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Rick Nelson
Album Lyrics: Rick Nelson Box Set [Legacy] [2000]

Rick Nelson
"Rick Nelson Box Set [Legacy] [2000]"

1. I Got a Woman playlist
2. String Along playlist
3. Gypsy Woman playlist
4. For You playlist
5. The Very Thought of You playlist
6. There's Nothing I Can Say playlist
7. Night Train to Memphis playlist
8. She Belongs to Me playlist
9. Today's Teardrops playlist
10. Suzanne on a Sunday Morning playlist
11. Promenade in Green playlist
12. Easy to Be Free playlist
13. One of These Mornings playlist
14. You Just Can't Quit playlist
15. Louisiana Man playlist
16. Alone playlist
17. Palace Guard playlist
18. One x One playlist
19. Shirley Lee playlist
20. You're My One and Only Love playlist
21. My Babe playlist
22. I'm Not Afraid playlist
23. Ain't Nothin' But Love playlist
24. Hey Pretty Baby playlist
25. Be Bop Baby (Single Version) playlist
26. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (Single Ver playlist
27. Believe What You Say (Single Version) playlist
28. Cindy (Alternate Version) playlist
29. Brand New Girl playlist
30. I've Been Thinkin' (Alternate Version) playlist
31. Lonesome Town (Alternate Version) playlist
32. Just A Little Too Much (Alternate Version) playlist
33. My Rifle, My Pony & Me playlist
34. Glory Train playlist
35. You Are My Sunshine playlist
36. Yes Sir, That's My Baby playlist
37. Milk Cow Blues playlist
38. I Rise I Fall playlist
39. I'm a Fool playlist
40. I'm Talkin' 'Bout You playlist
41. The Christmas Song playlist
42. Jingle Bells playlist
43. Come on In (Live) playlist
44. Life (Single Version) playlist
45. Thank You Lord playlist
46. Truck Drivin' Man (Live) playlist
47. Believe What You Say (Capitol Single Version) playlist
48. Do You Know What I Mean playlist

Album Lyrics: 1963-75-Best Of The Later Year [1997]

Rick Nelson
"1963-75-Best Of The Later Year [1997]"

1. Every Time I See You Smiling playlist
2. Hey There Little Miss Tease playlist
3. I Wonder (If Your Love Will Ever Belong to Me) playlist
4. Love Is the Sweetest Thing playlist
5. I'm Talking About You playlist
6. Truck Drivin' Man playlist
7. Don't Blame It on Your Wife playlist
8. For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her playlist
9. Stop By My Window playlist
10. Hello Mary Lou, Goodbye Heart - Live playlist
11. I'm Walkin' - Live playlist
12. Feel So Good (Feel So Fine) playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits [2005]

Rick Nelson
"Greatest Hits [2005]"

1. Fools Rush In playlist
2. You Are the Only One playlist
3. Travelin' Man playlist
4. Hello Mary Lou playlist
5. A Wonder Like You playlist
6. Everlovin' playlist
7. Young World playlist
8. Teenage Idol playlist
9. It's Up to You playlist
10. Be Bop Baby playlist
11. I'm Walkin' playlist
12. Young Emotions playlist

Album Lyrics: The Last Time Around 1970 - 1982 [2010]

Rick Nelson
"The Last Time Around 1970 - 1982 [2010]"

1. Mystery Train playlist
2. Look At Mary playlist
3. Garden Party playlist
4. I Don't Want to Be Lonely Tonight playlist
5. One Night Stand playlist
6. Let It Bring You Along playlist
7. So Long Mama playlist
8. I Wanna Be With You playlist
9. Are You Really Real playlist
10. Nightime Lady playlist
11. A Flower Opens Gently By playlist
12. Don't Let Your Goodbye Stand playlist
13. You Can't Dance playlist
14. I Wanna Move With You playlist
15. It's Another Day playlist
16. Wings playlist
17. Five Minutes More playlist
18. Change Your Mind playlist
19. Stay Young playlist
20. That's Alright Mama playlist
21. It's All Over Now playlist
22. Rave On playlist
23. Almost Saturday Night playlist
24. Lay Back in the Arms of Someone playlist
25. Send Me Somebody to Love playlist
26. True Love Ways playlist
27. Little Miss American Dream playlist
28. The Loser Babe Is You playlist
29. Back to Schooldays playlist
30. It Hasn't Happened Yet playlist
31. Call It What You Want playlist
32. I Can't Take It No More playlist
33. Don't Look at Me playlist
34. Doll Hospital playlist
35. Everyday I Have to Cry Some playlist
36. Conversation playlist
37. New Delhi Freight Train playlist
38. No Words of Love playlist
39. Chump Change Romeo playlist
40. Carl of the Jungle playlist
41. What Is Success playlist
42. The Last Time Around playlist
43. Gypsy Pilot playlist
44. Love Minus Zero/No Limit playlist
45. Legacy playlist
46. Mama, You've Been on My Mind playlist
47. Dream Lover playlist
48. California playlist
49. Anytime playlist
50. Down Along the Bayou Country playlist
51. Sweet Mary playlist
52. Mr. Dolphin playlist
53. How Long playlist
54. My Woman playlist
55. Honky Tonk Women playlist
56. This Train playlist
57. Just Like a Woman playlist
58. Sing Me a Song playlist
59. Feel So Good playlist
60. Life playlist
61. Evil Woman Child playlist
62. Don't Leave Me Here playlist
63. Someone to Love playlist
64. Wild Nights in Tulsa playlist
65. Lifestream playlist
66. How Many Times playlist
67. Windfall playlist

