar playlist
6. By the Mark playlist
7. Paper Wings playlist
8. Tear My Stillhouse Down playlist
9. Acony Bell playlist
10. Only One and Only playlist

Album Lyrics: Soul Journey [2003]

Gillian Welch
"Soul Journey [2003]"

1. Look At Miss Ohio playlist
2. Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor playlist
3. Wayside/Back in Time playlist
4. I Had a Real Good Mother and Father playlist
5. One Monkey playlist
6. No One Knows My Name playlist
7. Lowlands playlist
8. One Little Song playlist
9. I Made A Lover's Prayer playlist
10. Wrecking Ball playlist

Album Lyrics: The Harrow & the Harvest [2011]

Gillian Welch
"The Harrow & the Harvest [2011]"

1. Scarlet Town playlist
2. Dark Turn Of Mind playlist
3. The Way It Goes playlist
4. Tennessee playlist
5. Down Along The Dixie Line playlist
6. Six White Horses playlist
7. Hard Times playlist
8. Silver Dagger playlist
9. The Way The Whole Thing Ends playlist

Album Lyrics: Time (The Revelator) [2001]

Gillian Welch
"Time (The Revelator) [2001]"

1. Revelator playlist
2. My First Lover playlist
3. Dear Someone playlist
4. Red Clay Halo playlist
5. April the 14th, Part I playlist
6. I Want to Sing That Rock and Roll playlist
7. Elvis Presley Blues playlist
8. Ruination Day, Part II playlist
9. Everything Is Free playlist
10. I Dream a Highway playlist