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Solomon Burke
Album Lyrics: Keep The Magic Working: Original 1955-61 Atlantic [2012]

Solomon Burke
"Keep The Magic Working: Original 1955-61 Atlantic [2012]"

1. Cry To Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Cry To Me [2010]

Solomon Burke
"Cry To Me [2010]"

1. You're Good For Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Last Great Concert [2012]

Solomon Burke
"Last Great Concert [2012]"

2. Fast Train playlist
3. None Of Us Are Free playlist
4. That's How I Got To Memphis playlist
5. Atta Way To Go playlist
6. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love playlist
7. Don't Give Up On Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Don't Give Up On Me [2002]

Solomon Burke
"Don't Give Up On Me [2002]"

1. Flesh And Blood playlist
2. Only A Dream playlist

Album Lyrics: Live [2010]

Solomon Burke
"Live [2010]"

1. Soul Searchin' playlist

Album Lyrics: Homeland [2011]

Solomon Burke
"Homeland [2011]"

Album Lyrics: I Wish I Knew [2007]

Solomon Burke
"I Wish I Knew [2007]"

1. Shame On Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Nashville [2006]

Solomon Burke
"Nashville [2006]"

1. Valley Of Tears playlist
2. Millionaire playlist
3. Does My Ring Burn Your Finger playlist
4. We're Gonna Hold On playlist
5. You're The Kind Of Trouble playlist
6. 'Til I Get It Right playlist

Album Lyrics: Platinum Collection [2007]

Solomon Burke
"Platinum Collection [2007]"

1. I'm Hanging Up My Heart For You playlist
2. Keep a Light In the Window playlist
3. Take Me (Just As I Am) playlist
4. What'd I Say playlist

Album Lyrics: Soul Of The Blues [2006]

Solomon Burke
"Soul Of The Blues [2006]"

1. Lonesome Highway playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Solomon Burke

Solomon Burke
"Other Songs - Solomon Burke"

1. A Minute To Rest And A Second To Pray playlist
2. At The Crossroads playlist
3. Candy playlist
4. Come Rain Or Come Shine playlist
5. Hold On Tight playlist
6. I Got The Blues playlist
7. If I Give My Heart To You playlist
8. It Makes No Difference playlist
9. It's All Right playlist
10. It's Just A Matter Of Time playlist
11. Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Empty Arms) playlist
12. Mona Lisa playlist
13. My Babe playlist
14. Peace In The Valley playlist
15. Pledging My Love playlist
16. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot playlist
17. Take Me (Just As I Am) playlist
18. Tonight's The Night playlist
19. We Don't Need It playlist
20. Wealth Won't Save Your Soul playlist
21. What Good Am I playlist
22. What'd I Say playlist
23. When A Man Loves A Woman playlist
24. You And Me playlist
25. Good Rockin' Tonight playlist
26. Got To Get You Off My Mind playlist
27. I Want Jesus To Walk With Me playlist
28. That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day) playlist
29. The Judgement playlist
30. Twelve Gates To The City playlist

Album Lyrics: If You Need Me [1997]

Solomon Burke
"If You Need Me [1997]"

1. It's All Right playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits [2010]

Solomon Burke
"Greatest Hits [2010]"

1. Tonight's The Night playlist

Album Lyrics: Essential Recordings [2009]

Solomon Burke
"Essential Recordings [2009]"

1. When A Man Loves A Woman playlist