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Album Lyrics: Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga [2007]

"Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga [2007]"

1. Don't Make Me a Target playlist
2. The Ghost of You Lingers playlist
3. You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb playlist
4. Don't You Evah playlist
5. Rhythm & Soul playlist
6. Eddie's Ragga playlist
7. The Underdog playlist
8. My Little Japanese Cigarette Case playlist
9. Finer Feelings playlist
10. Black Like Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Gimme Fiction [2005]

"Gimme Fiction [2005]"

1. The Beast and Dragon, Adored playlist
2. The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine playlist
3. My Mathematical Mind playlist
4. The Delicate Place playlist
5. I Summon You playlist
6. The Infinite Pet playlist
7. Was It You? playlist
8. They Never Got You playlist
9. Merchants Of Soul playlist

Album Lyrics: Friday Night Lights (Original Television Soundtrack) [2007]

"Friday Night Lights (Original Television Soundtrack) [2007]"

1. I Turn My Camera On playlist

Album Lyrics: Wedding Crashers (Soundtrack) [2005]

"Wedding Crashers (Soundtrack) [2005]"

1. Sister Jack playlist

Album Lyrics: Girls Can Tell [2001]

"Girls Can Tell [2001]"

1. Everything Hits At Once playlist
2. Believing is Art playlist
3. Lines In The Suit playlist
4. The Fitted Shirt playlist
5. Anything You Want playlist
6. Take A Walk playlist
7. 1020 Am playlist
8. Take The Fifth playlist
9. This Book Is A Movie playlist
10. Chicago At Night playlist

Album Lyrics: Way We Get By [2003]

"Way We Get By [2003]"

1. Me And The Bean playlist
2. Small Stakes playlist
3. Jonathon Fisk playlist
4. Someone Something playlist
5. Metal Detektor playlist

Album Lyrics: Music from the OC: Mix 1 [2004]

"Music from the OC: Mix 1 [2004]"

1. The Way We Get By playlist

Album Lyrics: Kill the Moonlight [2002]

"Kill the Moonlight [2002]"

1. Something To Look Forward To playlist
2. Stay Don't Go playlist
3. Paper Tiger playlist
4. Don't Let It Get You Down playlist
5. All The Pretty Girls Go To The City playlist
6. You Gotta Feel It playlist
7. Back To The Life playlist
8. Vittorio E playlist

Album Lyrics: Love Ways (EP) [2000]

"Love Ways (EP) [2000]"

1. Change My Life playlist
2. I Didn't Come Here To Die playlist
3. Jealousy playlist
4. The Figures Of Art playlist
5. Chips And Dip playlist

Album Lyrics: Series of Sneaks [1998]

"Series of Sneaks [1998]"

1. Utilitarian playlist
2. The Minor Tough playlist
3. The Guestlist/The Execution playlist
4. Reservations playlist
5. 30 Gallon Tank playlist
6. June's Foreign Spell playlist
7. Chloroform playlist
8. Metal School playlist
9. Staring At The Board playlist
10. No You're Not playlist
11. Quincy Punk Episode playlist
12. Advance Cassette playlist

Album Lyrics: Soft Effects EP [1997]

"Soft Effects EP [1997]"

1. Mountain To Sound playlist
2. Waiting For The Kid To Come Out playlist
3. I Could See The Dude playlist
4. Get Out The State playlist
5. Loss Leaders playlist

Album Lyrics: Telephono [1996]

"Telephono [1996]"

1. Don't Buy The Realistic playlist
2. Not Turning Off playlist
3. All The Negatives Have Been Destroyed playlist
4. Cvantez playlist
5. Nefarious playlist
6. Claws Tracking playlist
7. Dismember playlist
8. Idiot Driver playlist
9. Towner playlist
10. Wanted To Be Your playlist
11. Theme To Wendel Stiver playlist
12. Primary playlist
13. The Government Darling playlist
14. Plastic Mylar playlist

Album Lyrics: Transference [2010]

"Transference [2010]"

1. Before Destruction playlist
2. Is Love Forever? playlist
3. The Mystery Zone playlist
4. Who Makes Your Money playlist
5. Written in Reverse playlist
6. I Saw The Light playlist
7. Trouble Comes Running playlist
8. Goodnight Laura playlist
9. Got Nuffin playlist
10. Nobody Gets Me But You playlist