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Porter Wagoner
Album Lyrics: 22 Country and Gospel Duets (wPamerlla Rose Gadd) [2007]

Porter Wagoner
"22 Country and Gospel Duets (wPamerlla Rose Gadd) [2007]"

1. Don't Let Me Cross Over playlist
2. My Elusive Dreams playlist
3. Golden Ring playlist
4. Dreaming Of A Little Cabin playlist
5. If We Never Meet Again playlist

Album Lyrics: Super Hits [2007]

Porter Wagoner
"Super Hits [2007]"

1. Satisfied Mind playlist
2. Eat Drink And Be Merry playlist
3. Skid Row Joe playlist
4. I've Enjoyed As Much Of This As I Can Stand playlist
5. Tryin' To Forget The Blues playlist
6. Carroll County Accident playlist
7. I'll Go Down Swinging playlist
8. The Rubber Room playlist

Album Lyrics: Thin Man From the West Plains (Bear Family) [1993]

Porter Wagoner
"Thin Man From the West Plains (Bear Family) [1993]"

1. Born To Lose playlist
2. Ivory Tower playlist
3. I'm Stepping Out Tonight playlist
4. I Like Girls playlist
5. Your Love playlist
6. As Long As I'm Dreaming playlist
7. Midnight playlist
8. One Way Ticket To The Blues playlist
9. My Name Is Mud playlist
10. I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name playlist
11. Tennessee Border playlist
12. I Went Out Of My Way playlist
13. Sugarfoot Rag playlist
14. Cryin' Loud playlist
15. Take Good Care Of Her playlist
16. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight playlist
17. Old Log Cabin For Sale v1 playlist
18. Dear Lonesome playlist
19. Our Song Of Love playlist
20. Everything She Touches Gets The Blues playlist
21. Battle Of Little Big Horn playlist
22. Tomorrow We'll Retire playlist
23. Heartbreak Affair playlist
24. Your Old Love Letters playlist
25. Bringing Home The Bacon playlist
26. I'm Day Dreamin' Tonight playlist
27. Wakin' Up The Crowd playlist
28. Legend Of The Big Steeple playlist
29. Falling Again playlist
30. Doll Face playlist
31. Just Before Dawn playlist
32. Good Morning Neighbor playlist
33. Living In The Past playlist
34. Cold Dark Waters playlist
35. Your Kind Of People playlist
36. What Would You Do (If Jesus Came To Your House) playlist
37. Private Little World playlist
38. Tricks Of The Trade playlist
39. Tell Her Lies And Feed Her Candy playlist
40. Seeing Her Only Reminded Me Of You playlist
41. I Should Be With You playlist
42. Pay Day playlist
43. Big Wheels playlist
44. A Wound Time Can't Erase playlist
45. Burning Bridges playlist
46. Heaven's Just A Prayer Away playlist
47. Haven't You Heard playlist
48. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind playlist
49. Frosty The Snowman playlist

Album Lyrics: Famous Country Music Makers [2007]

Porter Wagoner
"Famous Country Music Makers [2007]"

1. I Can't Live With You (I Can't Live Without You) playlist
2. Settin' The Woods On Fire playlist
3. Company's Comin' playlist
4. Uncle Pen playlist
5. Takin' Chances playlist
6. Trademark playlist
7. Dig That Crazy Moon playlist
8. Be Glad You Ain't Me playlist
9. That's It playlist
10. Bad News Travels Fast playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits [2007]

Porter Wagoner
"Greatest Hits [2007]"

1. Misery Loves Company playlist
2. Sorrow On The Rocks playlist

Album Lyrics: A Slice of Life (RCA Victor) [1962]

Porter Wagoner
"A Slice of Life (RCA Victor) [1962]"

1. I Gotta Find Someone (Who Loves like I Do) playlist

Album Lyrics: Always, Always/Two of a Kind [2008]

Porter Wagoner
"Always, Always/Two of a Kind [2008]"