Album Lyrics: Best Of Ricky Nelson, Vol. 2 [1991]

Rick Nelson
"Best Of Ricky Nelson, Vol. 2 [1991]"

1. Summertime playlist
2. There's Not a Minute playlist
3. I've Got My Eyes on You (And I Like What I See) playlist
4. I Need You playlist
5. Congratulations '66 playlist
6. Lucky Star playlist
7. My One Desire playlist

Album Lyrics: Rick Nelson Sings for You [Imperial] [1963]

Rick Nelson
"Rick Nelson Sings for You [Imperial] [1963]"

1. Congratulations '62 playlist
2. Excuse Me Baby playlist
3. I'm All Through With You playlist

Album Lyrics: Album Seven [Imperial] [1961]

Rick Nelson
"Album Seven [Imperial] [1961]"

1. Baby You Don't Know playlist
2. History of Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Long Vacation [Imperial] [1962]

Rick Nelson
"Long Vacation [Imperial] [1962]"

1. I Can't Stop Loving You playlist
2. Mad Mad World playlist
3. Long Vacation playlist

Album Lyrics: Original [1995]

Rick Nelson
"Original [1995]"

1. Thank You Darling playlist
2. Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You) playlist
3. Be True to Me playlist
4. Wonder Like You playlist

Album Lyrics: Rockin With Ricky [1996]

Rick Nelson
"Rockin With Ricky [1996]"

1. Poor Loser playlist
2. Stop Sneakin' 'Round playlist
3. I'm in Love Again playlist
4. You'll Never Know What You're Missin' playlist
5. Break My Chain playlist
6. Your True Love playlist
7. There's Good Rockin' Tonight playlist
8. Down the Line playlist
9. You're So Fine playlist
10. I've Been Thinkin' playlist
11. I'll Make Believe playlist
12. Oh Yeah I'm in Love playlist
13. Whole Lot of Shakin' Goin' On playlist

Album Lyrics: Another Side of Rick [Decca] [1967]

Rick Nelson
"Another Side of Rick [Decca] [1967]"

1. Dream Weaver playlist
2. Marshmallow Skies playlist
3. Reason to Believe playlist
4. Baby Close Its Eyes playlist
5. Barefoot Boy playlist
6. Don't Make Promises playlist
7. Georgia on My Mind playlist
8. Daydream playlist
9. I Wonder if Louise Is Home playlist

Album Lyrics: Best Always [Decca] [1965]

Rick Nelson
"Best Always [Decca] [1965]"

1. I'm Not Ready for You Yet playlist
2. You Don't Know Me playlist
3. Ladies Choice playlist
4. Lonely Corner playlist
5. Only the Young playlist
6. I Know a Place playlist
7. It's Beginning to Hurt playlist
8. My Blue Heaven playlist
9. How Does It Go playlist
10. When the Chips Are Down playlist

Album Lyrics: Best Of 1963-75 [1990]

Rick Nelson
"Best Of 1963-75 [1990]"

1. Mean Old World playlist
2. Since I Don't Have You playlist
3. Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear to Tread) playlist
4. Fadeaway playlist

Album Lyrics: Lonesome Town Complete Record Releases 1957-59 [1992]

Rick Nelson
"Lonesome Town Complete Record Releases 1957-59 [1992]"

1. That's All playlist
2. Old Enough to Love playlist
3. A Long Vacation playlist
4. It's All in the Game playlist
5. Teenage Doll playlist
6. Baby I'm Sorry playlist
7. Half Breed playlist
8. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On playlist
9. Am I Blue playlist
10. I'm Confessin' playlist
11. True Love playlist
12. I'm Feelin' Sorry playlist
13. Unchained Melody playlist
14. I'll Walk Alone playlist
15. I Can't Help It playlist
16. One Minute to One playlist
17. Don't Leave Me playlist
18. So Long playlist
19. Blood from a Stone playlist

