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The Shins
Album Lyrics: Chutes Too Narrow [2003]

The Shins
"Chutes Too Narrow [2003]"

1. Kissing The Lipless playlist
2. Mine's Not A High Horse playlist
3. So Says I playlist
4. Young Pilgrims playlist
5. Saint Simon playlist
6. Fighting In A Sack playlist
7. Pink Bullets playlist
8. Turn A Square playlist
9. Gone For Good playlist
10. Those To Come playlist

Album Lyrics: Oh, Inverted World [2001]

The Shins
"Oh, Inverted World [2001]"

1. Caring Is Creepy playlist
2. One By One All Day playlist
3. Weird Divide playlist
4. Know Your Onion! playlist
5. Girl Inform Me playlist
6. New Slang playlist
7. The Celibate Life playlist
8. Girl On The Wing playlist
9. Your Algebra playlist
10. Pressed In A Book playlist
11. The Past And Pending playlist

Album Lyrics: Port Of Morrow [2012]

The Shins
"Port Of Morrow [2012]"

1. The Rifle's Spiral playlist
2. Simple Song playlist
3. It's Only Life playlist
4. Bait And Switch playlist
5. September playlist
6. No Way Down playlist
7. For A Fool playlist
8. Fall Of '82 playlist
9. 40 Mark Strasse playlist
10. Port Of Morrow playlist

Album Lyrics: Unknown [2000]

The Shins
"Unknown [2000]"

1. A Call to Apathy playlist
2. Baby Boomerang playlist
3. Eating Styes From Elephant's Eyes playlist
4. Flake Music playlist
5. My Seventh Rib playlist
6. Pariah King playlist
7. Plenty Is Never Enough playlist
8. Sphagnum Esplanade playlist
9. The Waltz Is Over playlist
10. They'll Soon Discover playlist
11. Those Bold City Girls playlist
12. We Will Become Silhouettes playlist
13. When I Goosestep playlist

Album Lyrics: Wincing The Night Away [2007]

The Shins
"Wincing The Night Away [2007]"

1. Sleeping Lessons playlist
2. Australia playlist
3. Pam Berry playlist
4. Phantom Limb playlist
5. Sea Legs playlist
6. Red Rabbits playlist
7. Turn On Me playlist
8. Black Wave playlist
9. Split Needles playlist
10. Girl Sailor playlist
11. A Comet Appears playlist