1. Milwaukee Here I Come playlist
2. Yours Love playlist
3. Malena playlist
4. House Where Love Lives playlist
5. Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me playlist
6. There Never Was A Time playlist
7. Good As Gold playlist
8. My Hands Are Tied playlist
9. No Reason To Hurry Home playlist
10. Anything's Better Than Nothing playlist
11. Pain Of Loving You playlist
12. Possum Holler playlist
13. Is It Real playlist
14. Two Of A Kind playlist
15. All I Need Is You playlist
16. Curse Of The Wild Weed Flower playlist
17. Today Tomorrow And Forever playlist
18. There'll Be Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Duets (wDolly Parton) (RCA) [2008]

Porter Wagoner
"Duets (wDolly Parton) (RCA) [2008]"

1. I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby playlist
2. Always Always playlist
3. Last Thing On My Mind playlist
4. Holding On To Nothin' playlist
5. We'll Get Ahead Someday playlist
6. Just Someone I Used To Know playlist
7. Tomorrow Is Forever playlist
8. Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man playlist
9. Better Move It On Home playlist
10. Burning The Midnight Oil playlist
11. If Teardrops Were Pennies playlist
12. Please Don't Stop Loving Me playlist
13. Making Plans playlist

Album Lyrics: Ballad of Love (RCA Victor) [1972]

Porter Wagoner
"Ballad of Love (RCA Victor) [1972]"

1. Love You're So Beautiful Tonight playlist
2. Denise Mayree playlist
3. Look What Love Has Done To Me playlist
4. Love's Melody playlist

Album Lyrics: We Found It (w Dolly Parton) (RCA Victor) [1972]

Porter Wagoner
"We Found It (w Dolly Parton) (RCA Victor) [1972]"

1. How Close They Must Be playlist

Album Lyrics: Best I've Ever Been [2000]

Porter Wagoner
"Best I've Ever Been [2000]"

1. Brewster's Farm playlist
2. Dusty Delta Memories playlist

Album Lyrics: Best of Grand Old Gospel 2008 [2007]

Porter Wagoner
"Best of Grand Old Gospel 2008 [2007]"

1. Old Log Cabin For Sale v2 playlist
2. Rank Strangers playlist
3. Life Rides The Train playlist

Album Lyrics: Wagonmaster (ANTI) [2007]

Porter Wagoner
"Wagonmaster (ANTI) [2007]"

1. Brother Harold Dee playlist
2. My Many Hurried Southern Trips playlist
3. Be A Little Quieter playlist
4. Albert Erving playlist
5. Committed To Parkview playlist
6. The Agony Of Waiting playlist
7. The Late Love of Mine playlist
8. Satan's River playlist

Album Lyrics: Blue Moon of Kentucky (RCA Camden) [1971]

Porter Wagoner
"Blue Moon of Kentucky (RCA Camden) [1971]"

1. Blue Moon Of Kentucky playlist
2. Country Music Has Gone To Town playlist
3. I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home playlist
4. Little Cabin Home On The Hill playlist
5. Howdy Neighbor Howdy playlist
6. Man In The Little White Suit playlist

Album Lyrics: The Cold Hard Facts of Life/Soul of a Convict [2008]

Porter Wagoner
"The Cold Hard Facts of Life/Soul of a Convict [2008]"

1. Green Green Grass Of Home playlist
2. Be Proud Of Your Man playlist
3. House Of Shame playlist
4. Cold Hard Facts Of Life playlist
5. Boston Jail playlist
6. Convict And The Rose playlist
7. I Relived My Life Today playlist
8. I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail playlist
9. Let Me In playlist
10. Big River Train playlist
11. Snakes Crawl At Night playlist
12. They're All Going Home But One playlist
13. Folsom Prison Blues playlist
14. Soul Of A Convict playlist
15. I Heard That Lonesome Whistle playlist
16. First Mrs. Jones playlist
17. Words And Music playlist
18. Sleep playlist
19. Hundred Dollar Funeral playlist
20. If I Could Only Start Over playlist
21. Tragic Romance playlist
22. Try Being Lonely playlist
23. I'll Get Ahead Someday playlist
24. I Just Can't Let You Say Goodbye playlist
25. Shopworn playlist
26. Julie playlist
27. I Lived So Fast And Hard playlist
28. Your Mother's Eyes playlist
29. Fallen Leaves playlist