Album Lyrics: Boppin' The Blues [2011]

Rick Nelson
"Boppin' The Blues [2011]"

1. If You Can't Rock Me playlist
2. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You playlist
3. Waitin' in School playlist
4. Stood Up playlist
5. Believe What You Say playlist
6. Poor Little Fool playlist
7. Lonesome Town playlist
8. Just a Little Too Much playlist
9. A Teenager's Romance playlist
10. It's Late playlist
11. I Got a Feeling playlist
12. Sweeter Than You playlist
13. Honeycomb playlist
14. I Wanna Be Loved playlist
15. Never Be Anyone Else But You playlist
16. Boppin' the Blues playlist
17. There Goes My Baby playlist
18. My Bucket's Got a Hole in It playlist

Album Lyrics: Ricky Nelson Sings [Capitol] [2005]

Rick Nelson
"Ricky Nelson Sings [Capitol] [2005]"

1. Tryin' to Get to You playlist
2. You Tear Me Up playlist
3. Everlovin' playlist

Album Lyrics: Bright Lights and Country Music [Decca] [1966]

Rick Nelson
"Bright Lights and Country Music [Decca] [1966]"

1. Welcome to My World playlist
2. Kentucky Means Paradise playlist
3. Here I Am playlist
4. Bright Lights and Country Music playlist
5. Hello Walls playlist
6. No Vacancy playlist
7. I'm a Fool to Care playlist

Album Lyrics: Country Fever [Decca] [1967]

Rick Nelson
"Country Fever [Decca] [1967]"

1. Take a City Bride playlist
2. Funny How Time Slips Away playlist
3. The Bridge Washed Out playlist
4. Big Chief Buffalo Nickel playlist
5. Things You Gave Me playlist
6. Take These Chains from My Heart playlist
7. (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle Blow playlist
8. Walkin' Down the Line playlist
9. You Win Again playlist
10. Salty Dog Blues playlist

Album Lyrics: For Your Sweet Love [Decca] [1963]

Rick Nelson
"For Your Sweet Love [Decca] [1963]"

1. For Your Sweet Love playlist
2. You Don't Love Me Anymore (And I Can Tell) playlist
3. Everytime I See You Smiling playlist
4. Pick Up the Pieces playlist
5. One Boy Too Late playlist
6. Everytime I Think About You playlist
7. Let's Talk the Whole Thing Over playlist
8. What Comes Next playlist
9. I Will Follow You playlist

Album Lyrics: Stay Young-Epic Recordings [1993]

Rick Nelson
"Stay Young-Epic Recordings [1993]"

1. Something You Can't Buy playlist
2. Gimme a Little Sign playlist
3. That Ain't the Way Love's Supposed to Be playlist

Album Lyrics: It's Up to You [Imperial] [1962]

Rick Nelson
"It's Up to You [Imperial] [1962]"

1. Baby Won't You Please Come Home playlist
2. I'd Climb the Highest Mountain playlist
3. Again playlist
4. Stars Fell on Alabama playlist

Album Lyrics: Teenage Idol [2001]

Rick Nelson
"Teenage Idol [2001]"

1. Don't Leave Me This Way playlist
2. Mighty Good playlist

Album Lyrics: Rio Bravo [2008]

Rick Nelson
"Rio Bravo [2008]"

1. Restless Kid playlist

Album Lyrics: Lonesome Town-All-Time Greatest [1992]

Rick Nelson
"Lonesome Town-All-Time Greatest [1992]"

1. Have I Told You Lately (That I Love You) playlist

Album Lyrics: Love and Kisses [Decca] [1965]

Rick Nelson
"Love and Kisses [Decca] [1965]"

1. Love and Kisses playlist
2. I Catch Myself Crying playlist
3. Love Is Where You Find It playlist
4. Try to Remember playlist
5. Our Own Funny Way playlist
6. Liz playlist
7. Say You Love Me playlist
8. More playlist
9. Raincoat in the River playlist
10. Come Out Dancin' playlist
11. I Should Have Loved You More playlist
12. I Paid for Loving You playlist

Album Lyrics: Memphis Sessions [Epic Records] [1986]

Rick Nelson
"Memphis Sessions [Epic Records] [1986]"

1. Dreamlover playlist
2. Sleep Tight, Goodnight Man playlist
3. Stuck in the Middle With You playlist

Album Lyrics: More Songs By Ricky [Imperial] [1960]