Album Lyrics: The Best, Vol. 2 (RCA Victor) [1970]

Porter Wagoner
"The Best, Vol. 2 (RCA Victor) [1970]"

1. Men With Broken Hearts playlist
2. I Couldn't Wait Forever playlist

Album Lyrics: Confessions of a Broken Man (RCA Victor) [1966]

Porter Wagoner
"Confessions of a Broken Man (RCA Victor) [1966]"

1. I Just Came To Smell The Flowers playlist
2. May You Never Be Alone playlist
3. Try Me One More Time playlist
4. How Far Down Can I Go playlist
5. I'm A Long Way From Home playlist
6. Confessions Of A Broken Man playlist
7. My Tears Are Overdue playlist
8. I've Been Down That Road Before playlist
9. Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine playlist

Album Lyrics: The Rubber Room (Omni) [2006]

Porter Wagoner
"The Rubber Room (Omni) [2006]"

1. My Last Two Tens playlist
2. Out Of The Silence (Came a Song) playlist
3. He's Alone Again Tonight playlist
4. Lonelyville playlist
5. Bones playlist
6. Jim Johnson playlist
7. Lonely Comin' Down playlist
8. Little Boy's Prayer playlist
9. Wino playlist
10. Bottom Of The Bottle playlist
11. George Leroy Chickashea playlist
12. Cassie playlist
13. Fairchild playlist
14. Moments In Meditation playlist

Album Lyrics: Today (RCA Victor) [1979]

Porter Wagoner
"Today (RCA Victor) [1979]"

1. I Guess I'm Crazy (For Loving You) playlist
2. Ole Slew Foot playlist
3. Banks Of The Ohio playlist
4. I Couldn't Care Less playlist

Album Lyrics: Country (RCA Camden) [1971]

Porter Wagoner
"Country (RCA Camden) [1971]"

1. I Haven't Seen Mary In Years playlist
2. I Went Out Of My Way playlist
3. I Gotta Find Someone (Who Loves Like I Do) playlist
4. I'll Meet You In Church Sunday Morning playlist
5. Tricks Of The Trade playlist

Album Lyrics: Country Feeling (RCA Camden) [1969]

Porter Wagoner
"Country Feeling (RCA Camden) [1969]"

1. Will You Be Loving Another Man playlist
2. Head Over Heels In Love With You v1 playlist

Album Lyrics: King Of Country Gospel [2007]

Porter Wagoner
"King Of Country Gospel [2007]"

1. Angel Band playlist
2. I Thought Of God playlist

Album Lyrics: Experience (RCA Victor) [1972]

Porter Wagoner
"Experience (RCA Victor) [1972]"

1. Like You Were Years Ago playlist
2. Barlow Chapin playlist
3. I've Got Work To Do playlist
4. Darling Debra Jean playlist

Album Lyrics: Grand Old Gospel (w Blackwood Bros) (RCA Victor) [1965]

Porter Wagoner
"Grand Old Gospel (w Blackwood Bros) (RCA Victor) [1965]"

1. When I Reach That City playlist
2. Rock Of Ages playlist
3. Family Who Prays Never Shall Part playlist
4. There's A Higher Power playlist
5. I See A Bridge playlist
6. I'm Using My Bible For A Roadmap playlist
7. House Of Gold playlist
8. Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus playlist

Album Lyrics: When I Sing For Him (P & J) [1979]

Porter Wagoner
"When I Sing For Him (P & J) [1979]"

1. Trouble In The Amen Corner playlist
2. I Found A Man playlist

Album Lyrics: You Gotta Have a Licence (RCA Victor) [1970]

Porter Wagoner
"You Gotta Have a Licence (RCA Victor) [1970]"

1. Stranger's Story playlist
2. Forty Miles From Poplar Bluff playlist
3. You Gotta Have A License playlist
4. When You're Hot You're Hot playlist
5. The Way He Said Your Name playlist
6. Southern Bound playlist
7. My Special Prayer Request playlist
8. Walk On Fool playlist

Album Lyrics: Green Green Grass of Home (RCA Camden) [1968]

Porter Wagoner
"Green Green Grass of Home (RCA Camden) [1968]"

1. False True Love playlist
2. You Can't Make A Heel Toe The Mark playlist
3. Keeper Of The Key playlist
4. They Listened While You Said Goodbye playlist
5. I Dreamed I Saw America On Her Knees playlist

Album Lyrics: Highway Headin' South (RCA Victor) [1974]

Porter Wagoner
"Highway Headin' South (RCA Victor) [1974]"

1. Freida playlist
2. Highway Headin' South playlist
3. Last Chance For Happiness playlist

Album Lyrics: Howdy Neighbor Howdy (RCA Camden) [1970]

Porter Wagoner
"Howdy Neighbor Howdy (RCA Camden) [1970]"

1. Cotton Fields playlist
2. Gathering In The Sky playlist
3. Head Over Heels In Love With You v2 playlist
4. Before I Met You playlist

Album Lyrics: I'll Keep on Loving You (RCA Victor) [1973]

Porter Wagoner
"I'll Keep on Loving You (RCA Victor) [1973]"

1. Stella Dear Sweet Stella playlist
2. Truth Or A Lie playlist
3. Treat Her Kind playlist
4. Jasper County Law playlist

Album Lyrics: Porter (RCA Victor) [1977]

Porter Wagoner
"Porter (RCA Victor) [1977]"

1. Childhood Playground playlist
2. Don't This Road Look Rough And Rocky playlist
3. Hand Me Down My Walking Cane playlist
4. Funky Grass Band playlist

Album Lyrics: In Gospel Country (w Blackwood Bros) (RCA Victor) [1968]

Porter Wagoner
"In Gospel Country (w Blackwood Bros) (RCA Victor) [1968]"

1. Lord I'm Coming Home playlist
2. Canaan's Land playlist
3. Mama's Bible playlist
4. Wings Of A Dove playlist
5. Suppertime playlist

Album Lyrics: In Person (RCA Victor) [1964]

Porter Wagoner
"In Person (RCA Victor) [1964]"

1. I Didn't Mean It playlist
2. Foggy Mountain Top playlist
3. Sweet Fern playlist
4. Haven't You Heard/Eat Drink And Be Merry/Satisfied playlist
5. Come On In (And Make Yourself a Home) playlist
6. My Baby's Not Here (In Town Tonight playlist
7. Talk Back Trembling Lips playlist
8. Find Out playlist
9. John Henry playlist

Album Lyrics: On the Road (RCA Victor) [1966]

Porter Wagoner
"On the Road (RCA Victor) [1966]"

1. Sally Goodin playlist
2. I Wouldn't Buy A Used Car From Him playlist
3. Violet And A Rose v2 playlist
4. Turkey In The Straw playlist
5. Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me playlist
6. Old Camp Meetin' Time playlist
7. Where The Old Red River Flows playlist
8. Heartaches By The Number/Busted/Pick Me Up On Your playlist
9. Let's Go All The Way playlist
10. Camptown Races playlist
11. Katy Hill playlist

Album Lyrics: Just Between You and Me (w Dolly Parton) (RCA Vict [1968]

Porter Wagoner
"Just Between You and Me (w Dolly Parton) (RCA Vict [1968]"