Rick Nelson
"More Songs By Ricky [Imperial] [1960]"

1. Here I Go Again playlist
2. Make Believe playlist
3. When Your Love Has Gone playlist
4. Proving My Love playlist
5. Time After Time playlist

Album Lyrics: On the Flip Side [Decca] [1966]

Rick Nelson
"On the Flip Side [Decca] [1966]"

1. It Doesn't Matter Anymore playlist
2. They Don't Give Medals (To Yesterday's Heroes) playlist
3. Try to See It My Way - Joanie Sommers playlist
4. Take a Broken Heart playlist
5. They're Gonna Love It - Donna Jean Young playlist
6. Try to See It My Way - Rick Nelson & Joanie Sommer playlist
7. Juanita's Place - The Celestials playlist

Album Lyrics: Perspective [Decca] [1969]

Rick Nelson
"Perspective [Decca] [1969]"

1. When the Sun's Shined Its Face on Me playlist
2. Without Her playlist
3. The Lady Stayed With Me playlist
4. Three Day Eternity playlist
5. Hello to the Wind (Bonjour Le Vent) playlist
6. Wait Till Next Year playlist
7. Love Story playlist
8. So Long Dad/Love Story playlist
9. I Think It's Gonna Rain Today playlist

Album Lyrics: Playing To Win (Extra Tracks) [Original Recording [2001]

Rick Nelson
"Playing To Win (Extra Tracks) [Original Recording [2001]"

1. Do the Best You Can playlist
2. No Fair Falling in Love playlist
3. Give 'Em My Number playlist

Album Lyrics: Return To Vienna [Epic Records] [1968]

Rick Nelson
"Return To Vienna [Epic Records] [1968]"

1. Mama You've Been on My Mind playlist
2. Enjoy and Get It On playlist

Album Lyrics: Rick is 21 [Imperial] [1961]

Rick Nelson
"Rick is 21 [Imperial] [1961]"

1. That Warm Summer Night playlist
2. Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans playlist
3. Everybody But Me playlist
4. Sure Fire Bet playlist

Album Lyrics: Rick Nelson in Concert [Decca] [1970]

Rick Nelson
"Rick Nelson in Concert [Decca] [1970]"

1. Come on In playlist
2. Hello Mary Lou, Goodbye Heart playlist
3. Violets of Dawn playlist
4. Promises playlist
5. If You Gotta Go, Go Now playlist
6. Red Balloon playlist
7. I Shall Be Released playlist

Album Lyrics: Rick Sings Nelson [Decca] [1970]

Rick Nelson
"Rick Sings Nelson [Decca] [1970]"

1. We've Got a Long Way to Go playlist
2. The Reason Why playlist

Album Lyrics: Ricky Sings Spirituals [Imperial Records] [1960]

Rick Nelson
"Ricky Sings Spirituals [Imperial Records] [1960]"

1. I Bowed My Head in Shame playlist
2. March With the Band of the Lord playlist
3. If You Believe It playlist

Album Lyrics: Rudy the Fifth [Decca] [1971]

Rick Nelson
"Rudy the Fifth [Decca] [1971]"

1. Love Minus Zero / No Limit playlist

Album Lyrics: Sings for You [Decca] [1964]

Rick Nelson
"Sings for You [Decca] [1964]"

1. Down Home playlist
2. That Same Old Feeling playlist
3. You're Free to Go playlist
4. That's All She Wrote playlist
5. I'd Be a Legend in My Time playlist
6. Just Take a Moment playlist
7. Hello Mr. Happiness playlist
8. Nearness of You playlist

Album Lyrics: Very Thought Of You [1997]

Rick Nelson
"Very Thought Of You [1997]"

1. I Tried playlist
2. Yesterday's Love playlist
3. A Happy Guy playlist
4. From a Distance playlist
5. Stop Look and Listen playlist
6. Don't Breathe a Word playlist
7. That's Why I Love You Like I Do playlist
8. In My Dreams playlist
9. Just Relax playlist
10. Live and Learn playlist
11. My Old Flame playlist
12. Just a Little Bit Sweet playlist
13. The Loneliest Sound playlist
14. You'll Never Fall in Love Again playlist
15. I Don't Wanna Love You playlist
16. I'll Get You Yet playlist
17. Be My Love playlist
18. I Love You More Than You Know playlist
19. Dinah playlist
20. I'm Talking About You playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Rick Nelson

Rick Nelson
"Other Songs - Rick Nelson"

1. Cindy playlist
2. It's Late (1959) playlist
3. Stood Up (1957) playlist
4. Teenager In Love playlist