1. Because One Of Us Was Wrong playlist
2. Love Is Worth Living playlist
3. Just Between You And Me playlist
4. Mommie Ain't That Daddy playlist
5. (We Found Heaven Right Here on Earth At) 4-0-33 playlist
6. Sorrow's Tearing Down The House playlist
7. This Time Has Gotta Be Our Last Time playlist
8. Home Is Where The Hurt Is playlist
9. Two Sides To Every Story playlist
10. Put It Off Until Tomorrow playlist

Album Lyrics: Just the Two of Us (w Dolly Parton) (RCA Victor) [1968]

Porter Wagoner
"Just the Two of Us (w Dolly Parton) (RCA Victor) [1968]"

1. Closer By The Hour playlist
2. I Washed My Face In The Morning Dew playlist
3. Slip Away Today playlist
4. Dark End Of The Street playlist
5. Just The Two Of Us playlist
6. Afraid To Love Again playlist
7. Somewhere Between playlist
8. Party playlist
9. I Can playlist

Album Lyrics: The Best (w Dolly Parton) (RCA Victor) [1971]

Porter Wagoner
"The Best (w Dolly Parton) (RCA Victor) [1971]"

1. Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark playlist
2. Run That By Me One More Time playlist

Album Lyrics: Me and My Boys (RCA Victor) [1969]

Porter Wagoner
"Me and My Boys (RCA Victor) [1969]"

1. My Boys playlist
2. Tennessee Stud playlist
3. What I'd Give To Hear A Baby Cry playlist
4. Through This World Of Mine playlist
5. Peace On Earth Begins Today playlist
6. My Ramblin' Boy playlist
7. Picture From Life's Other Side playlist
8. Shuckin' Corn playlist
9. He's A Go-getter playlist

Album Lyrics: Misery Loves Company [2005]

Porter Wagoner
"Misery Loves Company [2005]"

1. Big Wind playlist

Album Lyrics: More Grand Old Gospel (w Blackwood Bros) (RCA Vict [1967]

Porter Wagoner
"More Grand Old Gospel (w Blackwood Bros) (RCA Vict [1967]"

1. Where No One Stands Alone playlist
2. You're Not Home Yet playlist
3. Lord Build Me A Cabin In Glory playlist
4. There'd Be No Need For A Heaven playlist
5. Where The Soul Never Dies playlist
6. Beautiful Wings playlist
7. God Walks These Hills With Me playlist
8. Tell Your Children (The Day of Wrath) playlist
9. God's Wonderful Way playlist
10. I'll Fly Away playlist
11. Thirty Pieces Of Silver playlist

Album Lyrics: One For the Road (Fire) [1983]

Porter Wagoner
"One For the Road (Fire) [1983]"

1. Dooley playlist
2. Is Anybody Going To San Antone playlist
3. Coat Of Many Colors playlist

Album Lyrics: Once More (w Dolly Parton) (RCA Victor) [1970]

Porter Wagoner
"Once More (w Dolly Parton) (RCA Victor) [1970]"

1. I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still) playlist
2. Thoughtfulness playlist
3. Fight And Scratch playlist
4. Before Our Weakness Gets Too Strong playlist
5. Once More playlist
6. One Day At A Time playlist
7. Ragged Angel playlist
8. Good Understanding playlist
9. Let's Live For Tonight playlist

Album Lyrics: Porter Wagoner (Country Fidelity) [1982]

Porter Wagoner
"Porter Wagoner (Country Fidelity) [1982]"

1. Country Bo-Bo playlist

Album Lyrics: Porter Wayne and Dolly Rebecca (w Dolly Parton) (R [1970]

Porter Wagoner
"Porter Wayne and Dolly Rebecca (w Dolly Parton) (R [1970]"

1. Each Season Changes You playlist
2. We Can't Let This Happen To Us playlist
3. Mendy Never Sleeps playlist
4. Silver Sandals playlist
5. No Love Left playlist
6. It Might As Well Be Me playlist
7. I'm Wasting Your Time And You're Wasting Mine playlist

Album Lyrics: Sing Some Love Songs Porter Wagoner (RCA Victor) [1975]

Porter Wagoner
"Sing Some Love Songs Porter Wagoner (RCA Victor) [1975]"

1. Something To Reach For playlist
2. Last One To Touch Me playlist
3. Late Love Of Mine playlist
4. She's Everywhere playlist
5. Love With Feeling playlist
6. Love To Remember playlist

Album Lyrics: Simple As I Am (RCA Victor) [1971]

Porter Wagoner
"Simple As I Am (RCA Victor) [1971]"

1. (That's How I Learnt To Love) Good Old Country Mus playlist
2. The Answer Is Love playlist
3. Charley's Picture playlist
4. Simple As I Am playlist
5. Fire's Still Burning playlist

Album Lyrics: The Silent Kind (RCA Camden) [1972]

Porter Wagoner
"The Silent Kind (RCA Camden) [1972]"

1. Melinda playlist
2. Silent Kind playlist
3. One More Dime playlist
4. Y'all Come playlist
5. Roses Out Of Season playlist

Album Lyrics: Sing Duets (w Skeeter Davis) (RCA Victor) [1962]

Porter Wagoner
"Sing Duets (w Skeeter Davis) (RCA Victor) [1962]"

1. Rock-a-bye Boogie playlist
2. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You playlist
3. Above And Beyond (The Call of Love) playlist
4. Heaven Help Me playlist
5. Little Bitty Tear playlist
6. Gonna Find Me A Bluebird playlist
7. Violet And A Rose v1 playlist
8. There's Always One playlist
9. We Could playlist
10. My Greatest Weakness playlist
11. Anymore playlist

Album Lyrics: Sings His Own (RCA Victor) [1971]

Porter Wagoner
"Sings His Own (RCA Victor) [1971]"

1. Watching playlist
2. Agony Of Waiting playlist
3. Late At Night playlist
4. Way I See You playlist
5. How High Is The Mountain playlist

Album Lyrics: Skid Row Joe / Down in the Alley (RCA Victor) [1970]

Porter Wagoner
"Skid Row Joe / Down in the Alley (RCA Victor) [1970]"

1. Here's A Toast To Mama playlist
2. Sidewalks Of Chicago playlist
3. Alley playlist
4. Town Drunk playlist
5. Mama playlist
6. Bottle Of Wine playlist
7. I Judged A Man playlist
8. When I Drink My Wine playlist

Album Lyrics: The Bottom of the Bottle (RCA Victor) [1968]

Porter Wagoner
"The Bottom of the Bottle (RCA Victor) [1968]"

1. Daddy And The Wine playlist
2. Swinging Doors playlist
3. In The Shadows Of The Wine playlist
4. She Burnt The Little Roadside Tavern Down playlist
5. Bottle Let Me Down playlist
6. One Dime For Wine playlist
7. Wine playlist
8. Turn The Jukebox Up Louder playlist
9. I Threw Away The Rose playlist
10. Bottle Bottle playlist

Album Lyrics: The Corroll County Accident (RCA Victor) [1969]

Porter Wagoner
"The Corroll County Accident (RCA Victor) [1969]"

1. The World Needs A Washin' playlist
2. Sing Me Back Home playlist
3. Barefoot Nellie playlist
4. Sorrow Overtakes The Wine playlist
5. Black Jack's Bar playlist
6. Rocky Top playlist
7. King Of The Cannon County Hills playlist

Album Lyrics: The Farmer (RCA Victor) [1973]

Porter Wagoner
"The Farmer (RCA Victor) [1973]"

1. Conversation playlist
2. Daddy's Working Boots playlist
3. Wake Up Jacob playlist

Album Lyrics: The Porter Wagoner Show (RCA Victor) [1963]

Porter Wagoner
"The Porter Wagoner Show (RCA Victor) [1963]"

1. Silver Threads And Golden Needles playlist
2. I'll Take A Chance On Loving You playlist
3. Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home playlist
4. Your Old Love Letters/I Thought I Heard You Callin playlist
5. I Want To Live Again playlist
6. It Keeps Right On A Hurtin' playlist
7. Satan's Nightmare playlist

Album Lyrics: Unplugged [2002]

Porter Wagoner
"Unplugged [2002]"

1. Family Bible playlist

Album Lyrics: The Right Combination (w Dolly Parton) [1972]

Porter Wagoner
"The Right Combination (w Dolly Parton) [1972]"

1. More Than Words Can Tell playlist
2. Right Combination playlist
3. I've Been This Way Too Long playlist
4. In Each Love Some Pain Must Fall playlist
5. Her And The Car And The Mobile Home playlist
6. Somewhere Along The Way playlist
7. On And On playlist
8. Through Thick And Thin playlist
9. Fog Has Lifted playlist

Album Lyrics: Versatile [2006]

Porter Wagoner
"Versatile [2006]"

1. Nothing Between playlist

Album Lyrics: The Thin Man From West Plains (RCA Victor) [1965]

Porter Wagoner
"The Thin Man From West Plains (RCA Victor) [1965]"

1. Another Day Another Dollar playlist
2. Lovin' Lies playlist
3. I'm Gonna Feed You Now playlist
4. All My Friends Are Gonna Be Strangers playlist
5. My Baby Turns The Lights On Uptown playlist
6. Bride's Bouquet playlist
7. Dim Lights Thick Smoke playlist
8. Memories From The Past playlist

Album Lyrics: Together Always (w Dolly Parton) (RCA Victor) [1972]

Porter Wagoner
"Together Always (w Dolly Parton) (RCA Victor) [1972]"

1. Christina playlist
2. Take Away playlist

Album Lyrics: Tore Down (RCA Victor) [1974]

Porter Wagoner
"Tore Down (RCA Victor) [1974]"

1. Tore Down playlist
2. Finish Line playlist
3. Happy Faces playlist

Album Lyrics: Two of a Kind (w Dolly Parton) (RCA Victor) [1971]

Porter Wagoner
"Two of a Kind (w Dolly Parton) (RCA Victor) [1971]"

1. Flame playlist
2. Fighting Kind playlist

Album Lyrics: What Ain't to Be Just Might Happen (RCA Victor) [1972]

Porter Wagoner
"What Ain't to Be Just Might Happen (RCA Victor) [1972]"

1. What Ain't To Be Just Might Happen playlist
2. Waldo The Weirdo playlist
3. If I Lose My Mind playlist
4. Comes And Goes playlist
5. More Than Words Can Tell playlist
6. Little Bird playlist
7. Sitting In The Shade playlist
8. Many Kinds Of Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Y'all Come (RCA Victor) [1963]

Porter Wagoner
"Y'all Come (RCA Victor) [1963]"

1. Detroit City playlist
2. Crying My Heart Out Over You playlist
3. Come On In playlist
4. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down playlist
5. Shutters And Boards playlist
6. There's A Rainbow In Every Teardrop playlist
7. Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Porter Wagoner

Porter Wagoner
"Other Songs - Porter Wagoner"

1. Afraid To Live And Afraid Of Dying playlist
2. Baby We're Really In Love playlist
3. Farmer playlist
4. Hold To God's Unchanging Hand playlist
5. If You Don't Somebody Else Will playlist
6. In The Sweet By And By playlist
7. Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way playlist
8. Matthew 24 playlist
9. Medley: playlist
10. Old Crossroads playlist
11. Queen Of The Silver Dollar playlist
12. Blackboard Of My Heart playlist
13. Girl In The Blue Velvet Band playlist
14. Honky Tonk Girl playlist
15. Oklahoma Hills playlist
16. Yesterday's Girl playlist